End of Speed Arc

  » Posted March 21st, 2012 by miyagiCE

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while, but refresh the page no further, because I bring teh goodz.

Sadly no Berserk or Zets today, but this hearty bowl of Angel Heart should more than make up for that. From the looks of it we’re finally done with the Speed bus chase.



27 Responses to “End of Speed Arc”

  1. ekiow Says:

    Uh – Perfect timing…
    Thanks for the hard work, as always.

  2. ekiow Says:

    Okay, read through it.
    Not only thanks for the hard, but also very good work.
    Are there already new people working on it? If yes, the high quality didn’t drop at all.

  3. miyagiCE Says:

    Glad you like it. We have a new prospect but he’s not assigned to Angel Heart, though he might help out with it once he gets bored of waiting for the sporadic Berserk like the rest of us. 😀

  4. Hikarub Says:

    YES!! Thank You for AH!!

  5. Regius Says:

    Sweet! Thanks for Great work!

  6. InterRage Says:

    oh yea, about Berserk. If what they say about it is true. It wouldn’t hurt any to add a couple episodes from the dreamcast story, it they are going the ova route. That’ll save kentaro at least more time to continue the series before the anime catches up. (that’s is a little pretentious at this point, but whatever)

  7. deezel Says:

    Thanks for the AH chapters! Much appreciated =)

  8. AllfatherStarr Says:

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but can anyone link me to a fansubbed torrent of the berserk movie? I have been scouring the webz for days now, to no success.

  9. hurdous Says:

    Thank you to the team for all your hard work.

  10. Dingus Says:

    @AllfatherStarr: The Berserk film only opened in Japanese theaters in February of this year with no announced video release date. The only way you’d see a subtitled fansub of this film before it is released on video is from a shitty cam recording and Japan has very stiff fines for people that try to record films in theaters.

  11. Santos Says:

    The first Berserk movie will be released on DVD/Blu-ray on May 23rd, so expect to find a subbed version around the end of May/begining of June.

  12. belnar Says:

    Gintoki Says:
    March 12th, 2012 at 8:40 am

    DVD/BD Release Date May 23rd


  13. Felipe Says:

    When can we expect new Zet chapters? Volume 15`s cliffhanger was so good I just can`t wait any longer.
    Thanks guys for all the good work

  14. Mormegil Says:

    May 23rd, guys. That’s when it comes out. Don’t expect to see any subs until then.

  15. Tynar Says:

    Where’s Phireo when you need him? He always seems to bring news of new Berserk.

  16. mee Says:

    zetman anime is out! Just in case if someone didn’t know.

  17. Andrew Says:

    Hello! I recently got into Zetman and I’ve loved the high quality translation you guys have done of it, so I came here with a question.

    Have you guys procured a copy of volume 16? If not I noticed the donation button and I would be happy to donate.

  18. DrPepperPro Says:

    Yes we have gotten v16. There’s been a bit of delay, but we will get more chapters out eventually.

  19. Andrew Says:

    Ahh coolio, well I’ll send adonation to help you guys get 17 when it eventually is released :0

  20. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    o, berserk where art thou…

  21. hucastkaze Says:

    zetman anime is awesome but where is berserk….

  22. Keitato Says:

    Thanks for the chapters of Angel Heart, I dream on learning japanes for read these novel XD

  23. OnionFried Says:

    evil genius scans are truly evil geniuses with making its readers wait eons for zetman.

  24. MmM Says:

    “2 days… 2 days… 2 days…”

  25. Berserker Says:

    I just startet to read Zetman which means I am already read all of them 😀

    Really good… this montly series are so good, but this waiting is a pain in ass.

  26. iGrowPot Says:

    Do anyone has any news about Berserk?

  27. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    hopefully someone will upload the movie, it’s supposed to be released today on DVD. by the way if anyone finds any working torrent don’t hesitate and please share 🙂

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