Berserk 341

  » Posted October 25th, 2015 by DrPepperPro

Here’s the chapter, next one November 27th.


We could use an extra cleaner or two for Berserk. You can apply on the forum here.

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  1. alexmedinaduran Says:

    Thank you

  2. maglodont Says:

    strongest team this side of atlantis
    strongest team this side of jupiter

    Those who are about to die SALUTE YOU!

  3. ev0 Says:

    Thank you!

  4. Chris Says:

    Thank you once again!

  5. Greyscale Says:

    Thanks EG! Man, every manga/anime title I’ve wanted to come out with something new is getting announced nowadays. This is amazing!

  6. Valja Says:

    Weeeelll~ since apparently Berserk is really back, regularly, monthly… I think maybe it’s the right time for me to start reading it lol (I didn’t feel like venturing into this world before, since it was on hiatus and I suffer too much when something I love isn’t published anymore).
    But I have to ask… You’re not going to scanlate the last volume of Zetman, are you? 🙁

  7. yfful Says:

    Thanks a lot! Rickert has some cool weapons ;o)

  8. Fer Says:

    Thank you very much.

    Next release (my guess) will be on January 8th.
    December 25th and January 1st are Friday both.

  9. Shin&No1 Says:

    Thank you Evil-Genius! Nice work as always ^_^

  10. IRNINJ4 Says:

    Thanks EG for the upload!

  11. James Says:

    The consistency.

  12. Jorden Says:

    Thanks a lot!

  13. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    Nooo, a loli is not a fire extinguisher! Well maybe the one in Gigantomakhia that’s always peeing… Anyway another great chapter and thanks.

  14. Rags32 Says:

    After you’ve read this chapter…

  15. PedroRamires Says:

    Thank you!

  16. Kiki Says:

    Am I the only one that cant download this? Everytime I click the link it just says the connection was lost and takes me to an error page 🙁

  17. moozooh Says:

    I hope the “new developments” at the end refer to Guts’s team finally reaching someplace relevant. It’s been nearly ten years since boarding the ship to Elfheim. Ten goddamn years.

  18. geroprog Says:

    Thank you for the hard work!

  19. The_Struggler Says:

    Just writing a note here to say I have big problems accessing your site.

    And of course, kudos for the Berserk chapter. I still can’t get used to this monthly cycle, and I probably don’t even want to. Then the next hiatus will strike that much harder.

  20. Berserker Says:

    Just tell me what I need to do to help you guys keep the ball rollin.

  21. Cedr7 Says:

    Thank you so much!

  22. Ryu Says:

    always a pleasure to read !! thanks a lot

  23. crippling boner Says:

    Thank you again for all your guys awesome work!

  24. jeni Says:

    Thank you for your hard work-Evil-Genius for translating this manga but I notice that you stopped translate Miura’s
    notes in the end of the chapter so I just want to ask you to continue translate it if you please could -because it is very interesting read his thoughts.

  25. DrPepperPro Says:

    The scans we get don’t always have the notes, so we just stopped doing them all together. is doing translations of all of the notes, from way back in the past, so you could give that a look.

  26. Don Says:

    Off tbe boat!!!!

  27. Carabuck Says:

  28. Gustav Says:

    And thus mr.bones wildride ends.

  29. alexmedinaduran Says:

    RAW 342

  30. kazuki fuse Says:

    plz translate it quick

  31. barbapapa Says:

    why this delay?! i’m starving! *g*

  32. RedSamurai Says:

    In case anyone was wondering, the next release is “Dec. 25, 2015” *yoohooooo*

    I’m honestly impressed (and a bit scared), but Miura seems to have found a steady and comfortable rhythm of work.
    I’d love more, but a monthly release cycle is more than I can ask for…

  33. alexmedinaduran Says:

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