Berserk 303

  » Posted May 12th, 2009 by arke

The next chapter is now available and it’s a good one.


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  1. Core Says:

    Glad to see two new chapters released…
    I’d like to say they were short and sweet, but it was more short and bitter..

    A lot of art, no dialogue.. and another can of worms has been opened.

    It’d be nice to see guts make some progress on his hunt for fairy island… rather than see it hop back and forth between scenes.

    And what was up with showing the kings past.. I could care less about his past, I just wanted to see Griffith kick his ass.. but nooo.. we get what we got instead, some kinda weird sympathy. Geez… I’m beginning to think that the Mangaka doesn’t know where he is headed story wise anymore.

    Anyways, Thanks a lot evil genius. Your work is truly appreciated beyond belief.

  2. Schrananapuss Says:

    OMG, Thank you so much, to everyone who said they didnt like this issue, i sereiously dont understand you at all… this was one of the most amazing installments I’ve seen in a while, but i must admit i do miss Gats… 🙁

  3. GunterX Says:

    well…. at least this was better then the chapters we have been reading the last year… finaly somethin interesting is happening

  4. random berserk fan Says:

    Yet another Berserk release of typical Evil-Genius quality (which means, super-amazing quality, with great, accurate and naturally-flowing translation and with well-preserved artwork details, without artifacts)! And what a chapter! What a cliffhanger at the end!

    I’m writing this comment just because I’ve read the thread for ch.303 on the E-G forums. I’m not a member there, so I’ll comment here: Please, rest assured that your hard work isn’t unnoticed. There are (literally) thousands of people appreciating what you are doing and the effort that goes to it is obvious. I’m a real quality freak (to the point of being obsessive IRL) and I *know* how hard is delivering such a quality release. So _THANK_YOU_ for helping Miura’s masterpiece become known to the Western audience in the quality it deserves!

    (The DarkHorse release, which I’d like to support, isn’t available in my country and it’s lagging behind the original quite a bit. Still, I plan to order the DarkHorse volumes online some time in the future. But I doubt their translation and overall quality would be as good and consistent as yours. Real hobbyists sure are great in that respect.)

    That *other* group that released this chapter seems to be just a bunch of incompetent attention whores. It’s obvious they don’t love what they’re doing as much as you do and unfortunately Berserk isn’t the only manga they’ve slaughtered translation-wise. But, hey, don’t let that disturb you, just let them in their ignorance.

    I prefer quality over quantity or speed. So, thank you again for delivering just that.

    random-berserk-fan, from Europe

    PS. The only thing I can do to help your effort is seeding the Berserk torrents. So, I’ll be seeding as much as possible and I advise whoever else is reading this comment to do the same!
    PS2. I hope I didn’t butcher the English language too much, I’m not a native speaker! 🙂

  5. dude223 Says:

    Anthropofagos has something there. Though I didn’t think Laukushas could shape shift (or i cant remember at least), let alone shape shift into Femto.

  6. TOTO Says:

    Guys the raw for chapter 304 is out.
    Let’s rejoice, as the next one will be out JUNE 12. Not too far… not too close either, though.

  7. carlos Says:

    the berserk gaiden ch 2 is in the forum!

  8. carlos Says:

    i predict femto dies!!!

  9. Byku Says:

    Read it and… it is… strange O.o. Although i’m still waiting for EG realese(which is the best :P).

  10. Good Imbecile Says:


    Yeah, and he also has the power to make the ex-emperor se the light… truly the observation power of Anthropofagos is amazing!

  11. Mad Pete Says:

    Miura is amazin’ me

  12. cerilium Says:

    That was impressive. I thought Miura was heading for a dead end there for a while, but he sure has peaked my interest, yet again. Now, hopefully it’s back to the good old days with Berserk.

  13. The CronoLink Says:

    Sweet monkey, seems like Miura couldn’t help it anymore and indulged himself in this typical light/darkness bullcrap. I expected something better than tiresome, cliched idiocies. Still, the arrival of the Skull Knight was awesome and I really hope he gives a good bitch-slapping to that pompous, selfish Femto asshole (though the Skull Knight’s arrival at the birth of Femto shall always be the best).

  14. Eric Says:

    Oh my GOD

    Please let it be regular… i hate irregular…


  15. DrPepperPro Says:

    The light and darkness stuff has been going on for ages in the prophecies and whatnot.

  16. The CronoLink Says:

    I understand that stuff is part of Berserk universe and since Miura “says so” therefore it’s “true”; that doesn’t change the fact that it’s nonsense (and lame, worst of all).

  17. DrPepperPro Says:

    Calling it lame and nonsense aren’t the facts, they’re your opinions.

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