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Berserk 297!


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  1. holborn Says:

    Very interesting thoughts and quite a read in those comments that made me start thinking.
    And here is my view on the matter. Gods in the world of Berserk are creations of the subconscious mind of human beings.

    I think that Griffith’s ascend to the human realm is because of that simple idea.

    He somehow controlled the will / mind / fate of the humans to create an era of suffering and pain.
    I don’t remember the details cause there has been some time that I read the volumes but at some part of the story there was some kind of a cult, which kept torturing humans labeling them as heretics or sinners.
    Another example are the Kushans and their reign of terror.

    Usually in times where everything goes wrong people cling to a hero, or god or someone that can save them.

    So what I am trying to say is that Griffith’s manifestation on the human world happened because people wanted / wished for it, either by their own free will or because they were subconsiously controlled by Griffith himself.

    So he could be defeated simply if people stopped wishing for his existence. But for this to happen a real “hero” must come forth, a “hero” that people will support by their own free will and that would be the task that Guts will have to accomplish.

    Also I do agree that the chained wolf is exactly as Reginald P. Funkenstein III put it. After all before the eclipse event Guts only wanted to swing his sword for himself and after the eclipse he still did the same thing. Swinging his sword for his own personal revenge, but this is changing little by little.

    Guts is a bit different than the rest of the people in the world of Berserk. Many times in the past he lost consciousness in the heat of battle and turned into a mindless slashing “beast”. When he first wore that armor that state / feeling was amplified or took shape if you prefer with the wolf. Maybe Guts’ own destiny which he so hard tries to avoid is battling on and on without end.

    PS: Sorry if my English is not that good, but guess what. It’s not my native language either 😀

  2. Berserker Says:

    well that was a good half a year worth the wait. got to read 5 chapters in 15 minutes. guess i’ll have to wait until xmas to do the same lolz.

    great work EG. keep it up..

  3. Berserker Says:

    any idea on the next berserk chapter release date? anyone?


  4. Mike Says:

    Never soon enough….sounds right to me. And everyone here would agree.

    Heres a dream of mine: Instead of Miura releasing one chapter at a time, finding out that he released the entire rest of the story…and the fine folks at evilgenius having it all done.

  5. Grey Dragon Says:

    This has indeed been an interesting collection of ideas. Here are a few of my own.
    From the advent of Griffith’s supernatural power I saw a trend; Griffith has since the beginning considered sacrifice as key to achieving everything he required, on the battlefield, in the royal court and when all hope was lost his own life. In the abyss this carried over: he continued to sacrifice his pawns for power, but isn’t it odd? The Behlit offered him power in the form he could understand.
    Guts is in total opposition to Griffith in this. Guts has always been intensely individualistic, carving a path for himself first but never forsaking the people he trusts. Sacrifice to Guts means failure as his life is on the line. This is much of what I believe shackles the Wolf. Principles and humanity are all Guts has to oppose the inhuman enemies.
    Griffith has considered his rise to power as fate but Guts has no concept of fate, it is what he struggled against since his adopted Father claimed he was accursed.
    Now what happens when Guts sees all he has won slip from his fingers? When the armor of the Berserker takes his humanity, when his allies fall and he loses everything? Not only will the Wolf be free, all opposition to transcending Griffith as a monster will also be gone. What will happen then? The same thing that occurred when Griffith tried to shackle Guts to a role. Guts will have surpassed him. Because as Griffith weaves fate, Guts scatters entropy. Or perhaps he is an instrument of the world striking down an extreme to regain the fragile homeostasis of reality.
    In the end when Guts has nothing to offer he will have already paid the price, the sacrifice, all he has left to lose is himself. The only thing he would ever sacrifice. The Brand makes this possible. Makes him stronger than Griffith. Unlike Griffith his power would never cease to grow because it is linked to his rage and his sorrow. Its an infinite loop. The battle will end in mutual destruction in the real world and endless battle in the Abyss.

  6. Ellesian Says:

    Hope its soon…

  7. They_Took_Ar_Jeeerbs! Says:

    Alright, since everyone is gone, I’m going to throw in a completely random question that has absolutely nothing to do with anything!

    Anyone here have eye floaters, those little bits of dead proteins that amble around in the vitreous media of your eye?

  8. EcHoEs Says:

    esperando por mas =)
    exelente serie… lastima que esten ganando demasiado dinero con el T_T , asi es como se empiezan a poner con comerciales y alargues innecesarios…

    por ahora, todo bkn en la serie, puta que me encanta cabros, muy buena historia, como ambiente en lo psicologico de los personajes, el ambiente, las sub-historias., etc…. muy bueno

    la mejor seria que he visto sin duda alguna..
    algo que te lleva desde lo cotidiano para tu epoca, a un mundo sub-real demoniatico con tal fase que no asumes ni quiera lo que pasa , solo tratas de involucrarte… weno weno weno…..

    Gracias equipo de Evil_Geniu, thank you very much…
    ojala no paren , hasta terminar esta saga….

    EvIl_GeniuS = 1337 😉

  9. don Says:

    yeah i have eye floaters, when i was kid i always try to chase them hehehe

  10. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    another 6 weeks (almost) 🙁 this is painful

  11. Good Imbecile Says:

    I just had eyefloaters this morning… creepy…
    Looks like worms..

  12. Core Says:

    Wow, was just checking up on the updates of Berserk.. and damn, the topic got heavy.. and I started reading and reading.. and eventually decided I had read enough.
    (My eyes started to hurt and get bloodshot…)

    Anyways great stuff! both the latest chapter and for the most part what was said above. Especially by Mr.Reginald P. Funkenstein III.

    *Sighs* looks like the next chapter will be awhile off though. dang. :/

  13. yatamura Says:

    Can someone answer me why we all wait for months and months for a new berserk issue??I mean we r all berserk addicts and we r willing to wait but it’s taking forever and after months and months we get to read like 20 pages if so…Why is Miura taking so long??
    Another thing i’d like to ask is why after all these years and with all us fans supporting and concidering berserk a masterpiece doesn’t someone remake the anime series??We all know that they stopped it at the best part when everything began.I was always sad about the anime.Glad there was the ps2 game that made me quite happy seeing the story moving a bit forward on the screen,but…Com’on guys they make animes out of thin air,some of them r ridiculous but still going out and there is NOONE,no anime company there in japan interested in remaking Berserk??:(I’d like to hear some opinions about that and some digging on the subject,rumors etc.I’m still hoping to see berserk on the screen again someday…Keep it up E.G and all of u guys!

  14. ROFL Says:

    To DecAlex, dude did you even read berserk ? That Child is griffith reborn. The egg guy swallowed the child and so griffith was reborn, geez. I think you didnt really pay attention to manga

  15. muoncatcher Says:

    I agree that the manga is being released at an increasingly slower pace. but maybe us buying the manga or donating will give Miura some motivation. Or maybe not.

  16. kaiserkid Says:

    This is for vashfanatic or really anyone who wants to answer. What did this person mean by the deleted 82nd chapter of Berserk? I have no idea what you are talking about…was a chapter cut from the manga because of censorship? Is there a way I can take a peak at this fated chapter?

  17. Hundred_Man_Slayer Says:

    i’m a huge fan of this manga! keep it coming. Also, does anyone know if Miura is finished with this completely and its just taking a while to translate, or is the original still ongoing? Eventually i will need a final confrontation with Griffith!

  18. Hundred_Man_Slayer Says:

    im was still in vol. 25 when i found this site.


  19. Neural Eclipse Says:

    IIRC, in the Bible the Anti-Christ is actually a deceiver, seen by the populace in the positive light despite his ultimately “evil” motives. As such, the juxtaposition of Guts and Griffith as a Christ/Anti-Christ pair respectively makes sense in that, while Griffith proceeds to deceive, Guts would, like the Biblical messiah, be treated as the enemy of the people at first, only to gain the messianic status later, after everything is over.

    As the Biblical messiah, Guts has an extremely loyal following ala the disciples of Christ as well, but so does Griffith; however, as has been mentioned, Guts’ companions chose for themselves, of their own free will, to follow the black swordsman, while Griffith’s subordinates were lured in by his godliness and messianic status. As such, you could really swap the terms around and retain the same meaning, especially considering that the Anti-Christ of the Bible could actually be a saviour of mankind from the false religion of Christianity, but that is another topic altogether.

    I think all this parallels what others have said. Terms such as Christ and Anti-Christ are very symbolic and may confuse some, who are deeply ensnared by their religious beliefs, so I think this can all be put in less poetic terms for their benefit, but I am not one to do it.

    Miura is a very well read individual, which is why everybody who has read a modicum of books on various belief systems sees so many ties to various concepts at the same time.

  20. bob Says:

    “from the false religion of Christianity”

    Going off topic: What makes you believe it’s false? Your interpretation of the Anti-Christ and what’s going on in the world today are very similar. The bible holds a lot of truth, if interpreted realistically. It’s no wonder, though, that so many believe it false when it’s beliefs are depicted as kingdoms in the clouds to live in after their death and magical healing rocks(nothing of the sort in the bible). Perhaps that deception taught these days by your Hollywood movies and whatnot is brought on by the Anti-Christ?

  21. Wotrednuloot Says:

    hello everyone! i’m so ashamed that i didn’t read these comments when 297 was released, i missed out in an amazing conversation. i love all the theories people are tossing around, there is so much content here, it would seem that everyone has the potential to be correct, lol.

    one thing that i noticed wasn’t brought up. when concerning the difference between Guts and Griffith, the Skull Knight used the analogy of the Moon’s reflection on the water as an example of inevitability and twice referred to Guts as either a fish either causing a ripple or jumping from the stream. from guts’ birth its obvious he was destined to become a catalyst, through out his life he has dodged death countless times… and to what end result? –i can’t even begin to imagine … also cause its 4 in the AM.

    one thing i wanted to share with you all; the assistant manager at my Blockbuster and i have been reading and discussing berserk at work, and he recently blew my mind with a theory. he proposed the possibility of the Behelit belonging to caska, supported by Guts’ ability to protect her at all costs, and his ability to always find her when shes lost. a bit of food for thought for you fine, wonderful, folk.


  22. Neural Eclipse Says:

    bob, everything holds a bit of truth in it one way or another, even works of fiction as they depict how humans may act. As far as the Bible is concerned, given a certain realistic context, that book makes a lot more sense, but this context goes in direct opposition to what the actual religion tries to propogate. I am not going to mention it here, as it is not the place, but if you really want to uncover the truth, search for it yourself, but always be wary and think for yourself. Do not let others’ beliefs cloud your mind. Just because I say shit, doesn’t mean you should take my word for it. Research the falsehood of the religion and discover it for yourself and then think about it and change yourself as you see fit. If you don’t want to, not much harm is done.

  23. MmM Says:

    So when douse the next chapter will be released ?

  24. pasuking Says:

    Guts was born from a hung corpse, bathing in blood. I’ve always felt that the statement “You should never have been born” said by Gambino is true in more ways than one. The world and the life of all citizens of the berserk universe goes according to the idea of Fate. I see Guts as a man living outside that design altogether.Griffith fate as always been to fail in his dream to become king.I think the existence of Gutts prevented this fate from unfolding for as long as he stayed by Griffin’s side. The minute he left him, Griffith lost his mojo and his fate just caught up to him.
    “In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least it is true that man has no control; even over his own will.”
    The idea of god, created in the abyss, control the life of men in its design. Therefore the abyss and god, as human creations, have there limits. Gutts is living outside this cycle and is changing the events predicted by fate, up until now its only been small changes maybe, But as gutts is nearing the ends of his limits as a simple human, I am thrilled with anticipation to see what type of power the forces of Nature will bestow upon him So that he can fight on the same ground with the conglomerated human waste that his the Abyss. How Gutts will destroy it and bring about the true end of the world’s logic. As we have seen in the last chapters, the manifestation of abyss is literally destroying the world.The world will not stand for it.Griffith actions and might…is merely grotesque masquerade; an illusionist’s show of light and dark.What is hiding behind is just more atrocities. The current world logic in which human hatred is powerfull enough to subdue and merge with the physical realm, destroying the balance. Gutts and his gang will be the ones to end it. 🙂

    This is my theory on berserk as it stands now, and my prediction of what is to come. Buts its ever so changing with every chapter released :P. I just like this vision and wanted to share it with you all 🙂

  25. --__--" Says:

    Is the Miura still alive?

  26. ZigyZangetsu Says:

    man when is the next chapter been waiting months. the last one was in can anyone fill me in when the next chapter will be out, were there any approximate release dates on the last chapter becuase its been that long that i forgot? thanks in advance.

  27. seishi Says:

    Miura Kentarou died ?

  28. Miro Says:

    I hope he’s alive. He ought to do at least one more chapter before he goes!
    Oh, and I have no theory about Berserk ATM. Ever since Miura introduced witches and fairy weapons, all my theories went to hell.

  29. MmM Says:

    Hm still nothing !?

  30. bob Says:

    has anyone checked young animal for any berserk updates?

  31. Moonshine Says:

    Ugh, what has happened to the guy? does he have a personal blog somewhere? just so we can still clarify his existence…Hopefully he isn’t ill or anything, would be a shame never to finish Berserk :-/

  32. pantos Says:

    28 days… =)

  33. DingChavez Says:

    Berserk returns October 24

  34. sleep3walker Says:

    10x man you save my live

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