Zetman Chapter 27

  » Posted October 8th, 2005 by Eldo

It was actually released a couple of hours ago, but I totally forgot to update the site or the topic on IRC till now. So bear with me for the moment. This chapter was actually completed by Laik yesterday to celebrate Darksky as the default skin for the forums (it’s actually his favourite skin…but BBTech is still my one and only love) and it took me the next day to put the finishing touches (which isn’t much, I just got lazy) and ready for distro. So use BT to download enjoy, and please seed the torrent. Take note while the filename says volume 2, it’s actually the start of volume 3, I made a blunder in naming when I was archiving the files. I promise I’ll be more observant next time, plz dont flamez me

Click here for the Zetman Chapter 27 torrent

Next week we should see the next Berserk chapter release, so stick around.

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