Berserk 375

  » Posted November 10th, 2023 by DrPepperPro

You can probably expect this pattern going forward: online reader upload first, then a revised version going up here on the blog after we’ve had a day or two to to digest/discuss the translation.

375 – Dawn breaks on the unyielding fog of night
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14 Responses to “Berserk 375”

  1. Phil Sheldon Says:

    Hate repeating myself but literally making less sense with every chapter, something i’ve noticed is the repetition of phrases from the original series, seems author can’t come up with anything good and original.

  2. Rillant Says:

    @Phil Sheldon “seems author can’t come up with anything good and original” yeah that was kind of the whole point when he said that he won’t make up any new dialogue and will only use what he remembers from his talks with Miura. There /won’t/ be any new and original dialogue.

  3. HONGFIREveteran Says:

    thank you!

  4. DeSpawn Says:

    I do like that the author is keeping to this, and hope we can get to a good stride. Naturally I will be supporting berserk for as long as it continues


    Thank you 🙂


    I liked this chapter, it was the first one in this new stage, so sad, will guts ever be happy again?

  7. Murad Says:

    Thank you EG! As always, the best!

  8. Phil Sheldon Says:

    @Rillant Then what’s the point? Except you’re completely wrong given he’s drawing new and original chapters so you should actually make some sense before responding the first thing that comes to your mind, thanks.

  9. Loop Says:

    Guts and Silat together ! Separate arc of Rickert is ended. So the end is coming.
    And by the way great job EG !

  10. tobe Says:

    e ai? where’s the next one? gotta keep the pace

  11. Emevoli Says:

    I guess we are still strugglers

  12. Annarek Says:

    well it wouldnt be proper berserk without long delays…

  13. BerserkW Says:

    The new chapter is released.

  14. 1pq Says:

    I’m waiting patiently for that scanlation. May you scanlate with purpose

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