Forums has moved: change your bookmarks. And farewell to thee, Albator.

  » Posted December 3rd, 2006 by Eldo

The EG forums has been moved to a new address – Change your bookmarks accordingly. There has been some scare amongst users that the forum is either down or disappeared, and this is not the case; the web address has merely been changed. EG is still generously hosted by Mindwerks; by our beloved psi29a, the ninja adminstrator. The reason for this change is that both Mindwerks and EG are heading through different divergent paths. Mindwerks is going to expand in its own way, differently from the Evil Genius scanlation group. It is essential that this ‘separation’ occurs to ensure continual growth for both parties involved, as we reach our own different, unrelated paths and interests. I’ll digress, the EG forums is still continually hosted by Mindwerks, with no change in content made. It is essentially the same forum, and only very minor changes in its navigation has changed to better suit the forum and EG.

I am saddened to announce that one of our members, Albator, beloved editor of NHK and translator of Angel Heart, will be leaving the group due to real life responsibilities, and will only be active until the end of this year. He is certainly one of the tanks of the group, and we will miss him dearly. Unfortunately, his real life responsibilities leave him little spare time to be involved in scanlation, so we at EG wish him the best of luck with this. It is always sad to wave farewell to one of our members, especially to one of Albator’s calibre. We will bid him farewell in style by the only way we can (no, not with money or a party, that’s crazy talk, out of the question!): by making manga releases. Stay tuned for that. We bid you farewell, Albator, and salute you for your work.

That being said, there will be no Christmas release. I’m atheist, same with a couple of members, and someone is Jewish I think, and French. We’re basically all religion-less deviants, although some of us do believe the Easter Bunny does exist, but not as a god or deity that demands worship. But hey, we’re all hypocrites, so we’ll taking a break during Christmas.

Happy holidays regardless from EG.


PS: No Berserk yet, probably not until next year, methinks. I doubt a Christmas miracle.

14 Responses to “Forums has moved: change your bookmarks. And farewell to thee, Albator.”

  1. Jit Says:

    Have a good break guys!

    you deserve it. Happy holidays.

  2. LordMune Says:


  3. moondo Says:

    surely the berserk gods can grant us some relief from this cursed berserk-less situation which is comparable to hell. if there’s a god out there, and he is listening to my pleas (or reading this post), please, do release the next berserk episode (along with biomega) before christmas. amen.

  4. Nsight7 Says:

    Hey, sorry to hear that real life is getting ahead of some of you. Have a happy holiday season though, you guys surely deserve it. Happy holidays you guys!

  5. Lone Wolf Says:

    No Berserk?O_o WTF?!?…Oh well there’s still hope in the Christmas miracle -_-‘…

  6. kabukifr Says:

    You had a good attention by including french people in churchless people( and you have goods bases of my country too) but 95% of the Frenches are making a party for chritmas. So if you can make a berserk gift for chistmas, even frenches will appreciate that ^^.
    Long life to evil genius!

  7. psi29a Says:

    @kabukifr: we would love to, but the problem still remains that there isn’t any more Berserk to translate. we must all patiently wait for Miura to ink more.

  8. Roadbuster Says:

    I, too, am sorry to hear that Albator is leaving. Although while everybody else is pining for Berzerk, I’m pining away for Angel Heart.

    You guys are doing a great job, and I hope you enjoy your well deserved break.

  9. SAMfh Says:

    This Berserk situation is far worse than hell. Miura could have drawn 100000 different soldiers by now; why has he chosen NOW to take a break? Not that he doesn’t deserve one, but still. This has gone on far too long.

  10. fin089 Says:

    I think its because next year is his year!!

    Or it´s because the Berserk-story is going to a other direction??

    it´s must be a big change!! The war, the oversea rise of GUTS
    but I say have a little patience!

  11. vincent Says:

    oh so sad

  12. Diashi Says:

    If it were not for the fact that Berserk is so good, I would consider it not worth the wait.

    But still, patience can only last so long. I hope it comes out soon!

  13. fin089 Says:

    you say it

  14. kirerux Says:

    Hi, Thank EG for all the magnificient work, hope Berserk comes out before holidays like everyone does. I really need some of that. Nevermind we will wait until it arrives (whenever it does). Because we all love berserk and can´t get mad with miura (I guess :p) still everyone have a nice holidays.

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