Updates and downtime

  » Posted July 14th, 2006 by psi29a

Some of you are wondering where the updates are and here is the official EG reponse: Later this month.

July 28 is still the release date for the next YoungAnimal, so patience as always is the rule and not the exception.

We like to push our releases out the door around the time Berserk comes out. It makes for a great weekend of reading and doesn’t nickle and dim your time or ours.

Also, I (psi29a) have made some updates to the BT Tracker, which should benefit everyone. I also plan on re-releasing some of our chapters into volume form.

While you guys are waiting, might as pass along to you all one of my favorite Berserk AMVs. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

28 Responses to “Updates and downtime”

  1. Shadow8 Says:

    This is a nice clic video with Berserl

  2. ylside Says:

    Excellent, I crave Dark Tranquillity and Berserk so it’s a damn good one. Thumbs up dude.

  3. canciller Says:

    nice indeed

  4. Fake_Brasilian Says:

    did not expect to ever see a good MMV, I’m proven wrong.

  5. amaru Says:

    great great AMVs!!!where could i download it?

  6. Curse Says:

    wow, all i can say is….awesome.

  7. Fangoram Says:

    Man I think what you guys do here is awesome. I wish I some one would turn the Berserk scans and make it a digital comic like this vid. Keep it up dudes you guys rule.

  8. Syr_ Says:

    Good job, It’s an beatiful clip.
    But i am unhappy because it can’t be downloaded in god quality.

  9. HitokiriNate85 Says:

    Wow. That was a really amazing MMV. Also, DT was an excellent choice for music, as a lot of their stuff is very fitting. Great job to whoever put this together.

  10. vincent Says:

    gambatte yo

  11. s3r3n1ty Says:

    Excellent. That was great!

  12. Anacran Says:

    WOw increible la mejor copilacion de manga en un clip que jamas haylla visto en toda mi vida, a decir verdad es el primero que veo con manga por eso es cool awsome etc etc

  13. A.K Says:

    Really great . . .
    Standing ovation for that excellent work!

  14. Thallid Says:

    Absolute genius

  15. Satoshi Says:

    cool! awesome! XD

  16. Ronizzle50 Says:

    Clip was hot. And it was made by a guy who goes to my school. RIT Baby!

  17. guto brazilian Says:

    Nice video.

    I’ll be waiting for Berserk! ;D

    Thx ;X~

  18. Alverno Says:

    Indeed is the best Berserk MMV ever made.

  19. Akumu Says:

    wow, that MMV is awesome.

    also berserk IS my favorite manga of all time and im greatful to evil-genius for scanlating it. You guys rock!

  20. deezel Says:

    Funny thing, was listening to the same album when I started the MMV 😀 Great stuff!

  21. Eriol Says:

    After this I just want to read again the whole series.

  22. psi29a Says:

    As I said, it is one of my favorite Berserk Music Vids, it is very well done.

    Also, we have a big release coming up. AngelHeart, Zetman, NHK, and of course Berserk. We are shooting for the weekend of the 28th should we get the raws that Friday.

    I’ll post more videos as time moves forward to fill the void. Also, if you want to carry on conversations or introduce new ones, head on over to the forums @ http://forums.mindwerks.net . We have plunty there to tide everyone over till the next big release.

  23. Trav Says:

    Wow, that was an awesome MMV, first time I’ve ever seen one too, never expected it to work so well. Very great song choice too.

  24. emem Says:

    really good video, like your works thanks =)

  25. Ben Says:

    For those that want to download a higher-quality copy, the video is avalible at AMV.org: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=91019

  26. psi29a Says:

    Ben: thanks for the video link, I assume you are the creator: sir_lagsalot . If so, thanks much for the wonderful video! Keep in touch.

  27. man3k Says:

    Thanx for Berserk.. Thanx for Angel Heart! Thanx for Every Releases!! and your Berserk AMV is soooo Cool without a doubt!! (^_^)/

  28. Leanier Says:

    Fucking BRILIANT 😀

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