Berserk 317

  » Posted November 16th, 2010 by DrPepperPro

It returns again.

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  1. Killerman Says:

    No offense, but the discussions here are just discussions. It’s all personal crackpiping opinion and none of which is Miura’s.

    I’d rather see Miura crash and burn but stay true to himself and the series than see someone else come in and come up with some BS that’s inconsistent with the overall Berserk.

    It’s like H.P. Lovecraft’s amoralist “Cthulhu Mythos Proper” compare to August Derleth’s Catholic “good vs evil” black-n-white bullshit.

  2. RedSamurai Says:

    You, my friend, have just expressed my very exact opinion… only with more directness and a lot less sarcasm.

  3. Spartan1590 Says:

    I find these posts rather shallow and pedantic.[2]


  4. Jin21 Says:

    Just wondering anyone know when we should expect 118. Not trying to rush EG at all just wondering. By the way the comments are ok, but I think Miura will do a lot better job than half of what you people have been speculating. All I am hoping is that the anime next year goes a whole lot farther than last time. I am not saying the first anime was bad(It was freaking awesome) just hoping they don’t leave anything out this time.

  5. Jin21 Says:

    I meant 318. lol

  6. Daichii Says:

    Uff, it’s been a lot since I last wrote here..

    I’m pretty sure miura-sensei will go back to massacre and slaughter, and im hoping he gets his left arm back.. and his eye… it’ll be an awesome power up… anyway.. let’s keep waiting…….

    p.s. great work EG!!!

  7. DrPepperPro Says:

    318 will probably be released relatively soon.

  8. Cellardoor Says:

    I really hope the next anime will go farther than last time too but by the looks of the few teasers avalaible right now it only looks like a remake of the first serie with better animation.

  9. Guts Says:

    Well I’ll take a remake over nothing anytime. If this one ends up being more popular (which I believe Berserk has gained quite a few more fans since the first series in 1997) then they might continue it. But as a side note, seeing Caska’s post-eclipse hair (long), Griffith in his rebirth armor, things look promising.

  10. ImpacientGuy Says:

    Where ma berserk man.. is 4.. i want this so much.. i cant hold anymore.. i need see.. i need read.. i need cry in last paginas when i read .. “next berserk in 22 february”.. so give me plz

  11. IGrowPot Says:

    Well, I’m really hoping for a remake. I mean, it was pretty awesome seeing Berserk in anime form, but, except for the music and the fucking awesome story, but I was very disappoint with the crap animation. Gatts sword movements just didn’t look natural, for example

  12. IGrowPot Says:


    Of course, after the remake they should continue with the series, and not stopping exactly when things starts to get good

  13. rebellion Says:

    well the new animation might not be any better my only problem with the new animation is that 1 i dont like CG(but the CG from PS2 game was perfect and would like that) and 2 from the promos it looked like disney and caska looked like cinderella so its a very bad CG,
    i would love normal 2D drawing CG makes everything to shiny and always has a bad bloom effect,but the promos from berserk were exceptionally bad really looked to much like disney for my taste
    and 2D drawing suits berserk cause it brings out the gloominess and darkness, which are the main characteristics of the story, CG only for the occasional ray of hope

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