B. Reaction?! You don’t say…

  » Posted August 24th, 2007 by psi29a

We got a little bit of everything this time around. From the last chapter in volume 9 of Angel Heart, to a new B. Reaction! chapter, the next biomega and last but not least, Late at night part 2 of our very own comic by Fuji.

Biomega Fan Art
This is Biomega fanart brought to you by Rikard. Great stuff! ^_^;;


It’s that time again! More Berserk Abridged, thanks hbi2k.

Episode 14: “Only You Can Help Judeau Get Laid”

26 Responses to “B. Reaction?! You don’t say…”

  1. Steve Says:

    I love you guys!

  2. AirZone Says:

    yay! man i love breaction!
    thanks guys

  3. Aldarion Says:

    Yay Biomega! I love you EG.

  4. Linkin Says:

    I would want to ask you….nothing^^
    I just wanted to say : “Thank you”…I see 3 wonderful chapters in front of my eyes^^

  5. chino Says:

    im totaly addicted to b reaction! thanks for the chap.

  6. fmako Says:

    breaction is greater than all other manga and manhwa. Thanks so much for the new chapter!

  7. tojju Says:

    yes, thank you very much for the BReaction chapter.

  8. Lurker Says:

    Thank you EG for another great release of B.Reaction

  9. Rancid Says:

    is there gonna be any Zetman soon???

  10. July Says:

    Thanks so much for B.Reaction! It’s been one of my favourites for a long time since I find the art and humor both excellent.

  11. AlucardNoir Says:

    Tx for the Biomega file evilgenius, awaiting the next release of Berserk, you guys must be my no one scanlator group on the hole net.

  12. NeronaS Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for B.Reaction… 😀

    PS: Thank you! 😛

  13. Fatah Says:

    The abridged series is the the best ^_^

  14. PLUG Says:

    Thnak you very much for a new Biomega chapter! You´re great!

  15. johnsanscoeur Says:

    Thansk a lot for Biomega !

    Chap 26 has been released, do you plan on catching up the serie ? Just asking, rushing is not required as your releases are the top-notch 🙂

  16. killy_lee Says:

    …Hey!! I’m new here…I’ve got a lot of Mr. Tsutomu Nihei…thanks to you…keep going…

  17. Joe Sargent Says:

    Eldo!? Where are you!!?? And the last chapters of welcome to NHK. Just two left!!

    Thanks for the good work!!

  18. Nomimono Says:

    @ everyone: thanks guys!

    @ johnsanscoeur:
    @ Joe Sargent:

    Working on it. Or, to quote Kardal

    “Our best efforts are devoted to the task. Please be patient a little while longer”


  19. KTULU Says:

    You’ve been linked to in thanx for all that great berserk:
    have you got a small link image?

  20. Ahmed Says:

    AAAAAAah guys, what’s up with berserk Please ??

  21. psi29a Says:

    Can you be more specific?

  22. Artemiz Says:

    Pardon me if I shouldn’t be asking this, but what is the estimate on B-Reaction (Furthermore, is it released monthly, and are you waiting for that release?) and Berserk? I’m aware of the author taking holiday breaks as he pleases, but is there any answer as to when 289 will hit the shelves?

  23. Daiceman Says:

    I believe he’s asking (or rather, I’m using his question for my own purposes now) about the preview that comes out usually 3-5 or so days in advance of the chapter.

  24. TRONYCA Says:

    thanks for the “B REACTION” x 1google ….. but is this a monthly anime i just started on it i love ,and i have not seen a release for a while now..?

  25. Takeda Says:

    Man you ur great! O_O

    B.Reaction rulezzzzZZZZ!

  26. QuintonM Says:

    B REACTION IS off the chain. Y must it be monthly…. THNX THNX THNX !!!!! X 10 for the scanlations. U guys = Leet

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