The calm before the storm…

  » Posted April 3rd, 2007 by psi29a

As you can infer from the title, we are preparing for a hurricane of activity that will descend upon us on the 6th.

I want to thank everyone on EG team for coming together over the weekend and getting all of our projects up to date. NHK for example is notoriously hard to translate due to many cultural references and awkward language considering it’s length. The editing isn’t a piece of cake either due to quality of the raw. The hope is that you all will be pleasantly surprised and that the wait hasn’t driven you all up the wall.

We are waiting for Berserk so that we can make one huge release of manga with an additional special surprise for all of you.

Also, if you want a place to hang out and shoot the shit as it were, join us in the forums. The forum has been around 3+ years with 4000+ registered members and a constant flow 5~10 people online at any given moment. Being free of corporate sponsorship, we are free to be more mature in content and are not family friendly. Be it anime, comics/manga, movies, literature, music, politics, current events, technical support/linux/windows/osx, or general mayhem.

The forums are free of general noobery, but I have to warn you that the moderators practice a liaise faire attitude, so if someone is flamed, it is probably because they asked a dumb question or said something stupid. We are not here to be your parents, so treat others how you wish to be treated. If you feel wronged, flame back and make a good show of it. Nothing gets more respect then someone who can hold their own.

So, that being said, we here at EG are going to go silent for awhile till Berserk 284 is released then we will kick off the new Spring/Summer here with a blast. 😀

11 Responses to “The calm before the storm…”

  1. moondo Says:

    you guys are awesome. i respect you guys for doing this for other ppl. thnks!

  2. TheWierd Says:

    I’m gonna sit here by my pc and refresh the site ever 6th second until I get Berserk 284!! Keep it up EG!

  3. Meeric Says:

    Man I can’t wait for NHK, I never got an email from you guys about doing the editing but finals are here now so I guess that’s just as well.

  4. psi29a Says:

    @Meeric: Ack, I’m sorry. I don’t remember you specifically, did you PM Eldo or post in the EG application thread on the forums? We try to at least email people. Currently we are doing very well as far as editing is concerned. The major hold up is the amount of time needed for translation, we have a lot of projects and our current crew is doing an amazing job considering how much effort they have been expending lately.

  5. Cower Says:

    would there be ReRelize of Biomega ^__^
    Or i am too naive ??

  6. psi29a Says:

    A re-release in volume form may happen, it all depends on if we can get a good volume scan. We have chapters 20 and 21, cleaning and typesetting of 20 has begun and we are translating 21 now.

  7. Meeric Says:

    It was just mentioned in the End of February Madness that you guys were looking for some editors, and I had a couple free weeks so I figured I could help out typesetting etc. I only made offer to help in the reply section so it’s atleast partially my fault. So no worries 😀 I hope I can help you guys out in the summer when uni is out.

  8. psi29a Says:

    @ Meeric: very cool of you to offer, if you can PM us in the forums with a contact email we can try to get the ball moving in that direction.

  9. kuji Says:

    u guys r doing greate … BEST OF WISHES keep em all the good stuff coming =)

  10. tommy Says:

    when’s the storm coming?

  11. seymour Says:

    very nice work guys ! many thanks …

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