Angel Heart and Zetman

  » Posted May 26th, 2007 by psi29a

Welcome to another weekend installment of your Angel Heart and Zetman manga!


We of course are still waiting for Berserk like the rest of you, but we are currently hard at work on our other projects. We have the translation drafts of the Biomega 21-22 and will start work on proofing and editing there. NHK has 4 people working on it at the moment, 3 translators and myself will be offered up as the sacrificial editor (i’ll do my best). As you may or may not have heard, NHK finishes up on chapter 40 so this will probably be our first completed project! The reason it is taking so long is that NHK is notoriously difficult to translate in comparison to our other work due to pop culture and pseudo-psychological and scientific terms and rather long dialog. None the less, it is being worked on. We also now have all the raws for B.Reaction! and have started into them now.

Also, we have upgraded the forums (very spiffy i might add), so stop on by and mingle with the regulars. There is plenty of things to chat about.

31 Responses to “Angel Heart and Zetman”

  1. Hikarub Says:

    Thanks so much for the Angel Heart!! 3 chapters to read before bed tonight!!! XD

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Guyver84 Says:

    Thanks for Angel Heart. I love this series so much!!

  3. Jack Says:

    Yay new Zetman chapters… This is amazing. NHK is coming to an end… OMG! I can’t tell if I’m happy or sad.

    I’m looking forward to the new biomega too.

    Oh and your pole should allow people to pick more than one. I enjoy many of the titles you scanlate. I ended up voting for the one that had the lowest score.

    Well I can’t wait to see how things turn out in berserk either now that griffith is king.

    Anyway I want to say thank you to Evil Genius for scanlating almost all of my favorite manga.

    Thank you



  4. RancorX Says:

    thanks for the zetman

  5. 41nano Says:

    Continue yor hardwork on nhk and thanks a lot.
    Gambatte !

  6. stoil Says:

    thanks a lot guys 😀

  7. aleron Says:

    Thanks very much =D Zetman ftw ^^

  8. BoA_Lover Says:

    been waiting for Zetman.
    thanks so much for the great job. keep it up

  9. psi29a Says:

    Jack: one person, one vote. the reason for this is simple, an unscientific pool of the single reason why you are here. more than one vote would skew the results and wouldn’t tell us anything.

    Now, the solution would be to take out berserk since it clearly is the winner 77% of the 5500~ vote.

    Which I will put up now. 🙂

  10. thief Says:

    been waiting for Zetman!!!

  11. Torje Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the chapters, you guys really brightened my day (managed to smash my knee yesterday)

    And the dl-link on doesn’t work (something wrong with the torrent file)

    Tusen takk! :3

  12. ogar555 Says:

    Great work guys! Keep it up! ;]

  13. psi29a Says:

    @Torje: i sent them a notification with the correct link to the file in question. thanks for the catch.

  14. darksage78 Says:

    Thanks guys, I’ve been waiting for new Zet!

  15. Alb Says:

    damn zetman is good. *starting on a new manga*. I can’t believe it, i thought it was the usually detailed manga ‘not too detailed’ which is not what im after.

    Great work, thanks for this.

  16. Alb Says:

    Oh, erm where is [Evil_Genius]Zetman_v01c001-c005 ? I can’t see it anywhere. Did you guys not scannalate those ?

    I really need the first few chapters of the manga…I don’t know what the boy relationship to the striper(dancer is)…etc. Missing bits.

    any info would be great. thanks again for scannalating great manga =]

  17. psi29a Says:

    Alb: Originally, Zetman was worked on by Toriyama’s World, but they stopped at chapter 5 and we asked to pick it up from them starting at 6.

    grab 1-5 here

    remember, google is your friend. 😀

  18. Mike Says:

    NHK coming to an end? Noooooo, well I can only hope for the best. 🙂

  19. Alb Says:


    lol, yeah, thanks =]

  20. li Says:

    oh no, nhk ends at 40! such a short manga.

    i wonder how much more days until the next nhk manga is out? i wish estimations are given for some of these mangas. thanks

  21. Shirow Says:

    Thanks for this great release EG
    Yay Zetman & Angelheart ^^

  22. Shirow Says:

    As for the Vote:
    I picked Berserk, but I like all the other Mangas too.
    Its just that Berserk is superior to almost all Mangas if you know what I mean ^^
    Ah nevermind, cant wait to read Zetman :p

  23. PLUG Says:

    It would be great to get a double release of Biomega in a week or two, after such a long wait.

  24. Eldo Says:

    While some of you consider NHK a short manga because it ends at chapter 40, don’t forget that each chapter has 36 or so pages. That’s pretty damned long each chapter. But comparatively to other long series like Bleach or One Piece, it does seem kind of short. But you can only milk so much out of the whole ‘hikki’ theme, anymore and it would have gotten boring and out of hand.

    As for Biomega, we are still in the phase for exams, and editing the manga alone takes a long period of time. Once we have completed our exams, we will try to take the partying time off to edit it. How about that? None of us wanted any long waits for any of our projects, but our studying and real life troubles trump everything else, which also includes scanlation and other hobbies. I’m afraid all of you will have to wait a bit longer until it comes out. We are not deliberately delaying it because we feel like it, but we have our own real life issues to deal with first.

  25. Aldarion Says:

    Imo 40 chapters is just good length for NHK. If it was longer, it would get boring.
    And damn I’m in need of Biomega 😀 But take your time, you have been doing a great job! Btw, what is the number of the last Biomega chapter in Japan?

  26. Alb Says:


    Question: If vol 1 of zetman was done by Toriyama’s World then why have you guys got a file saying vol 1 which doesn’t start at the beggining. Shouldn’t it be called volume 2? or are both the toriyama’s one and your vol 1 meant to be just 1 vol?

  27. Eldo Says:

    Alb, just to answer your question, we started Zetman on chapter 6, which is part of volume 1. The first 5 chapters that TW has done also belongs to volume 1 as well. If you notice, there are about 10 chapters per volume (do the math). We did not start from the very beginning, and TW did not finish the rest of the volume. Hence, the chapters were labeled correctly as the chapters we did were a part of volume 1. Quite simple really, you should have checked the index or something or deduced it.

  28. Alb Says:

    heh, ok i get it, but i couldn’t do the math because vol 1 is the only vol i’ve downloaded from your site atm so i couldn’t noticed that there are 10ch per vol.

    thanks for answering my Q anyway =]

  29. Andre Says:

    Thanks for more Angel Heart.

  30. Adam Poots Says:

    I love you guys so much.

  31. Nekomimi Says:

    Hey thanks! I have been waiting for Zetman, it was awesome, once again!

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