Angel Heart 164-165 and Zetman 128

  » Posted December 13th, 2009 by arke

Yep, we’re still alive. Just trying to see how long you can hold out!


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  1. JUbeiD Says:

    You sound like my girlfriend..

  2. cowl Says:

    Thanks for the chapters πŸ™‚
    you better not be holding out on us with berserk…

  3. ZetMan Reader Says:

    Thanks for the Zetman.

  4. Slumber Says:

    Zetman is always worth the wait, thanks.

  5. Baldulf Says:

    Almost died here waiting!


  6. DamnedBones Says:

    Thanks everyone!

  7. ekiow Says:

    As usual, many thanks for your work on Angel Heart.

  8. smokeesid Says:

    Thanks but no thanks. I lost all my craving cuz of the ultra slow releases

  9. BreathOfTheLion Says:

    trying to see how long we can hold out?
    seriously thats not nice. im on the edge of going berserk here πŸ˜‰

  10. geroprog Says:


  11. guren no kishi Says:

    Thank you.

  12. MrTeatime Says:

    Are you trying to kill us?

    Mr-Berserk-mangaka is takings his time as usual, but why hurry a masterpiece?

  13. ToColdOutside Says:

    Thanks for Zetman but it is to late, I have already entered severe Beserk withdrawal….

  14. Macs Says:

    Thanks again, nice job!

  15. LS Says:

    yahoo, thanks for the hard work on Zet ^^

  16. Daiceman Says:

    “This house fucking sucks”

  17. Jin Kanzaki Says:


  18. Kain Says:

    Cool, angel hearts, thanks!

  19. bbpp Says:

    fuck zetman
    long live angel heart! πŸ˜‰

  20. Thana Says:

    I went to pee – did I miss something the past 2 weeks?

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Luckily, I can hold on a long time.

    Ti~me is on my side, yes it is.

  22. WorldColide Says:

    I’d just like a new berserk chapter so there should be a mailing list that gives us updates via email as to when a new berserk chapter is out.

  23. Thana Says:

    I think they should print and bind it in a nice book cover for the chapter and mail it via UPS or something to my home. The next berserk chapter, that is…

    It’s always funny seeing guys mistake a blog for forum and assume they have some rights for special service. Reminds me: The last chapter you sent me was already cold. I demand a free soda, EG!

  24. WorldColide Says:

    The E-mail idea would be awesome but then again idk it might backfire because what is so different from checking your email and then checking evil genius right? idk, just wish I knew before hand whether or not to check is the issue here. So I guess no E-mail then.
    @ thana: lol, you mad?
    I’d also like to hear again from that Bob Ross guy XD Dude was 3|_173 |-|4><0.- as an artist and any one who can tribute him would be amazing for even just a moment in time. But is relative so w/e don't question it. THe fame will be there but it will be transient! Still worth it though.
    Like waiting for Berserk. Is it worth it? I'd say yes, but it is a pain in the ass. So I say that we should get guys out there and pay them to get the inside information with young animal or w/e it takes and get back to us Here through EG; letting the people know what is happening with berserk. Hellz yeah. Not only would that stimulate jobs and the economy, but we'd get our information on Berserk and if not, I'm sure we'd get an interesting cover story πŸ˜‰
    all your base belong to us.
    Start hiring EG! πŸ˜‰ Yeah!
    never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you never gonna make you cry never gonna say goodbye never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

  25. WorldColide Says:

    You know what sucks? When you type something that has a good point but then you submit it here and it doesn’t let you see what you submitted like it canceled and both accepted the submission all at once.
    So basically, what I wrote is something about how maybe an E-mailing system isn’t the way to go but instead have a bunch o reporters or what have you go and get inside scoops and leads as to more info on young animal and berserk. stimulate economy, jobs, interesting stories, blah blah ok coolz Beatles!
    You just lost the game
    Rick Astley -> you just got rick-rolled
    Caution: This is Sparta.
    Remember to keep up on your leek spin and that that shit fly.
    And always remember kids, al your base belong to us

  26. Korci Says:

    Thana, keep up with these comments! πŸ™‚ About being specific that is…

    Also WorldColide, I dunno what had happened, but i want some of that stuff too. Maybe it’ll make time flow by a bit faster. While waiting that is (TM Thana(TM WorldColide))… πŸ™‚

  27. WorldColide Says:

    @Korci: Thanks, Korci. You know what else helps make the time go by? FuCking Sea King! And……gifs.

  28. WorldColide Says:

    Or I guess you could just look up the X

  29. krazyivan Says:


  30. leung Says:

    i think i speak for us all when I say that one chapter of zetman is hardly enough. we need moar! >W<

  31. Thana Says:

    WorldColide said:
    >So I say that we should get guys out there and pay them to get the inside information with young animal or w/e it takes and get back to us Here through EG; letting the people know what is happening with berserk. Hellz yeah. Not only would that stimulate jobs and the economy, but we’d get our information on Berserk and if not, I’m sure we’d get an interesting cover story πŸ˜‰
    all your base belong to us.
    Start hiring EG! πŸ˜‰ Yeah!

    Should one assume you are funny or do you really think EG pays someone? Everyone should know that EG doesn’t pay anyone – besides their new lead artist! Me, that is…

    When I release the next chapter I will make a credits page there it says “drugs are bad” πŸ˜‰

  32. WorldColide Says:

    Thana really hates me XD lol, you mad? But then again I guess you’ve always been this way. Your a man that takes his “work” too seriously. After all, as it is stated, there are no women on the internetz.

  33. Thana Says:

    I thought you were the girl… No soda for you! WorldColide, that is…

    I also realize someone thinks I’m of EG. No, I’m not! I’m here for fun. Also I don’t hate anyone here. I may not be Jesus (not completly, that is) but I can forgive unfounded words in the internet πŸ˜‰

    Pawn on D5 – you’re on.

  34. WorldColide Says:

    Did you think I was a woman because of my gorgeous verbiage and spelling? XD That could be seen as Sexist. And now you claim to be of the holy trinity? Are you a man of god, cause This is blasphemy and I don’t think your god will save you from hell any more.

    King smashes Queen on D8 – you are turned on. Gigidy!

  35. Thana Says:

    I thought you were a woman because of the lack of common sense – quite sexistic i admit. And now bow down to your god! Me, that is.

    My Holy Power crushes every figure besides your Pawns and your King. KHAAAAAAAAAAN! Yeah, I can spell unlinked citations too πŸ˜‰

  36. WorldColide Says:

    If your idea of common sense is what you have just posted here then thanks, I seem to lack whatever sense of insanity you seem to have as well πŸ˜‰ Besides, we all know you read Berserk for penis envy, all women have an electra complex making them love the rod They wanna kill mommy and screw daddy -> That is you! πŸ˜‰ This is all common knowledge if you have studied in the work of…..Oh what am I saying; you have no clue what I’m talking about ^_^ DUH!
    Did you really just call them unlinked citations? It’s called Meme’s ya hard ass, which by the way has a huuuge stick up it’s hole!

  37. DrPepperPro Says:

    Next Poll:


    taking bets now

  38. Thana Says:

    Would be a hard poll becaude I don’t like to choose the obvious…

    Concerning Subject 13G, WorldColide:
    The experiment seems to have failed. I experienced a tremor in the force when the subject gave me an English lesson but still isn’t able to spell the word “collide”. Funny thing on day 22: It said penis! (teeheehee)
    The subject seems to think I’m its mother – which is kind of disturbing because it shows an abnormal strong urge to screw me in the arse.
    It’s very complex… The complex, that is. But one thing is obvious: This is madness… πŸ˜‰

    Currently the subject is not trackable but for sure *breath* escape is not its plan.*breath* I must face it,*breath* alone.

  39. Jin Kanzaki Says:

    Why do you take so long to release new episodes?

  40. WorldColide Says:

    LOL, you mad? Haha what are you off about, Thana? You are clearly making “ass”umptions that I mispelled a word and that I think you are a woman. When in reality I chose “Colide” over Collide for a very specific reason. A reason you won’t be able to believe!
    And we all know that when you “assume” it makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me”. Chew on that for a bit while I continue.
    Did you just write in the form of a doctrine? What the hell is that all about? Bloody wanker.
    Concerning Subject 69-Gigidy: “Colide” is an actual name that looks like the world “Collide” and it is also a corruption of this word. A corruption that has become semi-popular in certain circles on the internet, but not widely accepted. I would know because I love memes, and if you are trying to say that your mother is available then that is just sick dude…..or are you really a girl? Come on, we gotta know now. But I still think you are a major dude. “Dud”?

  41. Thana Says:

    Ah, you finally gave the hint to your real identity. World Colide is a German video about Dieter Meier from Yello. How much there is about the Beatles I can’t tell because I had no interest in watching it. Interesting is that it is the almost the first result in German AOL for “colide”. Beatles my ass…
    But then you made a hint into a hole other direction. You told us something about slang. And guess what: This seems to be a lie! I found several videos with this version of collide but any statement about it being some special term or slang. The native English speakers may help out but I’m sure all you did is type colide into google, because you thought you did right πŸ˜‰
    So are you some German dude? That would explain your AOL-fault. Are you old? No, Beatles and your so called memes don’t really match. If I guess your age correct you’re that Carlos dude. No I need a pipe πŸ˜€

    Harry, fahr den Wagen vor.
    Watson, you take over.
    *whistles the X-files-theme*

  42. WorldColide Says:

    XD lol you mad? so close but oh wait nope not really XD Carlos. You had me pegged for some dude named Carlos? XD See you might almost …almost seem cool and slick if you had actually made some sense. Nothing about what you said sounds accurate at all. πŸ˜€ ^_^ Nope. You think if you actually knew the truth you’d tell it if it meant you were wrong? You are just covering the facts πŸ˜€ And the fact is….FUCK YEA SEA KING! YEEE HAWW! Bring on the MAD and let NATO suck the root while China sends a big old fat kiss in the shape of a WMD straight to the US of A. Republican for life. Semper fi semper fi. Palin forever. Bush is a white knight of the arean race.
    At least, all this Nazi-ism is what I’m getting from Thana.
    Or did you actually take any of this seriously?
    Upset? Did you know any one who didn’t have that rap? I didn’t think so- Bam!
    *Du-hast plays and the american banner waves.

  43. Oliver Says:

    I’ve been reading your scanlations for such a long time, I feel ingrateful I took so long to do this, but…

    THANKS A LOT FOR ALL YOUR GREAT RELEASES ! It must have meant a lot of work, a lot of time and of effort, I’m deeply grateful πŸ™‚

  44. Thana Says:

    I’m confused… You actually think I care what you write? πŸ˜‰
    But don’t you think I’m cool! I may be awesome but not cool!

    What shall we do with a drunken sailor? I promised myself! So come on, come on, do the locomotion with me. *walking like an Egyptian* The only one who could ever reach me was the son of a preacher man. *pounding out aggression, turns into obsession* But I’ll take my time anywhere, free to speak my mind anywhere and I’ll redefine anywhere – Anywhere I roam. I never want to work another day in my life. The gods told me to relax, said i’m gonna get fixed up right. Now i’m never gonna work another day in my life! I’m way to busy powertrippin’ but i’m gonna shed you some light. I try to make it through my life. In my way there’s you. I try to make it through these lies, that’s all I do. Just don’t deny it! Just don’t deny it! And deal with it! Yeah, Deal with it! You try to break me. You wanna break me, bit by bit, that’s just part of it. If you were dead or still alive – I don’t care, I don’t care! And all the things you left behind I don’t care! I don’t care…

    Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire πŸ˜€

  45. miyagiCE Says:


    To WorldColide (and all the other lurkers hoping for an email newsletter):
    We won’t do a newsletter about Berserk releases per se, but you can always sign up for the RSS of the website. That way you will be notified of new posts without having the visit the site. Unfortunately there’s no option to sign up for only Berserk-tagged posts as of now, but there could be in a future version of the site.

  46. WorldColide Says:

    -crashing 3 point Drum Roll-

    We’re no strangers to love
    You know the rules and so do I
    A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of
    You wouldn’t get this from any other guy

    I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling
    Gotta make you understand

    Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you
    Never gonna make you cry
    Never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

    We’ve know each other for so long
    Your heart’s been aching
    But you’re too shy to say it
    Inside we both know what’s been going on
    We know the game and we’re gonna play it

    And if you ask me how I’m feeling
    Don’t tell me you’re too blind to see

    Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you
    Never gonna make you cry
    Never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

    -Repeat Chorus-

    Give you up, give you up
    Give you up, give you up
    Never gonna give,
    Never gonna give, give you up
    Never gonna give,
    Never gonna give, give you up

    -Last four lines repeated-

    I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling
    Gotta make you understand

    -Chorus times three-

    never gonna give you up, berserk πŸ˜‰
    baba booyee baba booyee! slipknot rules baba booyee shine on you crazy diamond!

  47. Thana Says:

    You can get it if you really want, but you must try. Try and try. Try and try. You’ll succeed at last.

    I didn’t expect an official answer to this, honestly, stupid request, but thank you. Thank you to miyagi, that is…

  48. miyagiCE Says:

    Oh silly me, I forgot to give you the link:

    There you go.

  49. WorldColide Says:

    Thana….. I have brought this thread back to life! You can not escape your fate!

  50. buttobasu Says:

    Thana sucks. Where is Berserk!?

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