Berserk 318 and Zetman 154-157

  » Posted December 4th, 2010 by DrPepperPro

A break, oh well.



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  1. stargood Says:

    I googled lamprey, thinking it was some kind of eel. Boy, I wish I hadn’t. There were pictures of lampreys in the first few hits and man, they are some ugly creatures indeed. Ewww.

  2. jin21 Says:

    @RedSamuria I understand completely. I was just making a simple statement, but not directed at you in anyway.

  3. Abomination Says:

    Why can’t people do stuff that is both entertaining and educating. For instance, I learned what a lamprey is here, which means my interest in Berserk(which is entertaintment) helped me learn something new and ‘serious’. You say that people should do more ‘serious’ stuff and less entertaining ones. But here I am, learning those serious stuff here.
    And also, this still doesn’t give you a reason to mock onyone for not knowing what a lamprey is. Asking what something is, then sharing and confirming that knowledge is a part of the learning process. This mean he IS learning what a lamprey is now, which brings us to the fact that he is doing something useful without boring himself with things that he’s not interested in.
    Short version:Stop being an ass

  4. Sheepy-Pie Says:

    That is a very idiotic assumption. I am English and yet i didn’t know what a lamprey was. I’d heard of one (in fact only through watching Charlie the Unicorn) but didn’t know what it looked like. So Berserk is the first time i saw a Lamprey-esque thing.

    And on top of that I know more than the average person about nature as I like to watch documentaries and the likes.

    To be honest, they don’t look like the sort of animals people like to show off, other for their leechey likeness. Unless you have a weird aquatic obsession or are moaning about how damaging they are in North America.

    Now back to Berserk! πŸ˜€

  5. RedSamurai Says:

    I think it’s about time we move on with this meaningless argument (it’s just a silly tiny misunderstanding scenario).

    Back to topic, does anyone have any leads about the new anime: when to expect it, or at least when to expect new info about it?
    I really hope we’ll be surprised, in a good fashion that is…

  6. Ghengis John Says:

    I’m hurt you feel that way RedSamurai. Meaningless? Silly? I’ll have you know that I just happen TO BE a Lamprey eel. That’s right. Lamprey awareness just happens to be a pivotal issue to the entire eel community and here you go and trivialize it.

  7. Abomination Says:

    @RedSamurai: I hope it will be short. Otherwise we might have to wait even more for manga releases, which would probably mean we’d never see it to the end.

  8. RedSamurai Says:

    @Ghengis John: Sorry Mr.Lam (I can call you Lam, right?), I never meant to offend you πŸ™‚
    In fact, I think what you should be complaining about more is Guts’ last “genocide” against your community πŸ˜‰

    @Abomination: Yeah I totally see what you mean. But then, won’t it be a lot better if the Anime were to cover all of the story from the beginning until the Manga events. That way, they can go on with the Anime instead of the Manga… I don’t know, I think I wouldn’t mind see that happening at all.

  9. Abomination Says:

    @RedSamurai: I see your point, but I prefer seeing the manga to the end with Miura to seeing the anime to the end with someone else. I doubt anyone can finish the story properly other than him. Though it wouldn’t be too bad if anime covered the rest of the story with miura. That way, we would both see the story to the end, and watch some real animated violence.

  10. Ghengis John Says:

    @ RedSamurai: Lam, or Lambert would be fine. Unfortunately our ethnic names are a little hard to pronounce without a throat full of teeth but most people call me lam and that works out just fine. And no harm done, no harm done, haha. Well you know how it is when you’re a minority, you start off being depicted as sea monsters and drug dealers and before you know it somebody casts you as the hero. I think we’re all just excited to see the entertainment industry is giving us some exposure. So long as they’re not spouting Lamprey stereotypes we couldn’t be more pleased.

  11. inim Says:

    The twitter account says to expect a new anime announcement on January 8th. Don’t know what though!

  12. stargood Says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say thanks to the Evil-Genius team for the great job they do on Zetman. I just started reading it recently and I am now into chapter 78. I am really liking it. Thanks!

  13. joe heron Says:

    if you think lampreys are nasty, check out the hagfish.

    still no work on 319 huh?

  14. GUTS38 Says:

    What Miura talking about something like “New Anime Project”?

  15. Abomination Says:

    @jeo heron: They’re pretty πŸ˜€ (prettier than lamprey at least)

  16. stargood Says:

    OMG, I just finished chapter 157 of Zetman and there’s no more to read!?! I hope that we soon get to see Jin kick that bastard Haitani’s ass. That’s if his fellow executive Inzen doesn’t whack him first. I am anxiously waiting for the next chapter to be scanlated. This is almost as bad as waiting for Berserk. Arrrrgh!

  17. Scalped Says:

    more to read

  18. jin21 Says:

    Berserk how I wish it would be released quicker or more consistently, but nevertheless I must wait.

  19. Mr. America Says:

    Uh I guess it’s bad manners, but happy year @ everyone?

  20. buttobasu Says:


  21. don Says:

    Berserk Movie???

  22. RedSamurai Says:

    “According to Newtype, the 2011 film will be the first part of a project that will adapt the entire story from Kentarou Miura’s manga.”

    Woohoooooooooooooooooooooooow! This is among the best news I heard in my life! It’s like if Miura read my earlier comments πŸ™‚

    ..[[entering super-excited mode]]..

  23. stargood Says:

    @Scalped Thanks for the link to the raws, but I don’t read Japanese well enough so I will have to wait for the scanlation. :/

  24. otakuzero Says:

    It looks like the upcoming Berserk anime has bypassed the new manga/anime laws prohibiting violent/sexual content by delivering the work in a series of movies instead of a seasonal television broadcast.

    I’m looking forward to the new anime! (and, manga-wise, even more forward to the story progressing onwards to Elfheim…)

    Thanks for the awesome scans, EG!

  25. CrackoWitcho Says:

    As long as the movies are released on some planned and consistent schedule, I’ll be happy. “Series of movies” just made me think of delayed releases and long breaks >_<

  26. Phireo Says:

    Yep, like the new Hellsing and Evangelion… hopefully not so much time between one movie and the other as the beforementioned former one… or the actual Berserk Manga…


  27. Henrik Says:

    If its aim is to adapt the whole manga, I predict the manga is going to try to wrap up around the same time as the final film’s release. Which means Miura is probably going to finally get busy now with more regular releases.. the pressure’s on for him to complete it.

  28. Atena Says:

    any news on the next chapter?! and btw guys putup a new polly so i can vote πŸ˜›

  29. c45j Says:

    the mange isnt finished… soo, these movies will have a long break.. unless, this means the manga is going to end soon.

  30. Johnathan Says:

    Nah, just because some movies are going to be released doesn’t mean Miura is going to change his schedule drastically. The movies will either have to have a filler ending, take a good long break, or Berserk will be wrapping up unexpectedly quick.

  31. Dr Grumpy Says:

    The wait for Berserk goes on, as usual! Damn you, Miura!

  32. Ray Says:

    Am I the only one who’s worry to die before reading the end of Berserk? I started reading in 1996. how many years has it been? ufff.. Curious to know when you guys started reading.. πŸ™‚

  33. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    :d it’s likely someone actually died (of age) before reading the end of berserk. If it started about 21 years ago… I’m sure there was some 50 year old guy that started reading berserk in 1990 and died of old age last week on his 70th birthday crying he didn’t see the final light (or darkness) of the berserk…
    I started reading when I was 16… so that’s about 6 years ago… pretty recent huh ? :))

  34. Muzimuzi Says:

    7 years ZOMG! πŸ˜€ And I finished the current arcs in 1 month, so almost 7 years of constant waiting :E

  35. annarek Says:

    its been already 9 years… … i never thought since when i started reading berserk till now… and you are not the only one who is afraid that he will die before he sees the end of berserk.

  36. Abomination Says:

    Heh, am I the only one who started reading just a year ago? Well, better late than never

  37. Johnathan Says:

    I probably started reading the manga about 5 years back

  38. Jin21 Says:

    I’ve been reading since my junior year in high school. I just finished college last year it has been a long time waiting to see where were going.

  39. Kari-Jeremias Says:

    I started reading two years ago now I think.. probably read it 10-11 times.. something like that. It’s almost as good every time. D:

  40. Ghengis John Says:

    *After next chapter, Break Begins! We call this break, 2011.*

  41. Isaac Says:

    I also started last year, can’t remember the month but it was in 2010… I think after the summer, or before, I know it was close to the summer ( my memory sucks )

    I want more berserk :'(
    I hate to wait 1 week, much more months!!!! come back Berserk!!!!!!!!!

  42. Klauss Says:

    Man …i hope none af the mangaka’s were hurt during erthquake/tsunami/apocalipse in japan….
    All the cantries that can aid this great nation i think it wold be necesary to help!!!! its hell on earth down there.

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