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A Red letter day: Berserk, Biomega, NHK, and Angel Heart

  » Posted January 12th, 2007 by psi29a

After a 4 month long absentee from the world, Miura is back with 280! Let the rejoicing begin. We also have NHK up to 31 and are working on 32 now. We also have Biomega 17 for you all, with 18 about to be edited as well. What a wonderful way to start off the new year.


So, enjoy everyone and remember that there will be a 281 of Berserk on Jan 26th. The two week cycle returns! — psi29a

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Are you ready for some B.Reaction?

  » Posted November 18th, 2006 by psi29a

Yes, you heard right… B.Reaction, chapters 4 through 8. This a retranslated, re-edited version of 4 with 5,6,7, and 8 being brought into the lime light so enjoy! We also have more Zetman, NHK, and certainly last but not least, Biomega!


Have a great weekend everyone and look forward to more goodness soon.

— psi29a

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Weekend updates

  » Posted November 5th, 2006 by psi29a

Yet another week, and no berserk updates in site. Sorry guys. However, in the interim, here is some Angel Heart, NHK, and Zetman!


A heads up on the NHK, we had in the past marked the volumes incorrectly. The volume convention has been fixed, we are up on volume 7 now, same chapters however. Chapters per volume is shorter than most mangas, so many apologies to you all. I’ll fix those in the tracker, however the files/torrents will remain the same.

Also more great news, please welcome Nomimono, EG’s latest translator to join the team. He hails from Munich and loves Berserk. His first trial by fire was Biomega, so look forward to a release of that in the near future as well. What can we say, its Full Speed Ahead! rock on

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The Sunday Funnies

  » Posted October 15th, 2006 by psi29a

We have 5 chapters of goodness for you all, so without wasting any more time…

Note: NHK has a typo, it claims to be v4, but is actually v5. Don’t let that through you guys off. That was our mistake.

So you all may be wondering where Berserk 280 , NHK 28, and BReaction is. Well, Berserk is unknown as the next YA issue will not have it, so we will have to wait another month to find out if it is coming. NHK 28 is cleaned, awaiting translation. BReaction is coming along, yes we have claimed that is ‘coming soon’. Turns out we didn’t like the translations we had and want to spend an extra week cleaning it up. So we are shooting for next weekend with more Zetman, BR, and hopefully NHK.

We at EG say thank you for putting up with our delays. It just really can’t be helped, it is a hobby for us after all. It would be great if people who have the know how to step up and help us out. We always have room for translators, even if it is just to proof work. You don’t have to go at it alone, our team likes to put several heads on a project.

— psi29a

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Biomega 13 and NHK 26

  » Posted July 29th, 2006 by psi29a

Just when you thought the weekend couldn’t get any better… We have Biomega 13 and NHK 26 for you all now that you all have recovered from Berserk 277, well, some of us have recovered. 😛


Have a great weekend guys!

edit: updated with version 2 of NHK 26 which is better overall in terms of readability. ^_^;;

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