Zetman 187-188

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  1. luka Says:

    is this real life?!!?!?!

  2. colonywars Says:

    WoW πŸ˜€ Thank you πŸ™‚ That was quick πŸ™‚

  3. lolman Says:

    Thank you \o/

  4. choco Says:

    only evil genius scans can shower us with this kind of joy. with todays releases, it makes it the 3rd this month. dont get use to it because this speed is temporary. nothing but tough love being dished out by these evil bastards!!!!

  5. RedSamurai Says:

    Someone has to do it, so might as well just say it: Berserk!?

  6. Aldarion Says:


  7. stargood Says:

    Thanks again for more Zetman so quickly. Two chapters even. Please keep up the great work.

  8. mdestroyer Says:

    Perfect story, perfect scans! πŸ˜‰

  9. Mr.America Says:

    Oha, great chapters, good job EG!

    @RedSamurai: What berserk, THERE IS ONLY ZETMAN

  10. geroprog Says:

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

  11. annarek Says:

    i think i lost my faith in miura. i was checking daily after a month of each chapter but this one seems to be the longest break in his carrier. i wish that someday he will just share with us how the story ends, even if that means he just give us a few lines, for example, he lets caska as she is and goes back to kill griffith and he wins.
    at least he would end our speculations because i think in the end as it goes we will never know.

  12. Starnum Says:

    Yeah I know what you mean, Annarek, but I hope the ending isn’t quite so predictable.

  13. muddtoad Says:

    Let’s be honest, we (almost) all come and check these comments to see if there is a Berserk update. It’s been part of my daily check for years. However I’m sick of hearing these “Miura this” or “how dare he!” or “I’m going to stop reading because of this wait!” Truth is, Miura can do whatever the hell he wants, because it’s his manga. Period. Either respect it or leave. Don’t ever question a writers intent. Would you rather he spurn out utter crap for the sake of speed? Sometimes writers/artists go through slow periods. Trust me, it’s for the best. I’d rather him take his sweet time than spew out crap just to appease people. Be thankful for what you do get and be thankful for quality. You don’t have a choice in his decision and to be honest, he probably doesn’t care that you have to wait. It’s his manga and his story. He will work on it when it feels right. These characters are a part of him, and only in the right mood can he write about them. So stop complaining and just deal with it. The wait sucks and I hate it, but you deal with it and endure. If not, please stop commenting. I’m sick of sifting through it to find a real important update from Evil Genius…

  14. KingOfWolves Says:

    At least if he continues the Animaed series or the films from where it has stopped it would make wait the manga

  15. Fan Says:

    3 Zetman releases in the same month!?!?!

  16. annarek Says:

    true words muddtoad. in the past stephen king was writing the dark tower and he was stuck in volume 4. he had lost his courage to continue writting it but what shook him off was a letter from a person who was facing death penalty. his last wish was to see the end of the story so he wrote him a letter and thenstephen king was inspired and completed the story which is actually 7 volumes long. i know what you mean about quality if you read the dark tower you will see that the 4th volume is crap but the next three are awesome. This shows that authors do care about their readers (i actually own all volumes published in my language). i just hope he wont need a strong push like stephen king

  17. Valja Says:

    Zetman?? Two chapters? Already?? OMG you surprised me!!
    Thank you so much!! Zetman is one of my favorite series (it’s probably on the podium, but I’ll wait til it’s over to say it for sure), so you can imagine how happy I am about these releases! Thanks again! <3
    By the way: gosh-how-I-hate-Kouga. Damn. He's been getting on my nerves since the very beginning, how right I was…

  18. pastorgaines Says:

    2 chapters? Is it christmas already?!?

  19. r Says:

    Best. I’m happy,

    thank you EG

  20. Sandwich Says:

    Zetman is really getting interesting. Thanks for the scans, EG. It’ll probably be a long time before we get more Berserk. But I’m looking forward to more Zetman in the meantime.

  21. Bjarne Says:

    Feed me

  22. santaclaus Says:

    I hope christmas comes again soon…

  23. Timsam Says:

    I wonder if Miura is hoardig Berserk because it’s been found on the web and sales are dropping? Is everyone buying Berserk? Cause we should be especially if want Miura to live and continue drawing…

  24. annarek Says:

    well i hope all of us here do, at least i do once they are translated in my language. It’s the least we can do to contribute. unfortunately they translated only till volume 5 in greek and they stopped publishing it… i bought 5 more volumes in english but now my collection is crap with half in greek and half in english.
    anyway i hope that everyone here is coming to read as soon as possible whenever a new chapter is released and when it becomes available in their region to buy it. according to the money they can spend on it ofcourse cause we live in hard times…

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