Berserk 304

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May 22 comes early for some of you.


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  1. Mad Pete Says:

    All the same, the astral world is spreading from Ganishka body, and Skull Knight, Flora and Shrierk have said that it does affects people being in contact with the astral world.

    Hm.. 13 ch 04a is the one Griffith talks to a evil-heart-god-thing?

  2. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    Hm.. 13 ch 04a is the one Griffith talks to a evil-heart-god-thing? – yeah, that’s it. well… being in contact with the astral world enables people to see things like elves or other elements that belong to the astral world, it can extend life length and other things you’re right about that. But Griffith said that the strike reached beyond the depths of the realm of the dead. If i’m not making a confusion, the realm of the dead is on the same layer with the astral world. So SK sword cut beyond this layer, directly into that ocean of feelings or whatever it is. Anyway it would be pretty weird to have all the people in the world changed at once…

  3. Good Imbecile Says:

    If not even the sword of resonance can cut members of the god hand what the hell are they going to defeat them with?
    Pure love??

    God help us all…

  4. Everton Brazil Says:

    that Miura delay both to launch the next chapter, I think we have a lot of people wanting to help financially in their work and that only thing we can do, if I continue I will die and not see the end of the sleeve

  5. Mad Pete Says:

    Guts’ sword was able to cut that troll guts godhand woman…
    Still Griffith looks much more powerful than her…

    Perhaps in Elfheim they find some wizard smith that can fuse the Dragon Slayer with the Sword of Ressonance!!!

    If this doesn’t work, then Gatts and co are really screwed

  6. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    Good Imbecile we don’t know if the sword of resonance can or cannot cut Godhand members. Femto wrapped space or sth like that to make SK’s strike to hit in front of him. So he practically wasn’t touched. SK attempted on several occasions to cut Godhand members with his sword (even before forging the sword of resonance, like during the first eclipse) but as far as we have seen, he never succeeded. He is either trying to see if it works or he knows he can inflict damage. Anyway, SK seems to know what he’s doing.

  7. dude223 Says:

    It has been mentioned a few times that the Dragonslayer is slowly becoming more ‘magical’ since Gutts has killed so many beings from the other side. Sort of like SK forging his resonance sword, Gutts is forging his own simply by killing his enemies. But I still think the table turner is going to be the elf king and whatever he does for Gutts.

  8. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    yeah, guts was able to inflict damage upon ganishka in his mist form. His sword can reach beings in the astral world. I’m pretty sure SK old sword could to, I mean he also probably killed thousands with it.

  9. Mad Pete Says:

    Well, it’s just look at SK face and see what centurys of killing apostle has done to him.

    And Gatts sword may be as magical as it may be, Griffith just need to blink his eyes and teleportate through space-time, just like Hiro Nakamura

  10. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    some time ago I was wondering how come Guts can barely get close to a Godhand (Femto for ex) and SK seems to have no inconvenient being in their proximity, although they are powerful demons. It’s probably those centuries…

  11. rebellion Says:

    the only way guts can become stronger that grifith is by dieing, if guts ever gets in that place where apostoles ad god hand members are created(astral or death plane w/e) on the eclipse, so if now guts gets there and dies a unwillingly ritual will take place and guts will be transformed into an equal of what the members of the god hand are
    and who knows because grifith,the white shiny hawk becomes dark when he transformes to femto, when guts will transform he will be a bright hound with wings thus the prophecy of the good light hawk-hound(guts) defeating the evil dark hawk(grifith) comes true

  12. Mad Pete Says:

    If Guts dies, his soul or whatever becomes one with Hell, or the Heart-God-Thing, or something like that.
    Why would a ritual take place then?

    And a ritual only take place because the behelit owner will! If one its not willing to do the rtual, then it won’t happens, just see how the Count has died!!!

    And even if you’re right, I think the Elf King has some pretty badass ways to turn Gatts stronger

  13. Pokes Says:

    I can’t wait for puck to die and his bechi to power him up.

  14. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    the prophecy of the good light hawk-hound(guts) defeating the evil dark hawk(grifith) comes true – cool 😀

    I wonder if SK knows elf king. Maybe he visited him long time ago. There are a few similar things about SK and Guts…

    Anyway, a mutant hawk-dog(hound) Guts ripping off Femto’s wings with it’s teeth would do.

  15. rebellion Says:

    there are countless times when unexpected thing happens in anime so if guts died in that eclips place and with a who knows some sort of good behelit from the elf king maybe would be cool that when guts died his soul would set free and fuze with armor and stuff and transform in a light werewolf with wings, so somethin similar to what happens in rituals on ecplises

  16. Neikius Says:

    I think its just a matter of time before I get fed up and stop tracking berserk. And wipe it out of my mind… its for my own sanity!

    Guess a lot of people think like this, why not? This tempo is crazy, I don’t even know what is it about anymore.

  17. bobtx81 Says:

    hilarious, rebellion. we know that manga/anime has its patterns,i.e., protagonist overcomes seemingly impossible odds and defeats an enemy who originally seemed impossibly hopeless to overcome…its just the way that its done that makes or breaks a manga, and berserk delivers on so many levels that it actually breaks into the territory of philosophy and really deep literature…thats why we wait.
    but anyway, I wonder if Miura is revealing Godhand’s main agenda. Correct me if I’m wrong or if I’ve forgotten cause its been so damned long…but Godhand can’t exist in the “real” world…Griffith can cause he was reborn in 2nd eclipse…so that allows Femto to exist in this plane? He appeared on top of Giant Ganishka…so what if Griffith/Femto is drawing the rest of Godhand into this world? There is something obviously planned, and Femto’s birth was the initiating phase of this plan. Otherwise, it would be pointless for Godhand to exist in any capacity other than to make apostles from humans. So Godhand comes to exist on the “real world” plane. Maybe to get closer to bringing their realm (Hell is you want to call it that) into the existence of man, and not in just wherever the heck apostles are made. To bring Godhand here, maybe Femto had to unlock the door. The “realm of the dead” comment is cryptic…obviously Godhand already exists “beyond” the realm of the dead cause they transcend death… Now, Griffith/Femto gives them a doorway to this world, sorta like FreddY Krueger being taken out of the dream world into the real one so he can die. So, two things can happen, in this scenario that probably won’t happen since all our theorizing seems to always be off or just ridiculous…1., Godhand comes to the real world and brings Hell to earth and apostles get to try the human buffet line forever,or 2., They’re finally within actual reach and Guts n company rip sh*t up.
    I’m voting for the latter

  18. Mad Pete Says:

    Well said, Bob… But I wonder maybe it was SK intention to bring Void in to a reachable layer of reality so he can kill him off… But I was more inclined to believe that if the astral world was pouring out from Griffith/Femto himself, as I tought it would happens before ch 304…

    Another thing that was bothering me is that strange boy that appear in ch238, when they’re at the beach… I mean, Caska’s son has become Femto vessel, hasn’t it? And Shierk sensed some strange od in the child…
    Maybe only the spoild part of Caska’s son could be used as a vessel, then the good part of the fetus has now his own body?
    I don’t really think that way, but was the only idea that came up…

  19. Mad Pete Says:

    Forgot to say in the previous post, that wicked child also send a badass crocodile while Shrierk was chanting her spell

  20. Eric Says:

    Berserk is so Epic…even when its not even trying…
    Booya June will come soon enough… and SWITCH TO BOAT .

  21. Senaka Says:

    I don’t know why, I have the feeling that kid is deeply conected to the Elf King… He could easily convey a message to a berserk’d Gatts and commanded the crocodile away…

    Also, I think Griffith/Femto in the mortal plane can control the casualty, that’s would explain how is manages never to be hit, and to make history flow like a movie script. As Gatts is the struggler, the one almost outside casualty, he could be the one to slay Femto (after a beefy power-up, or at least a full healing. Have you noticed he’s fighting harmed since…. Albion?)

  22. cerilium Says:

    All the pieces are in play, something big is happening that is going to change everything

  23. Sturzvogel Says:

    THX VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!


  24. dude223 Says:

    He’s been injured for a while now. He hasn’t fought inside the armor at 100% yet.

    One thing that itches my brain is God. He sent these so called angels (the godhand) to punish the emperor (SK), why is he still letting the godhand run wild? He also sent 5 originally, there’s only 5 now so where is the original 5th, before Femto? Unless Griffith is actually doing what God wants………………..

  25. Fang Says:

    what? god sent the godhand to punish gaiserik? care to explain hmm..

  26. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    the idea of god created the god hand to punish gaiseric… i think it’s a bit too much.. i mean…. this whole thing JUST to punish him ? manipulating the casualty in order to make gaiseric suffer or sth would have been enough ? maybe.

  27. dude223 Says:

    Fang, take a look at volume 10 chapter 6 if you can, I wrote down in my notes that God sent the godhand to punish the Emperor and then there’s never any further explanation of God’s intentions. At least known that I know of.

  28. «maxi Says:

    «what would be awesome is…

    The Elf king -remove the brand on gats ans casca
    -Give memorie back to casca
    -give a new real arm to gats (that way, his sword skill gonna be a lot more better and powerfull)
    -1 year in the real world is 10 year on the Island so.. they all gonna train like crazy

    10 year later :
    – Farnese = Witch with healing spell and support
    – Serpico = Master of wind (can fly and control wind)
    – Isidro = Like a ninja (fast,skill, agillity)
    – Schierke = Destruction magic
    – Casca = she may get a magic weapon like everyone but idk

    and then they return to kick Griffith ass and his party

    would be so awesome. everyone 10 year older 😀

    btw sorry for my bad english ><

  29. «maxi Says:

    oh and gats 10 year later : fully control the power of his armor

  30. InterRage Says:

    @dude223 it was 4, it was explained during the griffith rescue mission, Judo blundered the facts, saying it was 5 at first, then the princess(I think) corrected him.

  31. dude223 Says:

    Really? I may have to go back and reread that. But that clears it up somewhat.

  32. Mad Pete Says:

    I don’t think they really punished Gaiseric. In my opinion, there were an eclipse, in which Gaiseric was sacrificed(perhaps by Void), and as people doesn’t know what really happened,they began to say god punished Gaiseric

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