Berserk will continue.

  » Posted June 9th, 2022 by DrPepperPro

Berserk will continue on June 24th with Kouji Mori supervising the project
More info here.

We will see through translating the Fantasia arc (the next six chapters). After that we’ll see how it goes and what we’re feeling like.

Berserk may not continue on the same, and it may not satisfy the same as if Miura were at the helm, impressing with his singular vision. Still we greatly look forward to the future of his work, as elucidated by his friends and coworkers. It makes me think of an ancient oral tradition, passed down from the mind of its creator, through word of mouth, and eventually set firm on paper. Only here the timeframe is shortened, and we have Mori and the staff of Studio Gaga and Hakusensha to thank for bringing the remainder of this tale to life.

You are loved, Kentarou Miura. Thank you for Berserk, and the world of imagination you shared with us all.

Also if you haven’t seen it, here is Kouji’s Mori oneshot about his relationship with Miura and manga: link

16 Responses to “Berserk will continue.”

  1. Hullu Says:

    Damn!!!! Great news, lets hope the feel of berserk stays the same

  2. fer0079 Says:

    Great news for manga lovers.

    PS: Just a question to the universe. Will chapters be released regularly?

  3. LordMune Says:

    Probably more regularly than we’re used to! Since they’ve already pegged the remainder of the Fantasia arc at six chapters, they probably have at least rough drafts of all six already.

    That said, figuring out “what Miura would have done” might be difficult at times and Kouji Mori has his own manga to deal with, so I wouldn’t expect a perfectly consistent schedule.

  4. 00Core00 Says:

    I’m particularly excited about this, & look forward to it.

    We have the world, the characters, the set pieces… All that’s left is to go from point A, that’s done, to point undecided B….

  5. Jimichin Says:

    No me lo puedo creer!

  6. Mamba Says:

    I have faith that there weren’t enough hands on Berserk for anyone to get away with steering it in the wrong direction. It’s so easy to expect the worst when an IP returns under new management, but Berserk was one of those things where everyone seemed okay with letting it end where it did out of respect for Miura, so I can’t imagine anyone allowing it to go on without utmost respect for Miura’s vision.

    I’m okay with it being a little different than before as long as its intentions are sincere and it follows Miura’s plans. Also looking forward to your translations, you guys always nailed the subtle details that made Berserk so meaningful.

  7. Rezoloot Says:

    This is such welcome news! It would be too cruel if it just ended like that, so close to the climax after 3 decades of build up just to abruptly end. I want to believe Miura intimated something to someone about how he saw the remainder of this saga playing out, but I’ll take what I can get

  8. Rezoloot Says:

    I knew it!!! Mori wrote: “I think people with good intuition would realize by now that I know the story for Berserk up to the very end.” I had faith this saga would get the ending it so deserves and now I see my hope wasn’t unrealistic. Godhandspeed Studio Gaga and Mori, I can’t wait to start reading again

  9. Phil Sheldon Says:

    Found out yesterday about it, best news ever!

    My body is ready

  10. James Says:

    I can’t wait. I was honestly hoping they would attempt to continue it. It may never be the same, but will be like any other “comic”series that changes writers and artists. Just freaking happy I get more Berserk!

  11. geroprog Says:

    Great news. I was hoping for this to happen after Miura died.
    Thank you Evil_genius for translating it again.


    Great, and TY EG, im so happy that the series is gonna continue!!

  13. moozooh Says:

    You definitely have a point about oral tradition. In fact, on a deeper level, it is quite poetic that Berserk is being finished by a person with this kind of intimate connection to Miura, and hence to the two main characters of Berserk as they were modeled after this relationship. It’s almost like seeing it unfold from the other side’s perspective, which, aside from plot continuity reasons, itself feels almost as valuable as the original intent. In any case, great news and glad to have you continue.

  14. Dazzle Says:

    Thanks for the oneshot!
    The struggle continues…

  15. Thomas Says:

    Thank you for your efforts. They are greatly appreciated. I dont know japanese, and it is absolute torture waiting for official releases.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  16. Son Goku Says:

    Hello, so happy to see this news 🙂

    Is there I way to support this project? I would gladly help.

    Thank you once again.

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