Berserk 290 Preview

  » Posted September 24th, 2007 by psi29a

Yes, it is that time again…

290 – 闇からの咆哮 – the Howl from the Darkness

Berserk 290 Preview

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  1. Daichii Says:

    or puck.. he’s already sparky XP

  2. Legato Bluesummers Says:

    Well, I would have to say that I agree with you that Guts is the Hawk of Darkness. However, Maybe, with the change in Guts’ hair color, his suit and aura will change too, thus becoming the Hawk of Light. It really doesn’t matter that much to me, it’s purely symbolic anyway and we know what the true nature of Griffith is; He is an asshole, thus he forfeits the whole reborn martyr spiel.

  3. Legato Bluesummers Says:

    Wow… Just… wow…

    Firstly, read the chapter with Rammstein’s cover “Schtiel”… Pure awesomeness…

    Secondly, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to contradict my prior assertion. Guts is not the Hawk of Darkness, he is the Wolf of Darkness, and there will not be any stopping him should that force within him have its way.

  4. Rau LeCreuset Says:

    Hmmm… It would seem that the spirit beast is becoming more and more similar to Fenrir, the legendary Norse incarnation of apocalypse. Maybe it was always meant to be similar, or perhaps no similarity was intended, but the circumstances are eerily familiar.

  5. Bagheera Says:

    Phenomenal release of 290. It makes me feel that this may either go 1 of 2 ways.

    1). He decides to disappear after the elf island or during elf island so to not get close to his friends anymore (also deciding to leave Caska in care of whats-her-name). Although this may end abruptly due to the fact that he may end up killing himself by using the wolf’s power and letting that consume him. Or gets killed by the God Hand because even though he is strong enough to take on armies by himself, he is still mortal. He does bleed, and he can die.

    2). He vows to protect every one of this friends to his dying breath (which looks like the path he may have already chosen). This usually has a better outcome. Although the current manga god can put him into more misery by just killing off everyone of them as well.

    Great scanlation. Great manga. I’m done.

  6. shcnoff Says:

    when questioning the reasons for caska’s genital fluids, first lets remember that this is manga (a medium that depicts rape as pleasurable for the victim more often than not), from japan, published in a magazine that by american standards is pornographic in nature. of course miura can’t get away with bleeding and tearing for 20 pages of rape, so there’s really no way for him to show caska absolutely resisting and fighting back even if he wanted to. YA is just not a fetish magazine. also, casca was already zen-zen(jp) out of her wits before she was grabbed by the apostles, and wasn’t really conscious when griffith started on her either. remember when she kind of wakes up and goes, “griffith?” so in my interpretation, when she realizes that griffith is really moving on his own, really having sex with her, and that she’s really awake, its already too late for her body to say no. and i never thought of the possibility that the demon baby might only have an astral body and not a physical one. interestnaya (ru). is that like when someone asks if you’re religious, and you answer “no i’m just really spiritual?”

  7. sie Says:

    only want to say: berserk=best manga 😀 ever

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