The three Big B’s release!

  » Posted October 1st, 2007 by Eldo

Berserk is out after a relatively long wait. Enjoy, guys. I think this will spark some interesting conversation, and take the time to enjoy the pure awesomeness of the first couple of pages. In other news, new chapters of Biomega and Breaction.


Please help out and seed. It’s the least you could do. There’s some problem with the Biomega chapter download, as the seeder thing is a bit screwy right now and couldn’t detect that. So there might be some brief periods of shutdown for that file until psi or arke becomes available to fix it. Alternatively, you could go to the IRC channel and download the file(s) there. To be honest, the chapter was done over 3 hours before the generation of this post, but I was trying to get everything working; and obviously, it isn’t. I think I’m to blame, since I haven’t really slept that much. I hope you guys all enjoy these chapters.

Miura is taking a small break (again), but Berserk continues in issue 22, on sale Nov. 9! Yeah, we know it is going to be badass: Griffith vs. Ganishka — Final Battle at Windham!

EDIT: I know that the next chapter is said to be on the 11th on the scanlation; THAT IS WRONG. That’s an error on my part when I typed it in. I wasn’t paying much attention, sorry. The correct date is on the 9th.

79 Responses to “The three Big B’s release!”

  1. S.P Says:

    Awesome work E.G, you never fail to impress. However, the remaining NHK chapters are a bit slow, at least in my point of view.

  2. Gueniguen Says:

    Issue 22 on novembrer ? It’s not issue 32 ?

    Thanks for your great scanlations.

  3. Romeo Says:

    I loved the inner demon in guts, it sorta reminded me of the demon fox in naruto ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. DeMs Says:

    Yarrrrr, some more of the Berserk’s core ambiance, the tides of dread, envy and inner self exploration of sorts ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was more than ecstatic when I discovered Berserk and reading through all of the chapters from A to Z, now it’s sort of sweet torture to just lay my eyes on only one chapter, but at least from this lack of full satisfaction does it amplify Berserk’s great feelings you get out of it ๐Ÿ˜›

    Thx much E.G and what da hell’s about the seeding xD Who wouldn’t seed Berserk it’s too great to avoid any possible way to spread around people’s mind ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. DeMs Says:

    Sorry for spam but doesn’t Farnese’s picture at the end of the chapter when she is talking with Mr.NobleShipYarr about Caska… Farnese’s mind is constantly putting herself in a weakened state, making her prey to succumbing to using the most dark means possible to get to her desires for Gatsu… That face, that look… reminds me right at those moments when she was spiritually attacked by that demon when she got insane over Guts and her sword.

    And that trader is looking funny at the moment, but again another one that definitely seems to have deep wealth wishes. When in one chapter the passage seems so much creepy on the inside parts of the characters it makes me think it’s either to put us back in the dark ambiance of Berserk, or just throwing that over my head – could getting closer to ElfHelm amplify the STRONGEST feelings within each person due to Elve’s nature?

    Elve’s were said to have a role or related stroy with the Godhand or something… I wonder, is it because everything started on that Island? Could that explain why people on this chapter are just having their deepest, strongest desires surfacing? Or did Miura just wanted to focus a bit on ‘the dark side’? ๐Ÿ˜›

    Plz tell me I’m crazy from not having enough Berserk drugs ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  6. tito Says:

    I believe muira made a mistake, in early vol. elfs could tell your feelings, or what you were thinking, in later volumes puck and the other elf cant. either he forgot about this or he removed the idea.

  7. skythe Says:

    Thanks for another well done translation!
    Can’t wait until Guts starts chopping things with Sword again ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Rickert Says:

    Still nothing interesting in berserk ๐Ÿ™

  9. Gueniguen Says:

    An other picture of the guy Puck was impersonating :

  10. Daichii Says:

    i think miura is already dead.. and the co-workers are releasing all the drawings he left.. and they’re having a lot of problems to continue the storyline, that’ll explain the gaps between releases……..

  11. Phireo Says:

    So has been your entire family from your early teens, but being replaced by alien androids by the U.S. government – Alien Conspiracy, you never noticed. You were/are suspicious, but never doubted.

    That goes to you and all the others who may say that.

    A sorry in advance to EG-team for the offensive post.


  12. BROOKLYN otaku Says:

    miuras dead. “Daichii” you made me FALL OFF MY CHAIR!!! HAHAHAHA i had a visual of the scene as i read your comment. i was picturing frantic staff doing insane things with scanners and photoshop and a big stack of miuras rough sketches, and you can hear shouts of ” postpone it!!! tell em it’ll be out by november!! we need more time!!! AAAHHHHH!” hilariouse!

  13. Daichii Says:

    aaah what the hell.. i know im adopted…

  14. Daichii Says:

    i know.. that’s why i posted it.. it kinda fits the time gaping and all the delay and stuff… i mean miura is a bit old… and i read somewhere that the mangaka of doraemon died and his students continued the story or something like that…

  15. Aetherfukz Says:

    How is being 41 years, old?

  16. Daichii Says:

    it is dont it?? i mean more than twice my age.. but i think he’s 51…

  17. Daichii Says:

    someone knows about this rumor that the Episode 83 (Shin’en no kami 2)-God of the Abyss 2- got removed from serialization coz it reveals too much of the up comming story??

  18. DeMs Says:

    In any case 51 is not old… He might have budget issues to keep the thing going you know; with all of us here waiting to read the scanlation and not pay anything… just kidding. He isn’t old anyways. I think he might be working on some other project as well as trying not to screw up with the Berserk story. The longer a manga/book/film/series etc goes, the harder it is to keep track of all things and not slip up.

  19. Daichii Says:

    i can read the whole manga in a few hours… he can do the same! =__=

    and 41..51.. is being old.. not an ancient-almost-dead-thing.. but is old anyway…

  20. Wickian Says:

    It would be interesting if that wasp girl from earlier in the series somehow survived and found her way to the elfhelm.

  21. TicO Says:

    he is 41 years old… man my mom is older that him…bah

  22. Daichii Says:

    hmm maybe not the wasp… but that girl of the 3th vol that swears she’s gonna kill gutts someday.. it will be interesting if she shows up on elfhelm.. or somewhere later on

  23. Nydhogg Says:

    I read the lines of episode 83 though there is no drawings.. I don’t think it really reveals the upcomming story. It must have been removed because it had some ideas about God that wouldn’t be well accepted.

  24. Phireo Says:

    Doubt that girl is going to show up any-time soon; Yes, you can read a manga, but can you think about the various hidden meanings of the sentences and the details in the background and notice Pakku doing and saying the things he is . “doing and saying” . . ! Oh, and they forgot to include The Miurangers in his profile on


  25. Wickian Says:

    Yeah I was just thinking after the last chapter how the wasp apostle was the only one we didn’t see actually see die. She probably did, but all we saw was her silhouette fall down after flying away. She could have just passed out.

    Although even if she did, Guts will probably slice her in half the second he sees her.

  26. Coruga Says:

    What’s happend with the next chapter. Come on I NEED BERSERK. You are the best translators, I believe in you.

  27. Khalia Says:

    Thank you so much for Berserk! Will definitely seed.

  28. shcnoff Says:

    67 & 83: the second god of the abyss chapter was removed at miura’s request, because it shows more of griffith’s motivations and more of the nature of the apostles and the IOE than miura would like us to know. i know, its late to comment on that issue, but berserk is not coming ’til this weekend! i guess he wants griffith to be more ambiguous, if we know more of what the IOE said to griffith, then it gives us more insight into his reasons for doing what he’s doing right now, as well as his ultimate goals, which may or may not have changed since his human existence ended.

  29. DiscoMouse Says:

    Great release, just wanted to thank you guys for continuing to support this excellent series, and Nihei’s works in general. Keep up the good work!

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