Berserk 312, Soregashi Kotsujiki ni Arazu, Zetman 134

  » Posted February 26th, 2010 by miyagiCE

As usual, I bring you the goods without further ado and in a highly efficient fashion.

Miura blesses us with another break.

Soregashi Kotsujiki ni Arazu (aka “Proud to be a samurai even though I’m destitute. Hirata Hiroshi Chronologies 1970-1971”):
tsubaimomo brings you another complete work that he slaved over of samurai author Hirata Hiroshi. Some of you will remember him from Bloody Swordsmanship, which we also released recently.

Okay, so I lied when I said there’d be a release before the next Berserk. Heh, wasn’t intentional.

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  1. Thana Says:

    Woohooo! A release! Will start leeching right away!

  2. buttobasu Says:

    Awesome work. Thanks.

  3. Risu Says:

    Berserk continues “next time” ? Does this means that Miura is taking another break ?

  4. daiceman Says:

    Yup, we’re probably in for another long one.

  5. myhily Says:

    this ‘break’ will prolly make me re-read berserk again =O good

    anyways, thanks for the release o.o/)

  6. Byku Says:

    “Continues next time”… oh no -_-‘.

  7. pode777 Says:

    2 chapters and then a 2-3 month break. Aren’t we used to it by now? :) Anyways thanks for the release

  8. Dille Says:

    Thank you for scanlating HIRATA Hiroshi works. :)

  9. DamnedBones Says:

    Thanks for these releases.

  10. Wrath Says:

    Thank you very much for the Berserk chapter ^^

  11. Tynar Says:

    Sooooo tempted to stop reading Berserk for a few years, just to let a few chapters pile up for reading… but then it will just delay the frustration. Why don’t good things come fast??

  12. Dex Says:

    Thank for the next Berserk chapter. downloading now

  13. justdeath Says:

    So, I wanted to see if there is a pattern in releases. I browsed evil-genius’ news back to the beginning, also browsed sk*ll night for chapters before 260.

    2001 185(08.2001)-193 – 9+
    2002 194-213 – 20
    2003 213-233 – 21
    2004 234-249 – 16
    2005 250-266 – 17 – 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 1 1 2 1
    2006 267-279 – 13 – 1 2 2 2 1 2 1 1 1 0 0 0
    2007 280-292 – 13 – 2 2 0 2 0 1 1 1 1 1 2 0
    2008 293-301 – 9 – 0 0 3 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 2 1
    2009 302-309 – 8 – 0 0 0 1 2 2 0 0 1 2 0 0
    2010 310-312 – 3 – 1 2

    The many 0,1,2,3’s are chapters per month. As you can see from 2008 we are like this: 3 months chapters, 3 months no chapters (yes, 3 0 1 1 is four months), but that is the beginning of the breaks.

    From July 2009 we are on 2 months breaks. The periods are breaks+chapters. So, now we will begin 2 or 3 month break. Meaning May or June we will have new chapter.

    As you see, we are clearly on the decline with the releases. Very sad, cause the manga is very good.

  14. Thana Says:

    There’s sumthing fishy… about the poll, that is.

  15. guren no kishi Says:

    Thanks a bunch!

  16. Tynar Says:

    wow nice work justdeath. was kinda wondering about that for a while. Does Miura do something besides Berserk to make a living??

    I wonder why almost half of us are saying red fish.

  17. random berserk fan Says:

    Thanks for the release, Evil Genius!

    random-berserk-fan, from Europe

  18. lilaceboy24 Says:

    thank you very much for the release! I love berserk, but I’m sad at the “next time” comment. It’s going to be another long wait. >_>

  19. LoverofHokuto Says:

    Many thanks as always for Berserk.

  20. Kain Says:

    What, a break again? Don’t tell me he does not actually know where this island side-story is going?!

    Anyway thanks for this release, as always. Schierke is so cute in this chapter, I love her face when she see through this pervert Ichigo’s eyes…

  21. Giove Says:

    Thanks EG,
    justdeath your pattern shows 2-3 months breaks in last 2 years so i think next release will be in may or june…

  22. Ela Says:

    Very good chapter.
    Want to know who is the strange girl who heals Isidro, but i guess i will have to wait 2 or 3 month to have the answer.

    thx for the chapter EG.

  23. Slumber Says:

    Berserk is always awesome, as is Zetman.
    Thanks for the greatness.

  24. Sir Mi Says:

    Seriously, and the last few chapters Berserk seems to be turned in a FAIRYTALE manga, FUCK YOU MIURA!! YOU DESTROYED THE GREATEST MASTERPIECE OF MANGAS!!!!

  25. Loki Says:

    #24 lol @ rage

  26. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    thanks EG for the chapter and justdeath for the little research. I wanted to do exactly the same thing for a long time but never found the time and patience. The rate of releases has dropped sharply, I sometimes wonder if Mr Miura hasn’t simply lost it and isn’t able to continue the storyline properly or has completely lost interest in berserk

  27. Risu Says:

    Thx for the release BTW :)

  28. Mr. America Says:

    Just think about how disastrous it’d be if he had a burnout.

  29. wollfyn Says:

    Thanks for Berserk and Zetman. ;-D

  30. Wrath Says:

    50 volumes doesn’t sound too bad. We are on volume 35 right now. Who knows, it’ll probably be less!! ^_^ Where we are now at volume 35 – > The gang is going to get to Elfhelm once they get off this island. That means probably 5 volumes of this arc. So that will bring us to volume 40. Then, guts and the gang will be ready to fight griffith with the knew knowledge they have the events that will unfold. They will go toward Falconia, storm the gates, and raise some Hell. That has got to be like 7 volumes right there. Finally, 3 volumes of fighting and diplomacy. 1 volume of the final battle with Griffith. 1 volume of wrap up and nostalgio. This seems to go along with the way Miura writes.

  31. Ray Says:

    Thanks for the chapters.

    Following Berserk is tough. It definitely tests my patience sometimes.

    I stopped reading it when he took that insane break after they got on the boat. A few weeks back, I decided to re-read the entire thing only to find out that they are STILL on the boat!

    I can’t believe he decided to have another stop before Elfheim. I realize it’s to make them learn of “Fantasia” and the merging of the worlds but still… I hope it at the very least introduces a gigantic war in Elfheim.

    I just REALLY hope that they get to Elfheim before it’s destroyed and that something can be done about Casca. It’s been a nice story but she really needs to get back to normal (even if the foreshadowing seemed to indicate that she will go against Gutts).

  32. buttobasu Says:

    ^No, no, no… I’m expecting a MUCH larger focus on Guts’ battles against Griffith’s underlings. Heck, he couldn’t even finish off the Diamond-Dragon-guy last time. Not to mention the other God Hands. I don’t think they’ll just sit by and watch Guts kill their allies. Besides, the way it’s going right now, there’s bound to be loads of “intermissions” or stories to fill the gaps between the main outlines, like the one right now.

  33. rambo Says:

    End your frustrations now people because Berserk last chapter is gonna come out when you’re 90 and gone blind to see any of it.

    But at this pace Miaura is gonna die before he starts getting into conclusion.

  34. jluglue Says:

    Hahahaha. I love the inside jokes about berserk release times.

    Thanks for another great release!

  35. Thana Says:

    You’re definitly all wrong! This arc is mainly focused on Isidro. It’s about finding his bot – the Octobot, that is. With the Octobot he will defeat Slan by using its tentacles in an hentai-esque way.

    … NOT! Well, I’ll just wait for the genius Miura to complete his story.

  36. buttobasu Says:

    Isidro is the new pimp of Berserk. Heck he has two girls already!

  37. monksbane Says:

    Thanks EG, as always, for your quality releases. You guys rock.

    Muira has officially mastered the carrot on a string method of marketing. It is amazing when you think about it. I remember awhile back there was discussion about him getting bored with Berserk and/or potentially not knowing where to take it. I am starting to think this is true as how long have we been waiting for Guts and crew to make it to elf island. Finally they land and it isn’t even the island. It feels like filler, the same as the breaks honestly, for him to decide what he wants to do and how.

  38. basquel Says:

    I didn’t know whehter to laugh or FUCKING RAGE due to another “break”. I guess I should drop Berserk eventually, but it looks like I’m fucking addicted to it. So I will definetaly read this chapter, but only after a new one will come out.

  39. basquel Says:

    BTW, am I the only one who is already sick of those two motherfucking elves, little witch and the annoying kid?

  40. random berserk fan Says:

    Yes, basquel, you are the only one.

  41. Thana Says:

    Just posting to support the last statement of random berserk fan.

  42. Jin Says:

    need more zetman! i order you all to up the ante on it! xx

  43. Thana Says:

    Ah, we’re back to that state. Draw faster, ye basterds!

  44. Qwerty Says:

    What if Miura is reading this.

  45. DrPepperPro Says:

    Hi Miura.

  46. DrPepperPro Says:

    Miura-sama i mean.

  47. Link Sword Says:

    @40: Nope, he isn’t, I’m sick of them too. They aren’t even funny, I don’t know why I waste my time zooming that stupidly tiny texts.

    Puck was nice at first, but now he’s always in fucking-unfunny-cricket form. The elf girl was just filler since the very beginning.

  48. buttobasu Says:

    Zetman, what’s that? A character from Berserk?!

  49. random berserk fan Says:

    Link Sword, apparently you didn’t read the whole message… basquel didn’t say he was sick of the two elves, he said he was sick of half the major characters (including Isidoro and Schierke)!

    Also, for some reason everyone seems to be forgetting the significance of Puck regarding Guts’ emotional development (mainly during the first volumes) and his function as “deus ex machina” during certain parts of the manga (freeing Guts multiple times and heeling him). He’s not just comic relief, he’s an effective plot advancement device and he’s also helping the illustration of Guts’ psyche and evolution.

    Evarella, on the other hand, is a less significant character, created mainly to interact with Isidoro and Puck (some pretty funny gags there!) and as a companion to Schierke. OK, not all the gags are funny, but I found most of them to be hilarious and of good taste (that’s a personal opinion, of course).

    The antithesis between those few funny and carefree moments and the rest of the grim and bloodstained Berserk world is what makes this manga even _darker_ in my opinion. (You can only define darkness as the lack of light, after all.) Our heroes are not a bunch of heartless monsters, they are capable of laughing and feeling joy (even Guts), and that’s what makes us sympathize with them. People saying that Berserk “has lost its direction” are missing the big picture, IMO. Since the very first volume it was apparent that Guts wasn’t only a tough mofo, there was a glimpse of something deeper than that (there were hints that, subconsciously, he was only trying to persuade himself to act tough, after an emotional breakdown). If he had continued to be just a killing machine, the manga would have become boring _very_ soon.

    Also, regarding the direction of Berserk: Miura-san is a known perfectionist and Berserk is his masterpiece. Judging from that and the fact that Berserk has a very coherent and tight plot, I’m 100% sure he has already decided the future course and the ending of the manga and he’s only perfecting the details and drawing them (those gorgeous panels surely take time!). If he said that he had the whole story planned since the early nineties, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    I’ll just enjoy the ride.

    PS. I hope this post makes some sense, English is not my mother-tongue and I’m tired right now. But it’s something I’ve wanted to write down for a few days, after hearing the opinions of some Berserk haters (here and elsewhere). :)

  50. random berserk fan Says:

    Wow, such a huge post! I didn’t realize while writing! Oo

  51. Mr. America Says:

    You’re completly right. Sometimes, when rereading, I just wonder how he could put in signs for future plot like 100 chapters ago. There is not a single place within the plot where it doesn’t make sense regarding what happened before, eventually leading to Miura having thought it up ages ago…

    I’m tagging along with that statement from random berserk fan: “If he said that he had the whole story planned since the early nineties, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

  52. Jumping Ja-ho-za-fart Says:

    more delays..nothing new there, HOWEVER!!! now even my manga god Yukito Kishiro seems to be stalling out…. but i bet you 5 dollars that if James Cameron makes that movie about ALITA he’ll start pumping’em out like cheeseburgers!!

    ironically Hunter X Hunter is back in full swing….hmmmmm?

  53. Thana Says:

    lol, he is an hilarious retard… this Jumping fart guy, that is.

    Also, wall o’ text – tl;dr.

  54. Arashi Says:

    I just hope Miura finishes Berserk before kicking the bucket D=.

    Thanks for the release.

  55. buttobasu Says:

    Why Alita, and not Trigun or Berserk. That’s my question.

  56. GhostUnit Says:


    Definitely sick of Isidro since the first page he appeared. He’s annoying, and contributes nothing to the story. Indeed, he could be erased from the manga and have it be the exact same.

    Puck has lost his role and now is only hanging around making bad jokes. Evarella “could” have had a bigger role, but was not given one since the beginning.

    Schierke is in danger of becoming sorta irrelevant too, she is only there to cast some sorta super-spell or to act like some sort of supernatural detective, to find out what to kill next.

    Berserk humor has rarely ever been funny, and that’s like 75% of what you’re getting now. This humor takes pages, as if further slowdown was needed.

  57. GhostUnit Says:

    actually, (and pardon me for posting again immediately after my last post) but I think I’m getting angry at Berserk for another reason: the content is getting too diluted with irrelevant (and poor, to my taste) humor, pointless side characters and pointless events (recent example, the pirates).

    It would be great if, for example, one could take a break from Berserk every 6 months and then read what has piled up. However, even if one did that, what’s the point if most of what piles up is humor crap? what’s the point, if the work ends up diluted beyond recognition?

    Not all humor is crap, though. For example, the part when Guts was locked up by the Knights of the Iron Chains and Puck refuses to give him the key to the cell until he says “please”, that was funny. But we are talking about exceptions here, most of it is crap.

    Finally, I’d like to add that some characters (actually all, but some more than others) are starting to become just irritating. Take Casca, for example. I’m so sick of watching her antics over and over.

  58. Morshu Says:

    Why Alita and not Neon Genesis Evangelion?

    Nah, judging from how Eva disenchanted half of the Japanese that took interest in it, it would probably be like James Cameron shooting himself in the foot to take up the cause of a live action NGE movie. I couldn’t help but put in a small mention for NGE seeing as how it is one of the few series that has been able to sustain me while Miura goes into hiding, Hideaki Anno attempts to portray abstract ideas through his works and evoke emotions from his audience sort of how Miura does, and I recently realized that there would be a huge loophole for Anno to create a true alternate version or sequel to NGE.

    Ever since the anime version of Berserk’s eclipse event I have had a new found respect for anime and manga that stomp the hearts of the audience/viewer.

  59. Soleyfir Says:

    Well I agree with the previous statement by Basquel (39) about the characters. And I’d even expand it to basically all the actual main characters apart from Guts and Caska. I’ll just leave some sympathy for Puck as he’s been good for comic relief on some occasions.

    But please, Isidoro&Schierke? I’ve never understood how those two kids had something to do in Berserk’s world. Isidoro is just comic relief but he reminds me of a smaller Naruto. While Shierke clearly is important as a witch to provide more informations in storytelling, she’s just too stereotypical and clearly immature. And her inner monologues about Guts just make me want to pluck my eyes out of their orbit. They would have been great for a shonen, but they clearly don’t fit there. And I’ve always wondered why Miura has placed some typical Shonen-Kids in a manga intended for adults.

    Farnese and Serpico were very interesting when they were firt introduced. Each with its fears and dark parts. Farnese was a blindfolded fanatic whose attraction to fire had drifted to the point of becoming a sexual fantasma. Now she’s just a shy girl who constantly looks up to the others and who submitted herself to the will of a prepubescent girl whom she calls master all the time. Serpico was a silent but intelligent bodyguard who cherished Farnese to the point of dedicating his life to her even though he knew she was responsible for his mother’s death. Despite that he was ready to accomplish even the most perillous or the worst for her. Now he mostly seems to only be the “silent cool guy” of the band without any real personality.

    Evarella never existed for me. Rodrick is offering a bit of fresh wind, but he might be a bit too stuck up in his role of the perfect chivalrous pretendent.

    I’ve loved Berserk the first time I’ve laid on eyes on it. And I still love it however it goes. But most of the latest “community” time in the latest arcs bored me to death. I won’t even mention the trolls’ arc, almost got me to stop Berserk except for its wonderful ending and the face off between Guts and the Dragon. I won’t say that Berserk has lost itself on the way. I respect Miura’s choices and the plot has really thickened with time flowing and there are still many very dark points in it that are waiting to blow up and do serious damage (Berserker Armor, the shadow inside Guts, Griffith’s schemes, Caska …).
    I also agree with 49 when he says that the contrast between good and bad times is what makes Berserk such a hardboiled dark manga. The Golden Age and the eclipse is the best example of this. The horror of the outcome truly touched me deep inside. And I also agree that a badass Guts randomly slaughtering monsters would have become quickly boring and that we needed some new characters to accompany him. But I feel that the choice of those characters or their evolution is completely outside of the universe of the manga. Pippin, Judeau, Caska, Corkus or Rickert were perfect at the time. We needed some people of the same mold to side with Guts. Real mature people, who can bring fun but who also have a sense of what’s happening around them.
    But I kinda feel like Miura tried to experiment some stuff to make the story a bit cheerier and seriously spoiled some of the epic of the tragedy behind it. Maybe as stated earlier he got a bit bored at some point and decided to change a bit of the tone. But it just doesn’t tune with how the rest is written. If he wanted to write a shonen he should have done so, but why introduce some much shonen material in a story such as Berserk’s?

    I know I might only represent a very small minority here. And I’m fully aware that this is only my point of view and not the absolute truth. I’m ready to discuss it if some of you want to.

    Oh and sorry for any mistakes I may have made, I’m french and English isn’t my native tongue.

  60. Soleyfir Says:

    Oh and thanks to EG for their great work.
    And sorry for the long post, I may have lost myself while writing it… But it needed to come out.

  61. Henrik Says:

    Add me to this line of thought, I’ve always come here and observed, saying very little, because I’m not one of these drama queens who likes to always complain loudly about every little thing. But I think Berserk was at its best when it was with the Band of The Hawk (or Falcon or whatever you want to call it). I have personally felt like Miura tried to do too much perhaps simply because he likes many genres but only has time and energy for this one series.. to Berserk’s detriment. I agree completely with the sentiment that Serpico and Farnese were interesting when they were introduced, but have become extremely boring – perhaps that’s partly down to the fact that very little has actually happened in oh, about 3-4 years now as far as their part of the story is concerned – but I also can’t deny that I feel absolutely nothing for this whole new band of characters who accompany Guts and Caska. I think Miura’s character writing was far better in the 90’s, probably because he was still excited about it then.. Now it seems to all be about spectacle.

    I just think that he could have carried the story forward in a more interesting manner with fewer things happening and more depth to them.. the pirates, the island, even half the battle involving Griffith, completely puts me to sleep.. another thing that irks me is how he focuses on these crowds standing there and gawking “look at how powerful they are / he is..!” There’s a little saying when it comes to writing.. don’t tell.. Show. It’s kind of like those Dragonball Z battles, where they stand there episode after episode bragging about their power. And after each powerup, they’re like “Oh but I’ve secretly been hiding my TRUE powah!” It just doesn’t seem like he has matured in much besides his art, but instead become lazier. I’m sure I will get some hate for saying that, but whatever. I will still try to stick it out and see where it goes, especially after investing the past 8 years in following it, but these are my present feelings on the subject.

  62. InterRage Says:

    An easy read, given that was an even bigger wall of text than Random berserk fans’.

  63. Morshu Says:

    I’m just interested in seeing if Miura brings this pseudo-cyclical plot around to correct for his plot choices at the absolute beginning of the manga and anime. Technically he can’t, seeing as how he discovered Puck before Griffith became King, but it will be interesting to see Griffith’s coronation none the less.

  64. Michael Says:

    @ Henrik you never know dude maybe the current crew is meant to be uninteresting because given the hardcore nature of things that seem to happen to the poor bastard that is Gatts they probably have an untimely end heading their way that will just add to his unstoppable rage. Not to mention that Gatts is portrayed to be incredibly bored and uninterested when anyone makes any outbursts about his ‘strength’, and understandably so because personally if I were the dude I would feel like it was nothing compared to what I face, and that the people gawking might as well be dead already if they are fascinated to that degree by somebody that can barely survive in the new world on his own.

  65. Samael Says:

    I wasn’t going to post in this thread, but after seeing all the negative comments I think I may have to say this:

    Honestly, who cares?
    I like Berserk just as much as you guys do, but it does no
    good to complaint about Miura not releasing any more volumes.
    As if Miura were to read this anyway!

    So just keep a positive mindset. I’m sure that when Berserk
    comes again it will be awesome.

    Enough said.

  66. pantaril Says:

    To anyone who doesn’t like the new Guts company: i think you will be satisfied in the end because if the beast inside guts is right, they will all suffer horrible death soon (maybe even from Guts hands ’cause he could kill them when fighting out of his sense in the berserk armour:)

    Personaly i don’t think that the new party is so bad. I like them all except evarela who just doesn’t have any role in the story.

    But the think i’m looking forward most at this time is the restoration of Casca’s mind. She has been too long in this pitifull state. I miss her dialogues and i want to know if her relationship with guts will continue.

  67. Henrik Says:

    It’s a good point that they could have been written that way on purpose, Gatts himself probably feels nobody can replace what he has lost, and he’s just tolerating this crew for Caska’s sake.. but it doesn’t particularly explain why as mentioned, Puck and co. always have to be shown in “chibi” form, which kind of breaks the immersion and brings an unnecessary sense of annoyance. I mean, I’m sure I’m not alone here: I got into Berserk over any other series precisely because it wasn’t the stereotypical kind of anime/manga. Surely if the requirement is to have comic relief and such to balance the utter somberness and darkness there are plenty of other ways to accomplish that.

    I also understand that showing the public reaction is important to a degree, lately though it’s kind of distracted me more than anything. I think possibly none of this would grate on me as much as it does if Miura would just publish on a more regular basis. I’m not going to judge or pretend I know what he’s going through in his life, and I can understand how it could begin to bore him depending on how he has changed as a person, but I hope that is not the case, and I hope that whatever has caused him to be uber slow the past several years will get resolved somehow.

  68. buttobasu Says:


  69. Thana Says:


    Update: No new chapter so far.

  70. GhostUnit Says:

    @61 Indeed, a good example of the “don’t tell, show” way of doing this can be found in the Berserk anime, when Guts meets Zodd in the castle. We can glimpse Gut’s uneasiness growing as he walks past the dozens of corpses slain gruesomely by Zodd, without any words or explanations.

    Now it looks like every battle is a fucking sports match, complete with commentators describing just how powerful/important/rare/epic/historic what just happened is, verbose introductions, people gasping and gawking, teammates congratulating/flattering/thanking each other, etc.

    I think this may be a sign of pandering to the juvenile crowd. I wonder if Miura is trying to make his manga more appealing to the immature readers or if he’s just slipping.

  71. Henrik Says:

    yep I concur

  72. Michael Says:

    lol if so then leave that (@*&(*@ for naruto

  73. Soleyfir Says:

    Yeah, but the thing is Berserk is already a quite famous manga and that the storyline is clearly not made for younger people. It would be clearly strange to change a few things now to attract immature reader. If someone has reached this part of the story, I guess he doesn’t need this continue reading…

  74. buttobasu Says:

    One thing that has surprised me is the current storyline of One Piece, which anyone would think was made for “younger people”, but seeing the context of the recent events; maybe not.


    I agree with GhostUnit. At first it was novel seeing peoples reactions to Guts’ above human swordsmanship, but now it seems like every time we have these spectators gawking at him and some stupid remarks or such that completely turn the fighting into a joke, not at all serious. Shame on Miura for what he has done to this series

  76. Mr. America Says:

    Now that’s a bit harsh… Guts has been gawked at ever since. I mean his entrance in the first chapter couldn’t have been more flashier and his first meeting with the hawks wasn’t boring to watch at all too… I mean where griffith first sees him from that defensive wall.

    He’s been doing this ever since, so why the critic now?

  77. Thana Says:

    Isn’t it obvious? Whenever Gatts showed up humans got slayed and women got screwed. Now that Miura evolved his masterpiece from an one-man-show into a mesh of multiple characters developing in different ways people get bored.

    When I was introduced to this manga it was with the remark: “There is this dude who chops people in half together with their horses!”. Personally I’m not the violent type but I’m a big fan of medieval stories and sword fighting. What made me a fan of this manga isn’t the violence or the sex. It’s the character Gatts, that weird world with this evil god and Gatts’ struggle to overcome an inevitable fate.

    So why the critics? I guess because of some wicked parts in the audience lacking the man slaughtering which happened before and the slow releases. If this doesn’t sound plausible just look at those guys comparing Miura’s work with One Piece and other Shonen manga or the guys telling they’re done with Berserk – since several months 😉

    I’ve no problem with the current arc. It may seem like a filler yet the character development can’t be denied. I’m interested in Isidros part of the story because honestly he’s completely out of the picture compared to other characters of the group. He seems so weak and considering that the group will eventually collide with God Hand (again since Slan) he has low chances of survival…

    Well, that was mine… wall of text, that is…

  78. Mr. America Says:

    Damn I need one too… a wall that is…

    But it’s kinda scary: Look at the berserk release’s number of downloads. It’s dropped from around 24’000 down to 9’000.
    He’s lost roughly two thirds of his fans over the last years…

  79. Thana Says:

    Well, there are several sites where you can read manga online. I know exactly one page there you can currently read Berserk online. And no, I want tell you… the name of this particualr page, that is… Support EG and leech it! They use EG scanlations anyway 😉

  80. buttobasu Says:

    I read it for the violence and sex first, but then the sex faded away into ecchi and some nude-scenes, so I guess I only read it for the violence now.

  81. bguy Says:

    Well, pippin wasn’t needed at all for the story, until he got butchered – I guess that some of guts’ new friends will share this fate…

    I just hope that the last chapter’s island and its inhabitants aren’t a poor copy of innsmouth.

  82. Thana Says:

    You excel my expectations, minion.

  83. dude223 Says:

    Perhaps the sea god will bring things back to the darker, more violent side of the series. The comic relief is a bit distracting but its also nice addition to these parts of the story that aren’t part of the overall plot. I think once things get on track and refocus on Gutts, the comic relief will fade away and we’re back to old early berserk.

  84. Asphyxis Says:


    You’re totally right. I’m wicked, I can’t force myself to drop the goddamn Berserk and I crave for a slaughter. At least it wouldn’t be as fucking boring as the current arc. BTW, elf gags are gay.


  85. Thana Says:

    As I thought. You need something! Relaxation, that is.

    Have you ever thought about grabbing a gun or two and pop some guys at your school, kiddo? Doesn’t work… You need an alchemist of your trust who rolls you some special pills. Works just fine!

    Well, now I need a drink… Cheers!

  86. Asphyxis Says:

    Nah, I’ve tried it already. Rampage, that is.

    Have you ever thought about getting laid? I think it could help you – alcohol won’t solve the problem, kiddo. You should talk about it with your parents, I’m sure they’ll find some kind of solution.

  87. Thana Says:

    I have to disappoint you, darling, but my ass is declared “virgin zone” – no chance in hell for you, kiddo. In life there are winners and losers, at sex you have givers and takers. It’s just like the difference between me and you.

    I like it when this board gets juvenile. Let’s discuss dick sizes next!

  88. Henrik Says:

    Perhaps if you talked less that would help clear up said problem…

  89. Good Imbecile Says:

    Thana, thats a hole new side of you i never seen during all these years 😀

    Ironically, all these years mean like two or three chapters :))))

    And yes i misspelled whole on purpose 😉

  90. Asphyxis Says:

    Nah, I’m not into tranny’s anyway, and I’ve never said that I would like to do one. I just wanted to be nice, that’s all – I suggested you to get a boyfriend because it could help in overcoming your complexes.

    That’s my b… shemale! How big is your dick?

  91. everton Says:

    I wanted to make a suggestion, why do not you translate a manga called DANGU, and a very good Korean manga that in some parts like berserck
    Information in this site

  92. everton Says:

    I followed the comments and decided to give my opinion on the issue of escorts guts I think each one has its place in history, why they have accepted guts follow the journey and Guts needs somebody to take care of bark, especially Farnes, now serpico the following to have a crush on her, the witch be able to clarify a few things throughout history, the Isidore is the Guts as a child by analyzing personality before Gambino’s death, I believe that after being cured Bark ‘ll probably on the island of the elves, the Guts walked alone in the company of Shell and the other will have to find their own ways, so was the golden age where the band Hawk died in eclipse, I think Miura wants to make clear that each character has his role while being unnecessary, I particularly liked the first volume when Guts walked only with the elf that was more for a first aid kit, Berserck the best manga I’ve ever read, and I think that marks Berserck and not violence or the sex scenes, but the deep philosophy and the mystery of the world where you insert the sleeve, these aspects had more in the first volume, so that and my party favors and the Golden Age, most of the sleeves has not half the berserck that has these aspects that I mentioned. I leave my opinion and forgive the mistakes of language that I am Brazilian and my tongue and not English.

  93. Henrik Says:

    Duly noted, but you could easily have corrected such obvious and stupid errors as “Casca” becoming “bark”, I mean come on. 😛 Otherwise I (think I) agree with you.

  94. Nagi_yukio Says:

    Hey Miyage!!
    You still alive mate, thks for the release you are the best!


    Mr. America, the only difference now is that Miura has turned the combat into a joke. what the hell was the point of that zombie pirate battle? Was that suppose to be some epic clash with the creatures rising from the abyss. No, I don’t think so. It turned out to be a stupid segment that served no real purpose other than to irritate the shit out of fans. Our first encounter with the creatures that have suddenly appeared was these retard pirates in ‘zombie’ form that humiliated themselves. Miura should have left that shit out. Now this new demon girl may be interesting, indeed, but those pirates were stupid, as was that fight with them. Part of the problem is this stupid commentary from the idiot companions whose faggotry we are forced to endure

  96. Thana Says:

    I have many sides – like a roleplay dice. Yesterday I rolled a natural 20…

    And once again: The zombie pirates. You can compare them to the group that captured Jill and returned as demon bugs. If you reread it it’s almost the same. I don’t get why most people think it’s boring now… It’s part of the story and in my opinion it’s interesting as always.

  97. badrbadr Says:

    to everyone.

    Well, you can criticise everything except Berserk. you reached thais point of the story and still have some complains about how miura is running the show.
    the last chapter was very intimate, the story still reserve so many surprises, maybe all the crew will vanish maybe very soon, you can’t predict or criticise something in Berserk.
    Without the Pirates fight they would never got forced to resert on this mysterious Island, and that was a great occasion to develope Rodrick character.

    Guys I think it’s just the side effects of berserk addiction. Learn patience.

  98. smokeesid Says:

    When the nest chapter of Berserk is going to come out…It would be great if anyone could tell

  99. Ninjatsu Says:

    “what the hell was the point of that zombie pirate battle? Was that suppose to be some epic clash with the creatures rising from the abyss. No, I don’t think so. It turned out to be a stupid segment that served no real purpose other than to irritate the shit out of fans. Our first encounter with the creatures that have suddenly appeared was these retard pirates in ‘zombie’ form that humiliated themselves. Miura should have left that shit out.”

    Okay…. The pirates were stupid? I think not :

    1 : Guts would not have come out to fight without the pirates, which means we would not have been able to see him for the last 5 chapters and would have gotten even worse filler chaps instead.
    2 : The main pirate has his own way of talking and has a sarcastic way of dealing with his own loss. Also notice that the people on the island look the same as the slimy pirates. Coincidence or story potential?
    3 : The monster under the pirate ship is exactly the same as the small one in the Sea Gods Cave. Yet another coincidence or more story potentials?

    The idiot companions do annoy me most of the time but they help the story along at times….meh, I forgot where I was going with this. The companions do annoy me, thing is its not my manga, its Miura’s and he has a destination, a story. There’s a reason for all things in this manga, and Miura knows their respective places. Just trust in him. He has already made this the greatest manga ever, and it can only get better from here.

  100. CrackoWitcho Says:

    I miss the dynamics of The Golden Age with every new release. Griffith was so much more interesting as a man, and he’s so boring as a one-dimensional cartoonish supervillain. Gutz, too… I think back to The Golden Age and Retribution arcs, and he may as well be Goku compared to what he was then, in regards to character depth. So yeah… I’m hoping deeply that Miura won’t let this story become any more convoluted. I miss the days when the cast was worth caring about.

  101. Jumping Ja-ho-za-fart Says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!! LOL!!! “and i never use LOL” @ Asphyxis VS Thana comments #84-90.hahaha yall amuse me with your banter….ALMOST as much as BATTLE ANGEL ALITA does…… i need a release……A NEW RELEASE OF ALITA, THAT IS. good day

  102. Thana Says:

    Well, I live to entertain… But what is this campaign for this Alita shit? My guess is you don’t wnt to be lonely reading it all alone. Good day.

  103. Berserker Says:


  104. nansake09 Says:

    P A T I E N C E people lets just wait this break and see what will happen BERSERK rocksss

  105. DRAGON SLAYER Says:

    I agree with you CrackoWitcho. I think Griffith is becoming increasingly uninteresting. I enjoy the side of Guts where he’s being more of a loner, I felt like that was some really powerful stuff. The mood is largely destroyed now that his shit eating companions have tried to make the mood all cheery and shit. It completely ruins it, they’re like fucking clowns. I like the good ol’ days, when this manga was really dark and morbid.
    Miura needs to rethink what the hell he’s doing with this series. Oh, and as if this story needed more of the elf-fairies. Recently they have only acted as a sort of comic relief, but serve only as an annoyance. If yet another fairy joins the group, I will be growing very tired of this kind of faggotry.
    For the most part, the companions are not good additions to the story
    Farnese and Serpico were very interesting, but are becoming boring very fast
    Isidoro is a tard
    Schierke was alright, and is still a good character
    Azan is so so
    The fairies… yeah
    Caska, and of course Guts, are good characters.

    I am just hoping that the segment with the pirates was not a hint of what is to come, I liked it better when this stuff was dark fantasy, not this childish shit. Things are looking better though, considering the recent update.

  106. soleyfir Says:

    Yeah, I agree with you (except for Shierke, but I’ve already said what I thought of that earlier in the discussion).
    I’ve reread the part from the beginning till the meeting between Guts, Caska, Rickert and Zodd after the Albion arc.
    And that stuff was definately great. When I compare this to the more recent books, I feel like I’m reading a different manga. And it saddens me.

  107. DRAGON SLAYER Says:

    I agree with you soleyfir. Schierke isn’t really a great character addition, but she had a lot of potential to be an amazing character if handled properly. She would need to be older, too. I would imagine that she and Guts, then, would have found each others personalities refreshing as they would be quite similar, and could relate to one another. I am a bit disappointed that nothing happened between Guts and Farnese because that would have been nice to see a little intimacy. The thing they had going for them bottomed out a while ago, along with my level of interest with Farnese. Miura should know though that we don’t like his work because of the immense amount of detail that goes into the drawings, but for the incredible story that he has given us, a story that has already started to stagnate and lose direction.

  108. CrackoWitcho Says:

    His companions are testing my patience too, DS. Just more useless filler to stall for time with. The saddest part is that they all did start as strong personalities, and now they’re scenery.

    Seriously, I don’t want the future of Berserk to include a years’ worth of Gutz charging the Berserk-world equivalent of a Spirit Bomb while Griffith stands there blathering on about how infinitely more powerful he is than Gutz the faceless cast of extras gushing in the background about how powerful they’ve both become.

    I want something to HAPPEN, for fuck’s sake, to actually happen for the first time in a long time. After thousands of pages in pursuit of his dream, Griffith finally gets his own kingdom. wat do now, Miura? Filler battles with pirates, of course. Create further delays on the decade-old journey to Elfheim to introduce more plot elements that will take you years to flesh out, provided you don’t die in the meantime or become chronically vacationed.

    Should mention now that I do really appreciate your guys’ work, EG. Berserk is infuriating to follow, but I’m thankful to you for providing the opportunity. Your releases are the best going.

  109. soleyfir Says:

    Yeah, that’s definately what I am thinking. As I said earlier, I completely concur with you DS on the fact that all the companions started with rather interesting personalities or roles to fulfill. But the thing is, they either turn out to be too young (Isidoro, Shierke) or their mentalities became that way (Farnese and Serpico which started as great mature characters and have become childish and boring).
    The best example is Farnese. I was rereading the first chapters in which she appears: she’s a fanatic spoiled kid who believes what she’s told to believe, have a self-centered personality and a deviate sexuality (she can’t accept being attracted to Guts and tries to kill him, she plays with herself while thinking about burning people, she once rode Guts’ sword and tried to slice herself with it and have sado-masochistic issues) and believes in her superiority before the other. Now she’s a maid taken from a fairy tail who’s too shy to act and worships a little girl. Where’s the character developpement?

  110. GhostUnit Says:

    Something else.

    Anyone get the impression that Guts is getting too humble and down-to-earth? Lately he’s all like “thanks for your compliments, but I only won because X came through at the right time. He’s great at Y, by the way”.

    It’s not as bad as the other stuff you guys mention, but lately it’s been getting so thickly marked that it annoys me.

    I get it, Guts has “grown up” throughout his adventures, and/or his burden and pain has lessened somehow now that time has passed and that he has new companions and is taking care of Caska.

    Still, I kinda miss the Guts of the Black Swordsman arc, who was utterly disdainful to everyone he crossed paths with, who didn’t even want Puck around and rarely ever allowed him to heal him.

    By the way, that tension with Puck was great, with Puck wanting to save him while Guts only thought of slaughtering monsters and drenching himself in rage and blood. It was a great part of what made Puck a real character, and not just serve as (very poor) comic-relief, like he does now.

  111. Ray Says:

    I don’t mind the supporting cast. They aren’t all that interesting (though I find them more interesting than most of you apparently) but they are an important part of the story.

    They are there to keep Guts human in my opinion. We’ve already seen Guts’ downfall into semi-madness when he traveled alone before. And Guts acts similar with them as to how he did with the Hawks.

    I think it makes for an interesting character dynamic. He has to choose between his companions or revenge. I’m sure we will see that more intensely in the future as well.

    I do agree that some of the battles aren’t as intense and that Guts’ anger doesn’t show as much as before but I’m willing to accept those changes for the series to progress. It’s not like he’s lost his anger; he’s making the side trip to cure Caska but afterwards he’s going to ditch (or try to) his group to go hunt Griffith.

    The only character I’m beyond tired of is Caska. I hope to god this ark doesn’t last long and that there’s not a Griffith arc or something afterwards before Elfheim.

    The thing I’m most interested in is the past and back story to be honest though. Can’t wait to learn more about the God Hand and what happened when 5 of them were there in the past and more about the Skull Knight.


  112. GhostUnit Says:


    Indeed. If Miura doesn’t know what to do with the story now or is just loosing his edge, maybe he should try diverging completely and starting from a (relatively) blank slate.

    And one of the ways to do that could be to start working on a new arc that deals with the past of the Berserk world: Gaeseric, the Skull Knight and Flora, etc.

  113. Henrik Says:

    Sorry for advertising, but since we’re all bored here waiting for the next chapter I figured I’d pimp something I’m doing that is a bit inspired by Berserk to help you pass the time 😉

  114. loretom Says:

    Would you guys know any books that are similar in feel to the berserk world pre-Fantasia? I know there are a lot of references to lovecrafts works, but can someone tell me more. As I am sure for many, what fascinated me about berserk was the world, its indescribable nature and concept of fate, its conception of god and hell, and the depictions of human misery, all of which we try to overcome through Guts. Any advice on where I could find more stories that touch these themes?

  115. CrackoWitcho Says:

    You could read or watch Monster, or watch Texhnolyze, which are two series I got into after Berserk. They’re both pretty dark and somewhat philosophical.

  116. Henrik Says:

    Monster is awesome, watched it about a year ago. Loved that it was a good length too. Haven’t checked out Texhnolyze.

  117. GhostUnitTe Says:

    Monster sucks terribly. At first it looks intriguing, and the characters are extremely interesting. But by about episode 15, the author loses focus completely and never regains it.

    The characters get so repetitive they become caricatures of themselves. Past a point, they do nothing but act out these lines over and over:

    Tenma: I must kill Johan! (never does, cue to countless scenes of him aiming at Johan, making a grim face and never being able to pull the trigger).
    Anna: I remember now!! (she remembers only pointless stuff)
    Johan: I didn’t care anyways (about everything he does or fails to do)

  118. Henrik Says:

    I think it’s a stretch to say it sucks terribly. Yes it has weak points but it is miles above most other anime out there. Miura hasn’t done much better with some of his characters: Caska becoming nothing but a bumbling oaf saying crap like “d-urrr?” all the time.. Puck always being irritating whenever Guts is being “a meanie”, and then devolving completely into a marshmallow that adds nothing except comic relief (that I don’t even find comical) .. Griffith becoming a caricature of evil.. need I go on? How about Guts? When’s the last time he’s even said anything interesting?

    Monster was interesting because it dealt with a lot of psychological themes, mind control, people’s biases and pride. The inspector was a great character. And imo Tenma’s struggle wasn’t that stupid, it showed that he was a pretty moral person, I guess that’s meaningless to some people who are used to seeing Guts mindlessly slaying people without a second thought…?

  119. soleyfir Says:

    Monster is a really great manga needless to say (I’ve never watched the anime though, so I don’t know what it’s worth). But it has very few things in common with Berserk. If you’ve liked Monster, you should check out the other mangas by the same author. Especially 20th Century Boys (great manga though the end kinda sucked) and Pluto (short manga but very interesting).
    To Loretom:
    Well there are Lovecraftian references in Berserk, but it didn’t really strike me as being a major source of influence to Miura’s work.
    I haven’t actually found any manga really similar to Berserk yet. There are some good shonens or seinens that are catchy and have a couple of things in common with Berserk but none has the qualities you’re looking for.
    There is one great manga you should take a look a though: Vinland Saga. It reminds me a lot of the Berserk Golden Age era with a very good writing, complex characers and a mature world where politics and violence are closely tied. The whole is wrapped up with a very good historical background and a great art. Definately one of the best surprises I’ve had with the latest mangas I’ve read.
    Not much Fate/God/hell in it though, it’s mostly a very realistic piece of art. You’ll find it easily on the web (OneManga, Mangafox…).

    Then there is also this great manga: Kurozuka. ( It’s a bit hard to start reading but it turns out to be really original and maybe a bit closer to what you’re looking for.

  120. loretom Says:

    Thanks guys. Yeah, Vinland saga is on my current reading list and definitely agree that it’s a great work. I will check out Kurozuka and Monster.

  121. Karas Says:

    It’s 5:11am and I’m far too tired to write a wall of text on my opinions about Berserk at this stage which I could have done any other time. So I’ll just say that I agree with what no.49 random berserk fan said 😛

  122. GhostUnit Says:

    To all who still look optimistically on Berserk despite its current state of overall derangement and degradation, I urge you to look at the Star Wars prequels (for example) and realize that it IS indeed possible to destroy a cannon of work, regardless of its quality, mythos, depth and span. I am deeply afraid Berserk is decaying so, and that maybe Miura is following a similar path to Lucas after all.

  123. sins of the past Says:

    You could check out Red Sonja by dynamite entertainment.

    I feel for you guys, but Berserk has it’s moments. All is not lost, if only Miura would seriously continue working on this series maybe we’d have some real substance. God, I can’t even remember the last time I was excited for this manga.

    The bottome line though is if Miura doesn’t want to work on it then he doesn’t have too. Depressing, but its the unfortunate truth. But I’ll tell you despite its setbacks, it still remains the best, most compelling manga out there. It’s to bad that such a good manga doesn’t have an author that cares to work on it.

  124. Karas Says:

    The Berserk storyline isn’t getting worse , it’s changing and everyones confusing this change with degradation. Berserk is still as good as it has always been and will continue to be. I’m not in a state of wishfull thinking and ignorance here. I actually like the direction the story is going, which Miura most likely had planned for a very long time now.
    For those of you who does not like the change and is criticizing Miura’s work are weeds of the fan base and a nuisance to the rest of us.

  125. CrackoWitcho Says:

    I’ve gone out and bought every Dark Horse Berserk release to date despite having already read 28 volumes online before learning the series was available locally on paper. Since I fund Berserk in my own small way, I’m pretty much going to treat that as divine right to criticize the series.

    The Star Wars comparison made earlier is pretty much exactly what’s going on, whether you accept it or not.

  126. Henrik Says:

    Give me a break Karas.. you act like authors, filmmakers and anyone else who creates can do no wrong. This is simply untrue, and any creative person with some integrity cares what the fans say, because that’s who they are making it for obviously (no matter if they say “I make it for myself”).. otherwise they wouldn’t put it out there, or sell it. So they must expect not just praise, even though that is obviously to some end what we want, but an honest critique, which is just what I and others here have been giving. The fact that many of us seem to be in agreement on the dip in quality is indicative that Miura has probably lost sight of who his audience is, or perhaps his passion or direction.

    Am I saying the story can’t recover or that he didn’t plan this? Not particularily, and the truth is I have no way of knowing, but that doesn’t change the fact that I can make valid observations about consistency. This “it’s not worse it’s just different” stuff is a cop out. You may be perfectly fine with it, but I’m pretty sure you’re in the minority on that. That being said, I’m not trying to ruin your enjoyment, unfortunately when you make the choice to listen to the thoughts of others on the internet you will run into dissent. If that bothers you, either don’t read it, or keep it to yourself, because you are acting no better by calling us “weeds” and “nuisances”. Grow up.

  127. Karas Says:

    Granted, maybe your right. I guess we are just two sides of the same coin.

  128. sins of the past Says:

    I think people here are just trying to vent their rage as Miura seems to not give a damn anymore. He is making a habit of suspending this series, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this wears on fans. If I could speak Japanese I would try and send him some feedback, and most of us can’t. So, we have to watch as the best manga series ponderously moves along with little to be excited about. Theirs is a legitimate concern Karas. The fact that we haven’t dropped this series already is testament to how much we care for the series, and it really is a shame how far we’ve come only to have Miura drag his fan base through the mud.

  129. Henrik Says:

    It would even be nice just to see him do an interview once in a while.. something other aspiring artists would appreciate especially.. but he doesn’t even seem willing to do that. I haven’t spotted any since like, 2004. Seems like an extreme hermit if you ask me. Makes you wonder why he wanted to be a mangaka in the first place. I think I spotted his twitter account a few weeks back, I am guessing it is his because there are 2 kentaro miuras on twitter, one is obviously not him, and the other is protected from the public reading it – sounds about his style.

  130. GhostUnit Says:


    I speak fluent Japanese, I worked in Japan for 3 years. Maybe we can put up an “open letter”, I’ll translate.

  131. GhostUnit Says:


    To be fair, he has been writing this series for more than a decade now. Maybe it’s hard to keep writing stuff as gruesome, cruel and sad as Berserk, hence the continuous breaks of late.

    Also, Miura himself may not be the “same” person he was when he began. This is a real factor for writers and artists I think, as one inevitably changes with time and loses the attunement to some things while gaining sight of others. Thus, one should finish, and not drag one’s work over decades.

    Maybe Miura has even become a more cheerful person or something.

  132. Henrik Says:

    Well, you hit the nail on the head – if he doesn’t enjoy it anymore, he should try to finish it, and in a way that does satisfy him. Maybe he feels obligated to make it as long as he claimed it was going to be, or he has some contract to fulfill, but I doubt it. I think it’s simply his main source of income, which is probably some incentive to continue. Ironically he’s one of a relatively few number who has the freedom to actually do what they want creatively because royalties help support him for now, and a fanbase who is likely to give any new work a chance, especially if it was published more regularly.

    I like Berserk but it’s getting to be like those shows still on tv after 10, 20 seasons that should have quit after 5 or 6 while they were at their peak. Anything that goes on too long sadly always becomes a parody of itself.

  133. Karas Says:

    *Sigh* To be honest, I just said what I said back there because I didn’t want to continue arguing with you guys and have a flood of hate posts directed at me. I still think those of you who are discontent with Berserk is bunch of idiots, especially now that you want to personally whine in Miura’s ear by sending him mails. Please do us all favour and suck your thumbs until Gatts and the rest arrives at Elfheim.

  134. CrackoWitcho Says:

    I’ll have children sucking their own thumbs by the time anyone gets to Elfheim.

  135. Karas Says:

    Then let’s hope you get children soon.

  136. sins of the past Says:

    You call us a bunch of idiots, for what reason? and we would just voice our concern and ask politely for an explanation as to why Miura has been taking so many breaks, not whine.

    If you haven’t noticed Miura asks for feedback from fans on the latest releases at least.

    You can’t honestly say that he isn’t getting tired of this project considering that he keeps suspending the series, I remember reading he works on other things. I suspect the only thing that is keeping him going at all is the fans. Like I said this series has a lot of potential, and if you don’t care for the story so far then you shouldn’t think it can not get better. It can, but Miura seems to be getting more and more disinterested.

    I won’t be surprised if he decides to just dump this series altogether. You may not think it, but all these “breaks” can only mean on thing in my opinion. He is getting sick of working on it. I don’t know why he would, but he has been working on it for a very long time. He wants to do other things and I don’t blame him

  137. Karas Says:

    136. sins of the past
    “Like I said this series has a lot of potential, and if you don’t care for the story so far then you shouldn’t think it can not get better.”

    What makes you think it I don’t care for the story? I do, and I do think it’s getting better. It never stopped getting better. For me at least, as others think it’s getting worse. Sure the breaks are a little vexing, but that has nothing to do with the story, as he most likely already have most of the story planned out through to the end. His taking breaks because he also has a life to attend to. Berserk’s artwork isn’t as simple as, say Naruto, and it takes a lot more effort and patience. So I wouldn’t blame Miura for taking breaks. And yes, he may have other projects his working on but he’ll always will stay true to Berserk.

    Maybe some of you are just discontent because a big climax has recently passed and your feeling that Beserk hasn’t that much to give anymore.

  138. Attn: Dick Cheney is Conrad Says:

    Next episode: Guts awakens in his luxury Malibu flat with Casca and Farnese lying right beside him and realizes everything all up to that point has been a dream.

  139. Deci Says:

    miura should just give up and take up a new career like portrait drawing, since he seems alot more interested (or should I say obsessed) in wasting time drawing extremely detailed pictures in every episode that comes out then actually looking at the overall picture, such as keeping a decent pace in the plot. It’s only a matter of time before he decides to call it quits, especially since he’s said in the past that he wants to start on a seinen gangster manga. At the rate he’s going he obviously can’t hope to follow through with that plan, seeing as hes probably going to be 60 by the time he’s done berserk. By the time that happens he’ll be looking at retirement most likely.

  140. VietDiuDo Says:

    WoW, I’ve made pass through the wall of text and I must say I couldn’t have agree more with the people who are having concern about how things is going with Berserk.

    I don’t blame people like Karas to think that berserk is getting “better”, because the path that berserk is taking right is quite similar to mainstream mangas. Perky, annoying, and obnoxious…did mention the overly use amount of “chibi”. Seriously, it have come to a point where I actually have forgotten how Puck looks like in his “normal form”; every panels I scroll through chibis chibis chibis! It doesn’t fit with the art work, it doesn’t serve the story, and it make you go “who the fuck is that?” when you haven’t been paying attention to the series in a long time.

  141. Karas Says:

    Okay, the chibi Puck comedie is getting (for a while now) a little too saturated, but I really wouldn’t say that this is what is making the manga crap, which some of you think is happening, nor is Berserk getting similar to mainstream mangas.

  142. Anonymous Says:

    Lets face it, Miura is already dead and his assistent is working on Berserk now.

  143. BoozerX Says:

    Hope it finishes before he is dead.

  144. Grimmer Says:

    In favor of Schierke I have to add that she’s one of the few characters (the only character perhaps besides guts) whom I can’t get enough of. It’s vile to lump her together with the elves.

    Anywayz, the good author is sure taking it slow and steady…
    Frankly I can’t blame him. If I created a series like this, I’d take early retirement and release at most one episode a year. :p

  145. Luiz Says:

    Miura is working on a new Berserk OVA and maybe this is the reason for the delay!

  146. fokers Says:

    Do you people where fan-made berserker armors?Because there is so much RAGE in here seriously stop qqing and start pewpewing and by pewpewing i mean reading and stfu tyvm

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