Watanabe 13, Zetman 158

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  1. Phireo Says:

    But remember that time passes between one travel and the other, you can actually keep track of the years by following the seasons. For example, when he left the Hawks it was winter, and it has been a while like that, most probably half a year passed since the “3 years later” thing and one month after the Queen incident. When he returns, look closelly at the trees then get a better idea when they are running, before the eclipse. After that he was unconscious for several days then got up and left for two years, when he returns autumn is already there with his vision of Caska and trying to save her getting him into winter then travelling to the holy place… meeting Farnese again, another month or two and then traveling with new companions ecc. Flashes off the White Hawk also follow more clearly the season pattern. So? A more precise date, plus maybe what season was he born in, maybe even what month?? You get hints in the manga. For all these details, Miura is my favourite manga artist and fantasy writer.


  2. Reginald P. Funkenstein Says:

    My apologies for butting in here on a somewhat unrelated note,

    Has anyone here read any of the Barry Sadler series “Casca”, and has Kentaro Miura mentioned the series as one of his inspirations for the series Berserk?

    It is a series about an immortal soldier, damned to live for eternity as punishment for piercing Christ with a lance (Lance of Longinus, also good for killing angels and EVA units, apparently), living, and fighting, through such interesting conflicts as World War II and the Vietnam War.

    While the titular character of “Casca” and the female protagonist differ in many aspects, most notably gender and immortality, the protagonist of “Casca” may very well have served as an inspiration for the skull knight, along with the Vandal chieftain Gaiseric.

    Perhaps it’s a stretch, but considering the series was released between 1979 and 1989, it may explain Caska’s uncommon name.

    Then again, maybe I’m just bored and in severe withdrawal for my Berserk fix.

  3. Guts Says:

    @Stele007 Its less then one manga a year now, if its one or two chapters every 3-4 months that makes it 3-6 chapters a year, thats half a manga. On average he does anywhere between 6-9 chapters a year lately.

    Guts is not 21 years old, hes closer to his mid twenties now.

  4. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    @Guts you should know best what Guts age is :))

  5. stargood Says:

    @ Phireo, It was your question and we haven’t heard your estimate of Guts’ age yet. Well?

  6. Thana Says:

    Since when do you need an opinion when you ask a question?
    Question != discussion

  7. Karas Says:

    OMG, still no Berserk? DX *Dies*

  8. stargood Says:

    @ Thana, Your comment was argumentative and pointless. Phireo made some rather detailed observations about the Berserk timeline. This makes me think that he has indeed formulated his own guess as to Guts’ age. I was simply asking him what that estimate is. I guess you didn’t like the way I asked Phireo how old he thinks Guts is. Whatever. :/

  9. Thana Says:

    Regarding your “whatever” in the end your comment is just argumentative and pointless (which is controversial in itself) 😀

  10. Phireo Says:

    Come on guys, I asked the question so that people who are not members of the forums would have something to discuss about; to pass time before the next release. I’ve made my own estimates indeed, but that was about 7 years ago, since when the manga progressed quite a lot. If you are patient enought, next time I return home (the one I have the mangas in), I’ll give you a more throughout and descriptive estimate.


  11. Guts Says:

    Did Guts’ age really start a little internet argument? Haha he truly is the man!

  12. Tynar Says:

    @Thana, “whatever” is dismissive, not argumentative. This is argumentative and pointless:

    You are an ass and everything you say is bile.

    Just an example of course. Nothing personal meant by it.

  13. Thana Says:

    Well, “argumentative and pointless” contains 2 important words:
    argumentative – you try to provoke someone into an argument.
    pointless – your words have no meaning, no point.

    So you’re saying my posts have the meaning of provoking someone and no meaning at the same time. Very confusing. Your nonsense, that is 😉

  14. RedSamurai Says:

    Gatsu is 42 yo! period! 🙂

  15. Tony Says:

    Is it true that Ultra Heaven is in hiatus?

    The manga is so awesome!
    Hate to see it gone.

  16. Jinbei Says:

    Here’s another interesting question: “How old do you think Thana is right now?”
    Have fun ^^.

  17. annarek Says:

    silly question…. any info about when new berserk chapter is going to be released?

  18. Thana Says:

    Take a guess, Jinbei! Considering your OP name you’re probably 14y old 😉

  19. Phireo Says:

    Hm,… considering that you are in your, “guys in early puberty are stupid” fase, I guess you are somewhere from 19 to 24 years old. Tell me if I am right, please. Otherwise, let’s calculate Gatsu’s age… and before starting, do you realize that when I pilled up all the mangas of berserk, a tough act by itself, it almost reached 1 meter in height?!!


  20. Phireo Says:

    Continuing, Berserk, Age of Gatsu

    Scars still quite fresh, grass tall and green. Sudden storm suggest late Spring/Early Summer. Somewhere quite north and on high altitudes by looking at the clothing of the population and tree types.
    Proceeding on the Count, It’s late summer, maybe early autumn. Probably the same year.
    End of Count.

    Birth of Gatsu. Born on winter, probably early winter, somewhere South.
    +3 years later, Sys dies.
    +3 years and is still winter or early spring. Summer… Gatsu is 6 years and a half old when he gets the scar on his nose.
    +3 years and middle autumn, some bushes still have their leaves on. Gambino gets his leg torn apart.
    +2 years, summer. Gatsu kills Gambino, he is 12 years and a half old.
    +4 years, summer. Gatsu meets Griffith.
    +3 years, late spring, Griffith becomes a Knight. Early Summer judging by the cherry tree’s leaves. Gatsu is 19 years old and a half.
    They encounter Zodd, still summer. A few weeks later, probably 1 month, they meet the king. Later, at the Autumn’s Hunt, it’s probably beginning of Autumn, the event being a tradition that starts it. A month or so later, Gatsu kills Yulius. The attendees of the ball are clearly in winter clothing, so most probably autumn has just become cold When they march to war the leaves on the trees are almost completely down, so autumn is in the middle, already.
    During a late autumn battle, Gatsu and Caska fall. It is cold, due to it being winter, with both of them having visible breath steam. It is raining, so Midlands and Tudor are quite southern countries, not being cold enough to snow yet.
    Battles in the end of Autumn with Winter kicking in during their return to the capital. Last leaves fall and everyone is in Winter clothing, not just for the ball.
    Gatsu leave in mid Winter, there is snow, a few days later, the snow has already melted while Griffith makes a mistake. One year later, in spring, probably in the middle or towards the end, the Hawks are wearing lighter clothes during the night, so it’s already warm enough.
    They escape arrive and escape a few weeks later, judging by the cuts that vanished off Gatsu’s face.
    They kill and escape the monster. It’s at least one week later as Gatsu can move much better and is less encumbered by his injuries. The Eclipse starts.
    The eclipse ends and the born fetus suggests that around 3 months passed since they left to rescue Griffith. That would put the season towards the end of summer, but I am no expert in prenatal care, though the storms would suggest the same thing. There is a strong breeze along with the fact that his wounds seem to have healed, put the event of his departure to beginning of Autumn. Gatsu is 21 years old and a half
    + 2 years.
    It seems late Autumn, everybody has winter clothes although not so bulky, probably because they are poor. All the leaves on the trees had already fallen down. An exception is the Valley of the Mist, around and in which the trees seem to hold leaves and flowers for the whole year.
    When the Holy Order catches Gatsu, the trees do not have leaves or almost none, which is consistent with the theory that trees around the valley are special. Just a few days passed.
    Also, as Gatsu said, it’s really cold. During the same winter that the king died, Gatsu turned 22.
    Gatsu return during the beginning of winter, during the first snow and goes out to find Caska only to return in mid winter, a month later… maybe slightly more.
    There are still battles during end of winter by the new Band of the Hawks. Spring starts and come to the middle when Gatsu and co arrive to the village.
    Judging by their clothes, Gatsu recovers in mid to late Spring, one month after the battle.
    Some days may have passed before reaching Vritannis.
    They remain there for more than one week, maybe even one month, judging by the flowers and other flora in the villas and how much Farnese mastered the apple thing.
    Some months passed for the whole war to end, putting that to End of Summer, most probably. And here we are now. Gatsu is 22 years and 6 – 8 months old!!


    P.S. The way I wrote this was intentional and for my use only. I posted it just to explain how I arrived towards that conclusion.

  21. annarek Says:

    omg i hope Kentaro Miura is ok and he didn’t lose his work of berserk!!!! darn Tsunami….

  22. Phireo Says:

    Don’t worry, he lives in Chiba!


  23. Mister Morphine Says:

    When I heard about what happened to Japan, Kentaro Miura/Berserk was the first thing that jumped in my mind.

    If he died (knock on wood!), we’ll never know what’s gonna happen to Guts and company.

    If that’s the case, I think half (or more than half) of my soul is gonna die.


  24. Thana Says:

    You’re not even close, Phireo. Considering my age, that is…

    About Gats… well, I think he is older. They don’t travel in an instant, you know.

  25. Phireo Says:

    Well… thing is, I didn’t just check the 3 years later messages but also looked at the seasons, how they change and the injuries they have and time of healing. In fact, I forgot to add the 2 years in between the eclipse and Jill… so… 24 years old and 6 – 8 months. Otherwise, the last chapters aren’t in Manga format yet, at least here, so I could be mistaken by a few months, though it seems unreasonable for them to travel more than 3 months on sea, you know, drinkable water and all…

    Still… while relooking at the backgrounds I noticed, other than the immense improvement of detail, also that there is not one strange thing, like a winter that becomes an autumn.

    If you count just the 3 years later things you get 21 years old. Which is harly true.


  26. Jinbei Says:

    Haha, sorry Thana, I think I was drunk when I posted that last comment. By the way, I was using this Jinbei name well before the character appeared in OP. I think Oda copied off me.

    As for Guts’s age, that’s one hell of an effort you’ve put in there, Phireo, and I’m just gonna take your word for it! Nearly 25? Guess the damage done to his body would have aged him alot more than that though.

  27. Thana Says:

    No problem, Jinbei 😉

    Phireo, I believe sailors took a very large amount of water with them. If I remember correctly the hole ground “floor” is filled with ballast. Some ships filled that place with barrels of water. Other sailors even knew the technic to extract the salt from the ocean water.

    I doubt there is any way to say how long they could sail.

  28. Lu Says:

    I usually don’t comment lol but I think that guts has around 30 and 35 years, basing on the translations that I’ve read, i don’t know if they are correct but in Volume 2 Vargas said he had stolen Behelit 7 years ago, and is a fact that the count appeared in the eclipse so his escape was after birth of femto. I know at the beginning of lost children says 2 years later but I think these 2 years isn’t after the eclipse but after guts had met puck or after the arch of the count. I hope that Miura is ok.
    Sorry for my English mistakes. 😉

  29. Phireo Says:

    Hm, before even looking at the 3rd volume, where the information is, I can tell you that Gatsu met Pakku (Puck/Pak) in the first volume for the first time even though he (most probably) used his dust and was saved thanks to it twice before, Gatsu that is. After Gatsu wanders off it’s written 2 years later in a description box, where he is travelling with Pakku and he knows him way better and his personality has matured (Puck’s) way over what we see during the count thingy, but you already gave another explanation to that. It is, however, Gatsu who says that the Behelit is a key to the 5 Angels/Demons… Hand of God, not Vargas, who didn’t know a thing other than Count=Demon.
    By reading those chapters again, I can tell you that on the flashback of the count’s trasformation, there were just 4 of them. The count is also seen before the eclipse, killing the injured friends of Rickelt along with Lucine (Roshinu, the elf wannabe) and in the eclipse he kills a few Hawks, even looks Gatsu in the eyes for a moment before trying to kill him. So, those 7 years before, happened way before the Eclipse. Also, Serpico and Farnese clearly did not age for 9 years, neighter did Rickelt or the daughter/granddaughter of Godou and people talk about the King being mad for the last 2 years putting more than half of the army to search for Griffith and the Hawks.

  30. Thana Says:

    The thing is, that 7y may be a true information but it doesn’t matter in terms of verifying Gats’ age. The Behelith of the Count is most likely a different from the one Griffith had. He had a special Behelith while the Count’s seemed to be a “regular” one – as much as those things could be regular.

    While I like the idea the transformation of the count has nothing to do with the topic. Anyway, a nice try!

    Maybe I’ll give it a try myself and reread Berserk again.

  31. name Says:

    We have received no word from Mr. Miura since the Tsunami hit, we are still trying to get in contact with him.


  32. Phireo Says:

    They updated the main Berserk site on 10th of March.
    And you cannot say anything about people until next week, when they’ll finish identifying the bodies and the still missing.


  33. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    i sure hope from the bottom of my heart he is alright and this has not affected him, his family or his work… maybe the ppl around here who can read Japanese will keep us up to date if possible…

  34. Kari-Jeremias Says:

    Miura is still missing. God.. I.. I hope he’s not….

  35. IGrowPot Says:


    Doubt they’ll have finish identified all the bodies by next week..
    Damn, I dont think they will have finish counting the bodies

  36. 2058285 Says:

    Me too Kari. It would be more than tragic if the greatest mangaka virtually ever died now, especially before he got to finish telling his story. As an aspiring artist and writer, I think I would die a little if Miura-sensei suffered the same fate as Kaoru Kurimoto.

    Just the same, I’m scared and sad for all of Japan. Perhaps I’ll even pray, even if I don’t believe in god.

  37. Phireo Says:

    The’ve already counted the 5400 out of 15000 missing/dead, think that the first two days were difficult and the start of the week was full of false alarms of new Tsunamis, regretfully, just yesterday the rescuees came to two towns, because the sea faded back and thus started the process much more quickly. Some other on a hill were found and rescued (They ate and drank the supplies in the storage of their kind host whose house was there), earlier it was surrounded by water. Also, 5 people came out of the woods 6 days after, having survived in improvised tents and finding food in the forests (They got lost midway, though). After 3 days a 4 months old baby was saved under the rubble. There is always hope, some could even be trapped between the roof and the ground with little to drink and eat with them, I remind you, although improbable.

    @Mystyc Vegeta
    Watch it here http://wwitv.com/tv_channels/6810.htm
    It’s NHK World Live in English


  38. Kari-Jeremias Says:

    There was a site at which he was listed as safe and sound, though I’m not sure if it’s true. The creator of Zet Man, Masakazu Katsura is still missing too it seems……

  39. Dakro Says:

    Can anyone translate this? I hope it’s what I hope it is:

  40. Tynar Says:

    I asked google to translate it, and it does seem to be a message from Miura post-quake… hopes are up.

  41. Thana Says:

    I translated it with Chrome. It says something about the hole staff of Young Animal paying their respect to the victims of the quake. The Puck pic seems to be from Miura himself.

  42. TheDesertKnight Says:

    Miura is safe and that is a blessing. I hope all is well with Katsura also. Wonder if this tragedy will have an influence on the art of the various Actors/Authors/Mangaka/Painters…etc?

  43. Anonymous Says:

    This might be a random, stupid question, but is this website done with Biomega? Isn’t there a sixth volume?

  44. DrPepperPro Says:

    I think the translator has/had intentions of doing v6, but it’s been delayed a long time now.

    Viz’s english version is going to be released on May 17, 2011.

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