Angel Heart, FMA, NHK, Zetman releases

  » Posted February 24th, 2006 by Eldo

Just wanted to tell you that Angel Heart chapter 42, Full Metal Alchemist 56, NHK chapter 20 + omake, and Zetman chapter 47 and 48 are released.

Here are the torrents:

Angel Heart chapter 42

Full Metal Alchemist Chapter 56 

NHK chapter 20

Zetman Chapter 47 and Chapter 48

These releases could also been obtained via IRC, the packlist is:

If you’re wondering about FMA, yes, we are continuing it once more. But we can’t do it without your help. If you’re interested in translating FMA to English, please send me (Eldo) a PM on the forums. Your help is very much appreciated. We hope you enjoy these releases.

6 Responses to “Angel Heart, FMA, NHK, Zetman releases”

  1. Yohann Says:

    thank you, thank you thank, you thank you for NHK ni Yokoso 20. You’ve definitely made my day now!!!!!!!!! I would say you guys rock, but that would be a mere understatement….

  2. krunkster Says:

    There seems to be a php script that generates the list of torrents available for but there doesn’t seem to be a way (that I could figure out) to ouput the list in RSS format instead of HTML.

    This is useful for a couple of reasons, but the important one is that it would allow me to points my news aggregator at that RSS feed and it would automatically download any new releases with out me having to remember to check this website.

    I can of course do this on my own by downloading the HTML and converting it into an RSS xml file, but this seems like something other people could use.

    If this is not already available I’d be willing to modify the current php script to output an rss2 feed so that it would be available for everyone.

  3. krunkster Says:

    Oops, I just realized this will work even though it’s not officially from you:

  4. ifrit Says:

    ZETMAN kicks major ass yo but i cant help but be put off by the fact that i dont have the whole manga to go through without waiting for it to be translated but you guys are making it so very less painful lol 😀 thx alot you guys , also cant wait for breserk 😀

  5. psi29a Says:

    I’ll think about allowing an RSS feed, however I’ve seen first hand that RSS can be abused. If I do create one, I’ll probably put checks in that would add IPs into my iptables drop chain for a day or so.

    I’ll mull it over, it is fairly trivial to impliment by hand. I’ve made them before.

  6. psi29a Says:

    I do hope you don’t forget which probably is a lot better at getting the latest updates. The tracker is just up to help people out, not to be used as gospel.

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