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B. Reaction?! You don’t say…

  » Posted August 24th, 2007 by psi29a

We got a little bit of everything this time around. From the last chapter in volume 9 of Angel Heart, to a new B. Reaction! chapter, the next biomega and last but not least, Late at night part 2 of our very own comic by Fuji.

Biomega Fan Art
This is Biomega fanart brought to you by Rikard. Great stuff! ^_^;;


It’s that time again! More Berserk Abridged, thanks hbi2k.

Episode 14: “Only You Can Help Judeau Get Laid”

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One late night…

  » Posted August 4th, 2007 by psi29a

New Comic!

One Late Night: Part 1

As what one might expect from a last minute request to one our more talented artists, Fuji has delivered some great comics. They will be a more constant, typically once a week affair until she can get us more. If you wish to see how a real Caska or a Battle Angel Alita looks, then come inside the forums and meet Fuji!

Caska Hotness Here

Remember, women prefer EG over the alternative. 😀

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It’s here!

  » Posted August 2nd, 2007 by psi29a

We are a day late and a dollar short, but we should be back on track now. This release was brought to you by Nominomo and Mystic for the translations and the Herculean effort of LordMune to edit both when real-life got the better of our main Berserk editor. So congratulations are in store for LordMune for not only doing this but also for his Birthday tomorrow! Give him your thanks as he has worked hard to cover a lot of ground.


So here is the game plan folks: September 14th is the next installment of Berserk in YA. During this lull in action, we will be catching up on our B.Reaction!, Angel_Heart, Biomega, and NHK. The objective is to wrap up work on NHK and B.Reaction! and focus exclusively on getting the rest of the serials up to latest. So enjoy and have a great weekend!

hbi2k’ Berserk Abridged: Episode 13

Update: The files inside 288 rar are listed as 287, but are really 288. I’ll go out back and shoot myself now. 😛

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