A release!

  » Posted December 24th, 2009 by arke

Two new manga! Also, update your RSS feeds for this site. Some URLs got moved around.

First is “Chidaruma Kenpou” by Hirata Hiroshi: [Evil_Genius]Chidaruma_Kenpou_Onorera_ni_Tsugu.rar

Second is “Wicked Eyes Fly to the Full Moon”: [Evil_Genius]TheWickedEyesFlyToTheFullMoon_v01c001-002

Here’s a description from Baka-Update:

The mountain gods have sent down a punishment to the people of Japan. An owl by the name of Minerva. All who fall under this owl’s gaze die, their eyes spurting out blood. One man stood up to the owl, a famous hunter by the name of Uhei, however just as he was about to loose the finishing bullet, he was interrupted by the American army taking the owl into their care for study.

Thirteen years later, an American warship crashes into a Tokyo harbor, and all the men on board are dead, their eyes bleeding. The owl has been freed, and it now rampages throughout Tokyo, killing at random and in mass amounts. The American government has decided that only Uhei, the man who nearly killed the beast before, can help them. So they send the Delta Force and CIA out to see just how the bird can be brought down…

Trust me, it’s a crazy owl.

This is the third and final chapter of Zero.

And these two.

Angel Heart has shitty raws for volume 16.

End of volume 11!

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Finally, Merry Christmas or happy dissolution of the USSR, depending on the time zone.

84 Responses to “A release!”

  1. fendigucci Says:

    i’m pretty sure that it will be due on 22nd jan. i trust my sources. they are the translators of SK.net. apparently a preview of YA is out. i guess thats how they interpreted it.

    happy waiting until then.

  2. Starnum Says:

    Yeah, apparently Berserk is listed on the preview for the Jan. 22nd release of YA. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed, and hopefully we’ll have a new Berserk chapter soon. 😉

  3. buttobasu Says:


  4. WorldColide Says:

    We all know the fight between Thana and WorldColide was rigged and against me.

  5. Thana Says:

    Nah, it’s just that noone likes you. Your Mom voted for me.
    I appreciate it… Her vote, that is.

  6. Mad Pete Says:

    We all know that a fight between Guts and that Wicked Owl would be better to watch.
    I mean, at least it would be a fair match

  7. jumping ja-ho-za-fart Says:

    @fendigucci….N!GGA PLEASE!! i already told the world!!! hey! if “Thana” and “WorldColide” can get on their soap boxes, THEN SO CAN I!!!! SCREW!!! yeah screw u miura you idol master obsessed HACK!!!! yeah!, may u eat crap with a cut lip and NO TETANUS!! YUKITO KISHIRO’S BATTLE ANGEL L.O, is action PACKED, and you know what!!!??? he don’t release LIKE A PUSSY!!! YOU write like you got a bad prostate!!! SUCKA!! he’s on his second masterwork, and you????? u cant even finish what u start!! what the hell you think you writing?? ONE PIECE?!?!? STEP YOUR GAME UP SUCKA!!! and stop beating ur meat off to loli’s! DRAW YOU PIG!!! DRAW!!!! btw- last BATTLE ANGEL ALITA WAS LIQUID CRACK!!!! where’s your rightouse action at??? HUH?!?!? BEYOTCH!!!!!

  8. Phireo Says:

    Yeah, sorry for taking me so long, still. It’s already a week that the release of a new chapter of Berserk was announced. 22nd of Jan, 2010. Next chapter! Already on schedule, so don’t worry. Here’s a link!


    It’s the first one on the list of manga. ベルセルク 三浦健太郎


  9. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    jumping ja-ho-za-fart should drink less

  10. fendigucci Says:

    @jumping ja-ho-za-fart;
    miura is not obliged to serve u or any of us consistently,.
    his work of art is not treated as a career. its simply one’s way of expressing wat one sees with one’s senses.and progress of one’s life depnds on one’s defination of what is meaningfull.
    however;ja-ho-za-fart ;as i can comprehend one can suck balls so much, but unless of course the pig fucking would actually be sufficient to cease ur constant whining

    cleary he is being insensitive to the fact the fans were waitng since fucking IN 1990 DAWG!

  11. Berserker Says:

    wow..the thing about the heart attack, it was a joke u guys :fp:

    @jumping ja-ho-za-poop, lay off the sugared cereals and soda pops, take your meds and go do whatever 13 year olds do, as long as it’s not here.

  12. WorldColide Says:

    @Thana -> well thank your mother for the sex and my mother didnt have sex with you so dont make another pussy ass comment about my mom being a slut or my dad or any one in the family . so screw off beyoth. You know nothing about anything.

    @ jumping ja-ho-za-fart – > You are boss. I agree with you.

  13. Thana Says:

    Well, actually I’m one of the less who denies the free services of your family. I’m not very fond of the idea of being infected by them. With STDs, that is…
    But either way I wouldn’t do it… Must be like throwing a salami into a silo – that’s probably the same for your mother, too. Must be impossible, though. You need to find a gap in the scab first. That’s not my idea of having fun, so yeah: I wouldn’t do your family and I won’t talk about it.

  14. Henrik Says:

    This conversation is disgusting. I used to look forward in some way to finding worthwhile info in the comments, now it’s just a constant stream of garbage.

  15. tsubaimomo Says:

    Don’t worry, Guts is coming to take out the garbage on the 22nd!

  16. anonymoose Says:

    Yeah, I’d rather not read any more quips about fucking STD-ridden mothers, especially when you add similes and metaphors to help me visualize the process.

  17. buttobasu Says:

    …in a plastic bag!

  18. tsubaimomo Says:

    Plastic bags have many forms, such as those made of giant slabs of metal that can easily butcher the… garbage.

  19. Thana Says:

    When he comes I’ll ask for an autograph!

    Well, the next release is nigh. Finally something to read and enjoy and maybe to discuss. I’m tired of these premature arguments.

    What do I win with this poll? The internet? Will there be credits? Can I then have a second ride? This time on hard, that is…

    Anyway, choose me! I can heal the world! Make it a better place!

  20. anonymoose Says:

    Pics or it’ll never happen.

  21. buttobasu Says:

    Deadly plastic bags are deadly.

  22. Hikaru_b Says:

    Thanks for the AH chapters. The quality is a little bad but it’s still good enough to read!! I hope not all of volume 16 is like that though.

    Great work!!

  23. DrPepperPro Says:

    All of v16 was gonna be like that, but now we got better raws, so the rest will be good.

  24. revanchist Says:

    Why do I have the funny feeling that the majority of the BERSERK readers in Japan are men who excluesively enjoy women in bikini….

  25. Shin Says:

    Thanks a lot for the Angel Heart chapters!

  26. buttobasu Says:

    What man doesn’t enjoy a woman in a bikini??
    WOMEN should enjoy women in bikinis.

  27. Phireo Says:

    Out of 6 Japanese Girls who read manga (Otaku), I know 2 of them have all the magazines in which Berserk has appeared along with every Volume that has been released and 2 others have just all the volumes. The fifth one reads it in Manga Cafes or Cyber Cafes, while for the last one it’s too bloody for her tastes.

    … And one of them enjoys exlusivelly other girls in Bikini. She also has Berserk’s Trading Cards. Fun game for MagicTG lovers, but really difficult to get by even in Japan!


  28. basquel Says:

    Who gives a fuck? Berserk ended with Kill Them All.

  29. Scandinavian Says:

    I’m just glad that the opinion poll is changed but why was my comment deleted?

    Because you weren’t playing nicely. The last poll totally sucked though.

  30. buttobasu Says:

    Wow, now if only there were otaku girls like that where I live.
    And the last poll did suck.
    …and also, what’s with the Serpico-hate!? He’s even BELOW Guts being overmatched!? WTF.

  31. Scandinavian Says:

    Guys, I heard some crap today. I heard that Berserk was canceled forever. Is this true Evil Genius? Tell me the truth. If you want you can send me a private message.

  32. DrPepperPro Says:


    That guy posting on blackswordsman blog is just angry that he got banned from EG and blackswordsman forum.

  33. Scandinavian Says:

    Aye thanks DrPepperPro. I look forward to seeing you on the swordsman. Look for the Scandinavian 😀

  34. buttobasu Says:


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