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Zetman 29 and News Updates

  » Posted October 24th, 2005 by psi29a

Zetman 29 (vol 3) was released earlier this morning thanks to the hard work of Mr. Eldo. This is psi29a typing currently just to give you all a heads up.


So… clicky clicky everyone and enjoy.

We do have more news for everyone. Straight from Nazgul (EG’s fearless leader), here is what he has typed in the forums:

Here’s the new status for some of our older projects:

    Zetman – New chapter every week.
    Nhk – Ch 16 and 17 in a week.
    Biomega & Nse – whenever new vol or chapter comes out.
    BReaction – Ch 5 in a week.
    Elfen Lied – If no one does it by the time we release zetman vol 5 then we will start working on it again,but i hope someone does pick it up.
    FMA/TenTen – Too much work,will think about them in few months.

There you have it. More stuff coming soon! Also, I’ll be working on additional pages for the site here, perhaps do a few interviews with some staff members, and get some perspective of who Evil_Genius is. Till then, have a good one!

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Berserk Prototype

  » Posted October 19th, 2005 by Eldo

Yep, the Berserk prototype is done, just to appease the hard core fans of Berserk. Enjoy 40+ pages of Berserk goodness. Note that Muira planned this as a prototype to Berserk in college, this would be what Berserk is today if he continued down the same road as the prototype. Anyway, enough of my raving, get on with the links.

BT download for Berserk prototype

For downloading from the bot on the IRC channel, type ‘/msg EG|Vicar xdcc send #2’.

I’m actually about a day late in updating this on the website (as usually), but I bet nobody visits the website to check the news anyway. *Mumble*.

If I don’t have a massive workload, Zetman should be released by this weekend, yay for me, I guess, to an extent. Sigh. I’ll try to remember to update the website with glorious news. Which nobody visits.

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Berserk 263 and Zetman 28

  » Posted October 16th, 2005 by Eldo

Well, Berserk chapter 263 and Zetman Chapter 28 has been released. You can get them on our BT tracker, heh.

Berserk Chapter 263

Zetman Chapter 28

Within a day or two, the Berserk prototype will be completed. It was wishful thinking to expect it to be done at the same time as the Berserk release, but fear not, you shall get your precious release soon.

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Zetman Chapter 27

  » Posted October 8th, 2005 by Eldo

It was actually released a couple of hours ago, but I totally forgot to update the site or the topic on IRC till now. So bear with me for the moment. This chapter was actually completed by Laik yesterday to celebrate Darksky as the default skin for the forums (it’s actually his favourite skin…but BBTech is still my one and only love) and it took me the next day to put the finishing touches (which isn’t much, I just got lazy) and ready for distro. So use BT to download enjoy, and please seed the torrent. Take note while the filename says volume 2, it’s actually the start of volume 3, I made a blunder in naming when I was archiving the files. I promise I’ll be more observant next time, plz dont flamez me

Click here for the Zetman Chapter 27 torrent

Next week we should see the next Berserk chapter release, so stick around.

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Zetman Chapters 24-26

  » Posted October 1st, 2005 by Eldo

Yes, it’s out, believe it or not. After the long wait/absence, Zetman is once again active and Evil_Genius is proud to present you with chapters 24 to 26. With these releases, it concludes the end of volume 2. Yeah, I’m excited, ecstatic. You can get the torrent here: Zetman Chapters 24/25/26

There’s always IRC for those that can’t or refuse to use Bittorent. There is a revised guide in the forums that teaches you how to download from our channel, and hopefully you know the website link for the packlist by now.

You have Laik to thank for getting these chapters done on time. And also a big welcome back to psi29a, having just survived his wild honeymoon. Rumours say he’s as skinny as a straw now and also growing his first bald spot on his head after being locked in a cage and only fed bread and water by his wife. Of course, congratulations are in order. Best wishes goes out the happy newlyweds.

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