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Let the whining commence.

8 Responses to “OMG WERZ DE ZATMEN?!?2!””

  1. Thana Says:

    Still no Zetman or Berserk… You guys are lazy!


  2. Baldulf Says:

    Thanks for the work on this manga, I really love it.

    It seems you are releasing a lot of chapters lately, does this means that there is going to be a big stop next or are you increasing the pace?

  3. Kari-Jeremias Pihlajainen Says:

    Dude, go to
    You can see there when the next chapter of berserk will be released! (25:th)

  4. ekiow Says:

    After I waited two month for AH, now there´s quite a bit…
    Well though of course you can´t keep that up much longer I still hope I will just have to wait for 1 month next time.
    Maybe I should begg on my knees to the local publishers for an oficial non asian release.
    Well nice work on your side anyways, as always.

  5. miyagiCE Says:

    Let’s just say that we have been working on this for a long time, regardless of some people spoiling the fun. 😉

  6. Andre Says:

    You guys freaking rock, thanks for your efforts. Keep them coming ^_^

  7. DamnedBones Says:

    Jesus, can you stop releasing stuff, already??
    (Just kiddin’ guys)
    Thanks for your hard work

  8. Kain Says:

    Angel Heart is really a nice serie, thanks!

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