Berserk 297 Preview

  » Posted June 13th, 2008 by psi29a

第297話 盲目の巨神 – Giant God of Blindness

Berserk 297 Preview


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  1. Marte Says:

    This chapter was a big disappointment for me! I’m not going to spoil anything obviously,I just wanted to say this. As you can guess, this means that I looked at someone else’s scanlation, but the only one which will always remain in my hd is yours, because it’s better.

  2. moondo Says:

    To Eldo and all the whole crew, I apologize once again. I’ve been a big fan of your scanlations for the past few years, and yeah, your releases are the best. Sorry for the stupid comment.

  3. JG Says:

    Matten, you are entitled to your opinion, but I think Berserk lost alot of what made it good after the second eclipse. The more over the top it gets, the less likely it is that Guts is gonna be able to finish it with his own two hands, which is what I found to be the most intriguing part about the whole story, he isn’t some kind of superpowered ninja, he’s just a very dedicated guy and he’s gotta get respect for that.

    Now he’s instead a very dedicated guy with a party of magicians, packed with magical items and going to some elf sissy to cure his wench from a mental disorder.

    I really wish Muira stops the story before it gets even more over the top.

  4. Jason Says:

    For those of you who enjoy a very linear, narrow storyline with a simplistic universe, go someplace else.

  5. berserker Says:

    vale este puñeta esta wey como ke paren la historia ke l ap pasen mas rapido eso es lo ke necesitamos no caballada de ke la pareen
    are nuts dude….. berserk is the best manga story ever, well…. at least till is still on you know.

  6. Silent Rage Says:

    He looks ridiculous. Can that thing even move his feet’s? Griffith is so gonna own that piece of hairball.

    hmmm I want to see how Gut’s and the others are doing. Who cares about Griffith and that hairball

  7. loosing faith Says:

    Berserk started out awsome. Its main character was brilliant and it had enough sex and violence to last me ten lifetimes. BUT, I feel Berserk has gradully worked its story AWAY from its main plot. It doesnt really have a plot at the moment. Seriously. What is the plot in Berserk atm? Can anyone anwser me? What drives Gutts, the protagonist, and why? How does his current actions get him closer to that goal? What are the obstacles he must overcome to get to that goal? Who is his enemy and why? Who are his allies and why do they matter? Except for puck, since without him they wouldn’t be going to his homeland.

    To be truthful, none of these questions have a straight anwser. You might have an oppinion but nothing provable.

  8. F.E. Jericho Says:

    Well I think this arc about Kushan Emperor is not so thrilling as others we’ve read in the past, maybe because this evil character is too similar to the stereotypical villain, he has not the charme of Griffith of other enemies like the Count or Lucine the Elf… and now he’s just become a huge powerful monster. I wonder how Miura will show us the battle between Griffith and this giant monster, I hope it won’t be a “dragonball style” one.

    Anyway, up to now I think that Berserk could end without a final showdown between Guts and Griffith: as we have seen when they met again on Godor’s hill, Guts now just cares more about Caska while Griffith is still looking for his own kingdoom, so they could finally take different paths.
    Moreover, we should remember that even if Guts would be able to defeat Griffith, there are still Void and the other of God Hand, and we know that Beheljts will continue to appear on the Earth and create monsters because of the Idea of Evil that gives power to God Hand… so Guts revenge is neverending and impossible.

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