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  » Posted October 12th, 2006 by psi29a

Just wanted to let you all know that we are not dead… yet. We are moving forward for a non-Berserk related release this weekend. The problem and the hold of course is Berserk, since that is primary mover and shaker in terms of release schedules but something more ominious has happened.

Our very own Wandering_Mystic had taken ill a week ago and has been recovering ever since. He is a dedicated trooper though and even through pain-killers he is a translating machine. I encourage those who comment here on the blog to wish him a speedy and pain-less recovery.

It has also come to our attention that 4chan (an established and respected community) has released chapter 27 of NHK. By all means, go read it. However, we do plan on releasing our translation this weekend along with a slew of others. Here is the lineup.

Biomega may or may not make it into our release this weekend, keep your fingers and toes crossed.

Still no word on Berserk, sorry gang. Will have to wait till next YA update on the up-coming issues.

32 Responses to “In other news…”

  1. Hikarub Says:

    Yay!! More Angel Heart is a good thing!! Keep up the good work, guys! And I hope Wandering_Mystic is feeling tons better now!! If not, hope he gets better soon!

    Thanks again!

  2. moondo Says:

    That’s too bad for a great translator…. hope he gets well soon and is out of the hospital to roam freely cus we all know how it sucks to be in the hospital.

  3. MasterHan Says:

    Aw man, I wish him luck. It sucks to be sick and doing work at the same time. He’s dedicated though, working through his sickness for us, but he really should get some rest.

  4. altekterror Says:

    best wishs for Wandering_Mystic. hope he starts feelin better soon. and thanks for the heads up guys. bumed about berserk tho =(….

  5. Jit Says:

    I hope he gets well. It would be a shame…. one less thing. I will be praying for him

  6. jrronimo Says:

    Get well soun, Wandering_Mystic! ::chicken soup::

  7. Nonni Says:

    Hopefully Wanderic_Mystic will be feeling better soon.
    Best wishes dude.

  8. sarahofborg Says:

    dumb question: chapter 27 of what?

  9. Mayu Says:

    Chapter 27 of NHK . . .

  10. lije Says:

    get well soon mystic…

  11. MegatronSmith Says:

    Hope Wanderic_Mystic gets well soon. And you guys are quite auxome.

  12. Dagda Says:

    Another dumb question: Do we know when the next YA update on the up-coming issues will be?

  13. Apraxhren Says:

    Best of luck to Wandering_Mystic, I commend your hard work but don’t stress yourself over some manga, health is always more important.

    Once again thank you for the update, it is very much appreciated along with all of the groups efforts.

  14. godakame Says:

    I will sacrfice 50 lambs tonight in hopes to heal the Mystic that is Wandering. But then again I do look forward to reading your pain-killer induced translations.

    Anyways, my first comment…umm it’s been a while since EG’s last release. Though I am glad to see that some releases are comming soon. Hooray for more NHK; 4chan frightens me, so I’ll wait for you guys release. Thanks for letting us know you guys are not dead. Now I shall be waiting ever so patiently.

  15. pikafuze Says:

    Even my toes are crossed for biomega….please.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    4chan also released chapter 28. 😀

  17. MonkWren Says:

    Hope Wandering_Mystik gets better soon.

    Also, hope that Miura releases something soon. :p

  18. orochinagi Says:

    Wandering_Mystic i hope you get better soon , i salute you man , what your doing might not pay you but never forget that alot of people rely on you for all your efforts and when you get old , youll never forget this time, anyways i wish that you get better and thats not for the sake of the translation, your a good person. take it easy.

  19. moozooh Says:

    Take your time to recover, Mystic, don’t stress yourself too much. Have an easy recover.

  20. Kround Says:

    Yeah yeah! Have a “a speedy and pain-less recovery.” Mystic!

  21. gml3790 Says:

    Wandering_Mystic, u r a trooper!! thankyou Evil Genius for your hard work and dedication. ive been reading ur Berserk translations for over a year now and this is the first time ive commented.

    Best of luck to all of you, and get well soon Wandering_Mystic 🙂

  22. Harkan Says:

    hmmm, what do you mean by next YA update?

  23. Harkan Says:

    ops sorry , get well soon dude, kick ass and drink lots of OJ ………if you have a cold*sight*

  24. jistanidiot Says:

    Thanks to everyone for their work. I do hope Wandering_Mystic has a speedy recovery. Really awesome that he’s still working in that condidtion.

  25. Noodle! Says:

    Hope you get well soon, we all appreciate what you’re doing (which goes for all of you guys). Three cheers!

  26. hyde Says:

    oooooooooo my god
    i need some berserk damn it
    keep the info about it will ya

  27. sero Says:

    Where and how can I get 4chan’s scanlation of NHK? Do they have an irc channel? I don’t see anything relevant on their website.

  28. sero Says:

    Ah. I found their channel. No dice on the scanlation, though. And I just don’t see anything like scanlations on their imageboards.

  29. Cower Says:

    Biomega is delayed….
    …so sad …so sad

  30. LordMune Says:

    The time of sadness is soon to be over.

  31. Daiceman Says:

    “soon” is relative

  32. Sh1n1 Says:

    Hope you get well soon, Wandering_Mystic.
    Finally, more B.Reaction, It’s been several months since the last release.

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