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Projects Status (and yes, also about Berserk)

  » Posted October 25th, 2006 by Eldo

First of all, I would like to say that I’m growing increasingly tired of answering the main question that has plagueing everyone’s minds: The release date of Berserk. The purpose of this newspost is to address this, and also, to make you all shut the hell up. I understand that since EG scanlates Berserk, some people think that we are undisputed experts on the subject, ranging from storywise to its publishing in Japan. I also understand some of you can’t read, as the release date issue has been discussed in previous newsposts, which also makes this newspost moot, but I love ranting anyway.

How we obtain the release dates for the next chapter of Berserk is in the same way as you do, by checking the bottom of the last page of the chapter. If it doesn’t say anything, in this case, like last chapter’s, then we don’t know either, and it’s pointless to ask us. We do not with hold any information regarding this, and we have no reason to. The second option we use to check for next chapter release is from Young Animal’s website. They have a chapter listing of manga titles that are to be printed in the issues. Unfortunately, it does not show future release dates about a particular manga. It only shows the chapter listing of manga titles in the magazine that is on sale currently, and also a preview of the chapter listing on the next release. That means, there are only 2 chapter listings on the website at one time, only that of the current Young Animal magazine that is on sale now, and next issue. The website does not stretch anything beyond that. We have checked the chapter listings, and Berserk is not there. However, the next issue of Young Animal magazine is released on the 27th of this month, a couple of days away, so we can check if Berserk is to be released in the issue after the 27th release from Young Animal website update. I will update this page if I am imparted with any new information regarding its publication status in Japan.

It’s a mistake to think that since EG is responsible to scanlate Berserk, that we are able to obtain any insider information. That is incorrect, we are receive as much information as you guys do. If the end of chapter doesn’t show the release date, we don’t know either. And no, we won’t guess and put a random date down, because if we are wrong, there will be a mob with burning torches and pitchforks camped outside our door. For now, please be patient, and do not ask for release dates. I’m sick and tired of answering them or even seeing the question at all. We do not work for you, and are not obligated to provide an answer or release the chapter at that particular time. Understand that we all have lives outside of EG, and is not a job for us, it is a hobby. Again, please be patient, and I will update the website once I get any information about it.

As for other projects, such as NHK, Biomega, Angel Heart, Zetman…they are moving along. Breaction is done, and awaiting QC stage. They will be released soon. And also, we need Japanese translators. If you’re interested, send me an email or PM in the forums. Your contribution is related to the rate at which the releases are made. And people will love you for it.

EDIT: Berserk will not be in the next issue of Young Animal either, to be released on the 10th of November. Sigh, we’ll just have to wait a bit longer. I hope Miura is enjoying his holiday and is not getting any death threats.

– Eldo.

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The Sunday Funnies

  » Posted October 15th, 2006 by psi29a

We have 5 chapters of goodness for you all, so without wasting any more time…

Note: NHK has a typo, it claims to be v4, but is actually v5. Don’t let that through you guys off. That was our mistake.

So you all may be wondering where Berserk 280 , NHK 28, and BReaction is. Well, Berserk is unknown as the next YA issue will not have it, so we will have to wait another month to find out if it is coming. NHK 28 is cleaned, awaiting translation. BReaction is coming along, yes we have claimed that is ‘coming soon’. Turns out we didn’t like the translations we had and want to spend an extra week cleaning it up. So we are shooting for next weekend with more Zetman, BR, and hopefully NHK.

We at EG say thank you for putting up with our delays. It just really can’t be helped, it is a hobby for us after all. It would be great if people who have the know how to step up and help us out. We always have room for translators, even if it is just to proof work. You don’t have to go at it alone, our team likes to put several heads on a project.

— psi29a

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In other news…

  » Posted October 12th, 2006 by psi29a

Just wanted to let you all know that we are not dead… yet. We are moving forward for a non-Berserk related release this weekend. The problem and the hold of course is Berserk, since that is primary mover and shaker in terms of release schedules but something more ominious has happened.

Our very own Wandering_Mystic had taken ill a week ago and has been recovering ever since. He is a dedicated trooper though and even through pain-killers he is a translating machine. I encourage those who comment here on the blog to wish him a speedy and pain-less recovery.

It has also come to our attention that 4chan (an established and respected community) has released chapter 27 of NHK. By all means, go read it. However, we do plan on releasing our translation this weekend along with a slew of others. Here is the lineup.

Biomega may or may not make it into our release this weekend, keep your fingers and toes crossed.

Still no word on Berserk, sorry gang. Will have to wait till next YA update on the up-coming issues.

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