Zetman 165

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27 Responses to “Zetman 165”

  1. Soleyfir Says:

    Great chapter, thanks!

  2. Thana Says:

    Nice! Thanks as usual.

  3. random berserk fan Says:

    Haha! This manga is merciless when it comes to parodying the “heroic” clichés. Now our young hero won’t have to tear his clothes anymore! Truly hilarious!

    Also I love the fact that even the MIB have distinct personalities.

    Other than that… yet another great chapter (possibly the best of the latest batch). I guess we’ll see more action.

    Many thanks for the impeccable release, E-G.

  4. lovewarrior Says:

    thank a lot

  5. Argen Says:


    sorry, someone has todo it…

    and , tnks as usually

  6. Slumber Says:

    Always appreciate the Zet, thanks.

  7. Theos Says:

    wish Berserk had this speed 🙁

  8. ranee Says:

    thanks for the speedy release!

  9. ratbunuts Says:

    Great job guys! Keep it coming

  10. nogs Says:


  11. GMan Says:


  12. geroprog Says:

    Thank you! Great job!

  13. stargood Says:

    Thank you for the new Zetman. You guys are awesome.

  14. Aldarion Says:

    So much Zetman! I’m pleased 🙂

  15. MmM Says:

    Does someone know when Berserk Season 2 is coming out ?

  16. Tynar Says:

    MmM, if you are referring to the new anime project, I don’t think anyone (save maybe miura and a few peeps at the production studio) knows when it will be released. Perhaps the new berserk manga release will come with some tidbit of information?
    Fingers crossed.

  17. Phireo Says:

    Berserk chapter Out! Next one, 8th of July!


  18. Tynar Says:

    WHAT THE FRIG? Another berserk chapter without significant delay? It’s like someone’s been spiking Miura’s drinks with speed or something. *shifts eyes from side to side suspiciously*

  19. Stele007 Says:

    8th! Such excellent news!

    As for the anime, the berserk_project Twitter said in July there will be a large amount of… news? You’ll just need to be patient. Maybe there will be some animation out by the end of the year… who knows.

  20. Aldarion Says:

    Woah 😮 Miura is actually working fulltime! Good news.

  21. Henrik Says:

    Normally during pre-production of a show, the mangaka does a lot of concept work and consulting on the direction, so perhaps it’s possible that all this time (or at least some of it) we were being bullshitted about him only having a perverted gaming addiction as an excuse for what he was really doing, which they obviously could not reveal at that time. It could also explain drawing out this voyage for so long, as he had to focus a lot on the films and not direction of the plot. Because it does not seem plausible for me that someone who let themselves become that lazy would suddenly become so prolific again.

  22. Phireo Says:

    Naah, that was just a period of a few months he had in 2006… or was it 2007? Still, The Japanese are a really punctual kind of people so when they say a new chapter is out it usually means they already have it, but they´d want a more frequent kind of updates so they wait until they have at least 3 chapters and one is near completed before they start saying, new chapters here, Berserk continues.


  23. geroprog Says:

    The next chapter, will be out July 8.

  24. MmM Says:

    Fingers crossed…

  25. Starnum Says:

    If you ask me those rumors about Miura wasting time playing Idol Master are complete bullshit.

  26. DrPepperPro Says:

    Indeed, just an over-hype of one of the few aspects of his personal life that was told in an interview.

  27. Sonja Says:

    Weiter so!!!

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