Angel Heart 124, 125 and Zetman 91 and 92

  » Posted July 11th, 2008 by Eldo

I thought it was about time we made some releases. I mean, it’s been a month or something, right?


With Zetman, this is the end of volume 8. You won’t believe what happens in volume 9. Stick around. And if you’re not reading Angel Heart…why…?

21 Responses to “Angel Heart 124, 125 and Zetman 91 and 92”

  1. Felipe Says:

    Thanks for Zetman!!! Can’t wait for Volume 9! Plz do keep them comming…

  2. Bop Says:

    Thank you very much for the Zetman release. So much love for you guys.
    Oh yeah, thank you for all the work that you do… just had to say that again.


  3. Thana Says:

    Woohoo! Finally some Zetman to read. Thanks, EG.

  4. Yoroichi Says:

    Latest chapters have really started to kick arse!

  5. Se3D03 Says:

    Tnx guys, i was really looking forward to Zetman. Can’t wait to read it. Please continue this, tnx.

  6. PLUG Says:

    I hope the release of Biomega´s chapter 28 is near.

  7. Kagutsuchi Says:

    Yay! At last some Zetman! I was starting to get worried. Can’t wait for Volume 9’s releases! ^_^

  8. tufi Says:

    two of my fav mangas (ZEEETMAN!!!) thx a lot

  9. kuja Says:


  10. Alb Says:

    This is great. Now I can continue from where I left off…kind forgot what happened last.

  11. JG Says:

    Ahhh…. You cant just type stuff like “You won’t believe…” and then get me to wait like a puppy at the foodbowl for weeks, months even!

    Zetman is great.

  12. Red Says:

    Kouga’s tears where tears of joy. I thought you guys had died.

  13. Lionheart Says:

    ZETMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!! yaaaaaaaaay thank you so much youre my god now and since you guys have raws there wont be a delay like before right 🙂 well anyways thank you so much for doing what you do and please keep it up 😀

  14. Little man Says:

    Zetman!!! Great work guys, keep it up

  15. Magus Says:

    EG Crew, I was wondering if you all would want some web hosting for direct downloads. I have plenty of Bandwidth and Space to spare and can offer it to you all.

  16. Ò.Ó Says:

    Evil-Genius… i hope you guys are happy, cause you got me addicted to another series
    and now i have to live the agony of not knowing when the next chapter will arrive… first berserk and now zeteman to!

    (even thought setman is so awesome i must love you guys too XD)

  17. Ò.Ó Says:

    (Wait did i said SETman… huh, interesting…)

  18. Happy Says:

    Yay, Zetman! Thanks!!!

  19. lilaceboy Says:

    hmmm.. is angel heart really good to read? I need something to distract me from now till the day i get my mcat scores

  20. n00bito Says:

    is just me or zetman’s first scene makes less sense as the history goes on?

  21. JG Says:

    And now I started reading Angel Heart, and it’s a bit weird the first chapters, but has some possibilities of greatness. Have to read more to tell for sure, at least my eyes didn’t melt out of their sockets during the first chapter, and that’s a good thing right?

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