Typhoon Miura, no Berserk 284 today!

  » Posted April 5th, 2007 by psi29a

As stated earlier, the storm is brewing and we confirmed a low pressure system developing of Japan. We are not sure why, but there was NO Young Animal today. Translation, no Berserk 284! However, as indicated on YA’s site, issue #8 will be released on the 13th. This is not an April Fools joke… we don’t kid around with Berserk.

We do still plan on making our release in the next few days however.

EDIT BY ELDO: By the way, we need experienced editors. By experienced, I meant had previously edited manga before, and not a random newbie who just read some tutorial on the internet. And yes, by manga, I mean MANGA, not anything else. You could be a graphics designer and still not be able to edit, it’s two separate things, in a sense. If you’ve photoshopped a donkey’s arse onto some jackass and proud of it, it’s still not manga. So if any experienced editors are reading this, please contact me by PM on IRC or the forums, or my email. Your help is very much appreciated.

44 Responses to “Typhoon Miura, no Berserk 284 today!”

  1. Victor Says:

    Damn you Young Animal!!!!!

  2. Berserk-FanBoy Says:

    Please tell me it IS an April Fools joke…

  3. Azurian Says:

    So we won’t get to read chapter 284? =O

  4. Farla Says:

    *pouts* I was hoping to have some berserk to read this weekend, but alas, there’s nothing we can do about it ๐Ÿ™‚ Just makes it that much better when we get it!

  5. Mad Pete Says:


  6. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    this can’t fucking beee :(((( i’ve been wainting 4 this sooo fucking loong. I would have been less dissapointed if someone told me my birtsday is going to be late a month than if a berserk chapter is going to be late a day. I’m gonna die of “hunger” :((((

  7. daniel Says:

    damn… not another week!

  8. Matlaget Says:

    Kinda ironic with the last title message.
    Ah well hope no one gets injured by that storm.

  9. Luke Groundwalker Says:

    This is a terrible tragedy that has ruined my day today. Alas, the other stuff you’re planning to release will satisfy my manga thirst ’til Berserk chapter 284.

  10. Marcus Says:

    I am a bit sad… No, a lot. Well not really but I will be savoring every moment of the next Berserk I can tell you that!!

  11. ZigyZangetsu Says:

    THIS BLOWS…….ill be 60 before this manga finishes

  12. ZigyZangetsu Says:

    btw im only 25 now…

  13. HR Says:

    @ZigyZantgetsu : prey the Godhand that Miura will not die before the end … :S
    He already spent half his life on this !

  14. crimsonzero Says:

    @___@ owell its fate ๐Ÿ˜ก

  15. altekterror Says:

    nnnooooooooo!!!! and here i was hopein i would get my fix. 1 more week just 1 more. we can hold out cant we???? can we??? we MUST!!!…

  16. Oblivion Says:

    agh fuck

  17. temp Says:

    must… read… berserk…

  18. Shinobi Says:

    It better have some better-than-average-berserk material on it for making us wait for another week!

  19. EmrysDrake Says:

    thanks guys for all you’re doing. i’ll check back in next week.

  20. Ladyhawk Says:

    Okay. It ain’t the end of the world. Eventually we’ll get it.

  21. karl Hoffman Says:

    I have been takeing photoshop classes… I could try if you can u send me some like test pages just to see if I got it

  22. Samuel Caceres Says:

    there is a saying in sweden, he how waits for something good never waits too long (it means the wait is worth it)

  23. erik svรคrd Says:

    “there is a saying in sweden, he how waits for something good never waits too long (it means the wait is worth it)”

    But you can also say it the other way “he who waits for something good always waits too long….”

  24. Aluro Says:

    Well, we must wait a bit longer for this cap. Bytes!!

  25. SAMfh Says:

    This sucks. I’d almost be willing to trade the intricate drawings for a faster turnaround. Almost.

  26. Lazy Says:

    In other countries i believe that have he who waits for something good dont wait in vain.

  27. Karoter Says:

    Konoyaroh… >_

  28. berserk lunatic Says:

    damn man i was waiting for this chapte for so long wtf anyways thanks EG for everything and i guess we can wait till the 13th ๐Ÿ™

  29. PlaugeRat Says:

    the pacific must flow red!>_

  30. Alb Says:

    ####…but i guess it’s ok since i have been stuck on Berserk – v32c277 for ####### ages (because the place i was downloading it from wasn’t releasing anymore ch of berserk)…i think i can wait another week…

  31. Rik Says:

    its the 7th now and theres still no berserk ๐Ÿ™ i think im gonna cry ๐Ÿ™

  32. selm Says:

    at least it will be one good LONG read once the update comes =x.

  33. Meeric Says:

    NHK is still being released within the next few days right?

  34. bhaal Says:

    I have a question, how many fans of berserk have died(truly, no joke) wainting this manga end?

  35. ZigyZangetsu Says:

    HMMM any1 have muira’s email address? or any other way we can contact him i.e. thru young animal fan email etc?

  36. Meeric Says:

    Why? Are you going to curse him out?

  37. Batou Says:

    stupid young animal!

  38. Ronald Says:

    LOL It’s funny that people are more concerned about the manga delay instead of the storm. I hope nobody’s injured.

  39. psi29a Says:

    Ronald: There is no storm, it was making light of the situation. The unstoppable force that is Miura is likened to a typhoon as the reason why all our lives are put on hold till it passes.

    There are additional parallels in that we at EG are also pushing through regardless of events and we will wait patiently for the 13th so we can do what we love.

    Don’t be so damn literal. ๐Ÿ˜›

  40. Lone Wolf Says:

    S**t!!!Have the money corrupt Kentaro’s mind?Well it’s good that the little pause is not so BIG after all.And just look at the date April 13th Friday…creeeaaaapy !

  41. ZigyZangetsu Says:

    naw i dont wanna curse him i just wanna tell him berserk is amazing and he shud really consider to try and finish it before he dies…thatll f**k things up…like how many chapters do we see ina year erm…around 12? im not sure

  42. UkeDuKe Says:

    Hooow guys these are bad news… I was hoping about a new berserk issue for my birthday the fifth, as a kinda gift… Anyway, we have to learn to be patient, I guess!
    And I also wanted to thank you for the GREAT work and pleasure you provide, you know in France too (yeah I’m a goddam french guy) there’s a lot of FANS of Berserk, and so… thanks again cuz I really dunno what the hell to tell more ๐Ÿ™‚
    See ya.
    Uke DuKe

  43. Ronald Says:

    Psi29a: D’oh *slaps himself on the face*

  44. SuperiorShortness Says:

    Well that realllly hurt…. I hope it comes out next week then at least….. Keep up the good work eg team.

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