Finishing up series, and moving forward.

  » Posted June 11th, 2007 by psi29a

T-minus 11 days and counting down till another Berserk is out in Japan. Given that the team is almost finished up with their exams and course work, we are all ready to relax and enjoy our favorite mangas. The status on all of them are that we are working as time allows. We are shooting for a mega-release along with Berserk, that includes B.Reaction!, biomega, nhk, zetman, and ah. If the various teams feel that they are done, we will release earlier.

In the back of everyone’s mind here is where to proceed after NHK and B.Reaction! are finished. No plans are definite, but there are a few mangas out there that have tickled our fancy. However, if you all have ideas feel free to post ’em.

Try to keep requests limited to non-licensed series and along the same EG theme we have going on here unless you can justify it. Also, be aware if we do pick up another series, it will be something that we all want to work on rather than what is popular.

There are also more comics on the way as well, fuji has been a very very busy person as of late. In the mean time, hang tight and the manga goodness will come soon.

edit: another stipulation for manga requests is that they be not currently scanlated by other groups.

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  1. BadrBadr Says:

    There is nothing in the net about Guin Saga not a single scaned page, What is that????? it seems that this serie is fully protected, I only found the covers and nothing beside that, I really must know It But from her I don’t have a solution only If EG team decide to scan and translate IT, But I found
    It’s really creppy It’s the only thing that I couldn’t find on the Net not even Emule or Azerus torrent, that serie is a best serie in Japan an we don’t even know the senario, I’m sure that every body will like to see Berserk’s model, and Miuras favorite manga
    I know that’s hard for you PSI29 but I really wander why there’s few information about a very famous and popular Manga in Japan

  2. LordMune Says:

    Alb; As Psi has pointed out, our repertoire so far consists of dark fantasy, dark science-fiction, dark comedy, et cetera. We won’t be doing shounen stuff, which Blue Dragon is, unless it is something truly extraordinary, which Blue Dragon isn’t.

    Also, it’s already scanlated god knows how many groups, so it’s instantly disqualified anyway.

  3. Alb Says:

    LordMune, lol, Ok the Blue Dragon short manga done by Akira Toriyama isn’t but the other one Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado drawn by Takeshi Obata (death note artist) is somewhat dark if you’ve checked it out.

    …ok, ok, so there isn’t much blood seen in the manga but still it is a bit on the dark side + it’s a very long manga (unless you’re looking for a long manga). I think so.

  4. Alb Says:

    “it’s a very long manga ”

    Sorry for double posting. Just correcting a mistake.

    -it’s meant to be…

    “It’s not a very long manga”

  5. LordMune Says:

    Yes, but it is still essentially shounen and it is still already being scanlated by other groups.

  6. Alb Says:

    Yeah, I know others have picked it up. But some of the translation – more like the grammar sucks big time from the other groups. I sometimes lose track of what’s going on because of it.
    But, fine … stink that idea.

    Ok, here’s another suggestion, “WAR ANGELS” but, i don’t know if it’s being done japan or even if it is in japanese. I know that the artist is Korean – Jae-Hwan Kim, the guy who did Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy.

  7. kingpohpoh Says:

    For starters, thanx a lot for all the manga u’ve released… I love Berserk, NHK and Zetman. Beck and Vagabond are some other awesome manga, not sure if there’re any other scanlators already picked them up… Anyways, I’m curious about Masanori Morita’s (Rokudenashi Blues and Rookies) new manga since i’m a big fan of him, not sure aboput the title…

  8. NeronaS Says:

    I think you should hold a poll in the forum with the requests when you think it’s time to decide what project to start, with a small preview on each of them, so that even people who don’t know about them can vote. What do you think?

  9. Zetman Says:

    very good work man…i love zetman and i took all yours translations about!!!
    keep the good job and god bless you man!!

  10. uvonky Says:

    How about the Fist of the North Star manga.It was in the Japenese Weekly Shonen Jump from 1983 to about 1988. Its old but really bad ass, i think everyone in EG would definately be enthralled.

  11. Eldo Says:

    Note to self: never ask any of you to suggest manga projects in the future. Good gawd, after reading some of the posts here, I’m starting to hate humanity.

    But since it’s already been done and started, there’s no turning back now. I’ll set some sort of thread in the forums next week for proposed manga projects, where you can post a piece of your mind in there. Note that there is a criteria of which the manga project proposed should be.

    I have no idea why most of you say stuff that’s already been licensed or being scanlated, when we specifically said we won’t do them. If there’s already 928928 groups working on one project, we will not be the 928929th group to work on it. We also don’t want to pick up any leftovers from other groups. Understand? And no, we will not do Gantz. Or Naruto. Or One Piece. Go away.

    I think psi made the announcement too soon about starting new projects. We are currently not at that stage yet of starting new projects. All your suggestions will be under consideration, but will not be worked on until we have finished with our own project series.

  12. psi29a Says:

    @NeronaS: Eldo will create a thread involving future manga projects and what we will consider and what we _won’t_ consider.

    There will be no poll. We will decide what we work on next because we want this to be fun for us, not do it because it is popular or requested. Seriously, what is the point if it isn’t fun?

  13. NeronaS Says:

    Oops, yeah, I forgot that the “fan” in “fansub” is about you guys:P

  14. oblivion Says:

    i really think you should consider scanlating Naruto, One Piece and Bleach right from chapter 1!! and the episodes would be fun too thxkkbye

    *runs fast, really fast away from eldo*^^

  15. CJ Says:

    Euhm NeronaS, you do know that ‘fansub’ is something else than ‘scanlation’… And scanlation is what EG does, NO fansub.
    Most scanlation groups scanlate series THEY like and that is their right and privilege. Scanlation groups don’t work for the fans but for themselves, the fans are just leechers.

  16. CJ Says:

    Ow yeah, I just recently found out Madara is licensed (*$£%#F#U3C$K), so my bad for requesting it!

  17. psi29a Says:

    Just to be clear, the etymology of the word fansub is a subtitled work “by fans for fans” which is derived such because a group of fans come together on specific work, such as anime or manga and translate it then release their work for other fans to enjoy.

    So, if a group does all this work (yes it is work) but they are not fans themselves, then the work is not a fansub and typically there is another motivator like money. At which point it goes from being a hobby, to being a job.

    So yes, the ‘fan’ in fansub is EG just as much as the fans who read/watch it. To be completely honest with you all, popularity is not what motivates us to do what we do. We do it because we are fans of the work (among other things. 😀 )

    We just want to know what is new out there that perhaps we haven’t seen or heard of before.

  18. tojju Says:

    For a new manga to scanlate, i would say the Ergo Proxy spin-off manga, Centzon Hitchers & Undertaker.
    Ergo Proxy had a dark fantasy style to it, so maybe the manga would too. Though i dont where to find any raws of the manga, but there have been 2 published graphic novels, so its complete, the last book came out in Feb. 07.

    Im just suggesting this one, because i love the Ergo Proxy anime, and have been wanting to see what the manga spin-off is like, lol.

  19. NeronaS Says:

    Personally, I don’t care why you guys do what you do, I am just happy that you do it! ^^
    @CJ: From my point of view anything that is translated with no interest in money is fansub. Well, just like psi said.

    PS: I wanted to say something like fan/fun in fansub/funsub in the first place, meaning it has to be fun for the scanlators to do it, but i thought fan=fun at the time, lol. Whatever, I feel like I am spamming somewhere(and usually I don’t spam) so I’ll stop now:P
    PS2: Don’t be so serious everyone! Take oblivion as an example! 😀

  20. {HAYATO} Says:

    Hey guys, excellent work!!! Judging by your great work on berserk, what would you think about making some action/adventure or fighting series such as :

    – Souten no Ken / Fist of Blue Sky
    – Ricky-Oh
    – Garouden

    I think they would perfectly suit you, being so dark and gory series as they are…

  21. Hisdon Says:

    Why not pick up Elfen Lied? Illuminati has been having a hard time like a few others have mentioned, and the release last month for chapter 76 was the first in over five months. It fits the theme perfectly and could easily be picked up on. I see you’ve already done the first three volumes anyway :O.

  22. iddqd Says:

    Devilman. And related works.
    NexGear did the first two volumes, but from what I understand, it’s been dropped.
    Nobody ever seems to get far in Devilman related projects. This makes me sad. It’s only 5 volumes long, though the induvidual chapters are quite large.

  23. demonicsmell Says:

    I’d really like to see Sunabozu get picked up. I think it fits the theme pretty well. It’s a action/dark comedy set in an apocalytic future and it’s never been scantilated before. I believe the manga is still unlicensed as well. I’ve always wanted to check out the manga ever since I saw the anime.

  24. whoop Says:

    Ningen Kyouki Katsuo. Just ‘cos MangaProject is in some sort of limbo. And it’s awesome.

  25. Luke Groundwalker Says:

    Part 6 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

    But the RAW source is very rare, but I know it exists somewhere, yet no one will scanlate it.

  26. Khamzul Says:

    I’m not a part of Evil-Genius or anything, but I think that some of you should have gotten the message by now:

    *No licensed stuff
    *No already scanlated
    *No leftovers from other groups
    (and from the above = No Gantz)
    *There will be a forum thread, post new requests there

    I have no recommendations, but would like to send greetings from Australia. Thank you for doing this.

  27. Death&Rebirth Says:


    Seems something that EG could do. Although i can’t find much info about it besides it was done by K. Terada.

  28. Palindrome Says:

    I would really love to see you guys pick up Homunculus. I know that The Hawks started it but it’s been dead in the water for a long while now. And I think it’d be right up your alley.

  29. Death&Rebirth Says:

    Ok…guys you must read the rules…
    It’s so simple:

    1)NO licenced stuff.
    2)NO already scanlated by other group.
    3)NO LEFTOVERS from other groups (and this means dropped and/or stalled projects).

    It’s not to hard to follow this rules, isn’t?

  30. ~DeathGod~ Says:

    Hey could you guys pick up Rosario+Vampire?! Zombiescans are slow. Its a very good manga and i hope you guys can pick Rosario+Vampire. Oh and they are making this manga into an anime atm. Woot.

  31. psi29a Says:

    No, we will not steal another group’s work. Can you not read Death&Rebirth’s post?

    If you want it faster, offer to help them, do some QC or get some editing experience.

  32. Lokill Says:

    My vote would have to go for this: –

    Tatakae! Ryouzanpaku Shijou Saikyou no Deshi

    Is linked to ‘History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi’ which is the Spin-Off from this. Don’t think its already being done.

  33. vermillion Says:

    I agree with Lokill, Tatakae! Ryouzanpaku Shijou Saikyou no Deshi, seems like a good follow up since History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi is pretty popular, and its only 5 volumes long so its relatively short. Also, no ones doing it so you’d probably be worshipped or something xD

  34. psi29a Says:

    Have a link handy so we can flip through it?

    We have to like it first, but just a heads up that we are still far out from actually starting a new project. Many many other things have to be wrapped up first.

  35. Lokill Says:

    Don’t think theres any scans currently available – but, that said, I do have access to the Japanese Volumes as a friend brought back a pile of manga for his last trip to Japan.

    Was meant to be a present but he didn’t think about how i was supposed to read them. It’ll be the end of this month before i can even ask him for them though so i’ll scan a couple of the managa ‘sodes if you wanna try em….

    Up to you really – let me know.

  36. cherum Says:

    i’m going with dorohedoro, this series deserves it to be scanlated ;D

  37. Nekomata Says:

    I would love to see Dorohedoro translated!

  38. Karma Says:

    Sunabouzu and Stop the Bitch Campaign sound awesome. Or even Voyuers Inc. By the way, you guys rock.

  39. Ryujin Says:

    I think you should pick up the Shadow Skill manga. It has never been liscened or scanslated to my knowledge and it’s not your tipical shounen as it has alot of thought and effort put into it as well as a really cool world view/history.

    I have no idea if anyone else would be interested in it but I’m a big fan and would like to see it translated.

  40. Lokill Says:

    about ‘Tatakae! Ryouzanpaku Shijou Saikyou no Deshi’ – as far as I know K-H Scans (recently Merged with Kuro-Hana) have anounched their intention to take it up as they are already doing Kenichi.

  41. Gami Says:

    id vote for ergo proxys manga Centzon Hitchers & Undertaker the show was amazing so i think the manga would b too i dont know where you could get the raws from though

  42. Arthur Lewis Says:

    I have enjoyed the Berserk scans that y’all have scanned, I hope that you keep up the good work!

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