Berserk 276, Angel Heart 65-66, Zetman 54-55, NHK 24, and Biomega Interlink

  » Posted June 24th, 2006 by psi29a

This release has been a real wild ride, first the thunderstorms roll in, I (psi29a) get struck by lightening… in my own home! My left arm is still sore from the experience, never wash dishes while there is a lightening storm going on. You think you are doing your wife/spouse a favor for the meal that ‘you’ cooked… but nooooo Ganishka knows different!  A similiar lightening strike also took out the power grid for a few minutes which caused Internet connectivy to stop for 4 hours. So, that is the reason for the late night release. So without any further adue, on with the manga!


 We have a great line up for your weekend! Berserk 276 with even more Zodd action. Angel Heart 65-66, Zetman 54-55, Welcome to NHK! 24, and last but certainly not least is Biomega Interlink! “WTF… Interlink?” you may ask? Consider it chapter 10.5, the glue between volume one from 2004 to the volume 2 that started back up this year. Yes we also have the raw for Biomega 12 and are working on that as we speak.

 We have even more fanart too!

PS: I officially hate Ganishka and lightening sucks.

21 Responses to “Berserk 276, Angel Heart 65-66, Zetman 54-55, NHK 24, and Biomega Interlink”

  1. yoops Says:


    and berserk too 🙂

  2. Lothirel Says:

    w00h00 thx guys for all your work

  3. kenshiro 2 Says:

    what can i say….? thank u guys for all your hardwork!!!! it rocks

  4. mario Says:

    what’s happen? zodd is trying to save guts? is gonna be a powerful figther to beat the emperor, is gonna appear grifith?

  5. Kojiro_S Says:

    Ganishka was not content with his lines, it would appear xD

  6. Evil Dmitri Says:

    Oh, snap! I was about to give up at coloring :D.
    Thanks for the hard work in bringing us this release, EG, it’s much appreciated 🙂

  7. Cower Says:

    Bear in Biomega

    IMHO – He is not “Kozrof” but “Kozlov”
    It is wellknown surname in Russia (like Green or Brown or Jonson in America) And mb it is not “Grevnef” but “Grebnev”.

  8. pato Says:

    eh sim!!! eu kero ver eh a sangue rolando nessa porra!!
    e Zodd anda muito fráco ultimamente. e valew aew por ter botado aos novos capitulos do berserk

  9. demonfans Says:

    well done guys.. another chapter!! keep going.

  10. Fenrisulfr Says:

    As always, thank you so much for releasing Berserk to the fans all over the world.

  11. Berserker Says:

    Lots of manga reading today thx to u guys 😀

  12. Felix Says:

    yes, you are great…

  13. Taira Says:

    Thx 4 NHK 😀

  14. psi29a Says:

    @Taira: fellow translators are welcome in the forum, our translators love feedback from fellow translators.

  15. Degen Says:

    even tho its a bit late, great job E-G ! and keep it up 🙂
    and i agree Lihgtning sucks and so does ganishka ! ^^

  16. RamielRowe Says:

    Hey, I was wondering if it was alright with ya’ll if I put NHK on my webpage.

  17. RamielRowe Says:

    ps…I don’t know if ya’ll can get the email for the comment so… My email is

  18. roshikun Says:

    Your beserk episode 276 link is dead…could you possibly fix it please?

  19. Hideaki Says:

    Yea berserk link is Dead oh wont someone fix it i’m dying to continue the story. PLZ oh and thnx for all the hard work much appreciated

  20. BlackDeath Says:

    Hi all…. i’ve been away for a few months and have come back to find the berserk276 link is dead.. please please please some one fix it.. i need my fix and i cant read on with out this one :~(

    Love the work team keep it up

  21. The Fish Bowl Says:

    There’s a working link for 276 but it’s bundled with chapter 267 to 276

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