Berserk 337 and Challenging the Manga Dojos 2

  » Posted October 3rd, 2014 by DrPepperPro

>           ,、
>          ノ ヽ  __
>        /       `ヽ.
>       /           ヽ
>    _ i             !
>   /  \      ノ  ヽ   |
>   \   `    ̄ ̄   ̄ ̄  、
>     \__      ヾ—ァ`   ノ
>       \       \/   /
>         `ァ       <
>         /         ヽ


Here’s the 2nd chapter of that weird interview-manga about Miura.

121 Responses to “Berserk 337 and Challenging the Manga Dojos 2”

  1. Dumber Says:

    100, he sure is taking his time as usually, cant even remember what the last chapter was about

  2. Derpy Says:

    @100, how can you forget that epic slap? That is what the last chapter was about, a well planted slap to remind Griffith that a pimp needs his cash, he ain’t earning enough.

  3. Fest Says:

    Miura is a dick.

  4. RedSamurai Says:

    I found this website in my bookmarks so I checked it out only to find that it was related to something called Berserk. I had to google it to realize that it was a Manga I used to read 73 years ago…

    Joking aside, WTF is going on with Miura!?

  5. Uberidiot Says:

    So, I have been saying that the tracker links don’t work for me. For some reason my firewall is blocking remote port 6000, the one used by the links.

    When I disable the firewall, the links work, so the problem is obviously on my end. Sorry about that.

  6. Uberidiot Says:

    And by firewall, I mean PeerBlock, of course. The firewall was a red herring.


  7. Doctor Gandalf Says:

    Okay, I’ve had enough Miura. Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK. I’ve kept my mouth shut for years but enough’s enough. Take a break from drawing stories about chubby wrestlers in Pacific Rim, take your panties off, put on your big boy pants and hit that Berserk, hard!

  8. borabosna Says:

    It would be interesting if talented fans got together and took on Berserk and finished it before Miura

  9. kuro_ Says:

    >Chapter 337
    >October 3rd, 2014

    Good god Miura

  10. Taz2008 Says:

    If i had a nickel every day i waited for the new chapter to release i would be rich by now. My god plz someone pass me his address so i can personaly fly to him and make him do 4 chapters that we deserved..

  11. madoka Says:

    Let’s face it, Berserk’s over…

  12. waofy Says:

    *pokes head up*
    No new Berserk yet? Ok will check back sometime in the summer I guess (it’s sad how it’s got to this!)

  13. wickian Says:

    I don’t think there is any other visual media that I check weekly for a release. Guts has been lost at see for most of my adult life.

  14. Annarek Says:

    hgmmm i thought that after 5 months we would have at least some info about it… not to mention my high hopes of 2 chapters….
    well c’ya again guys

  15. Legato Says:

    Nothing new to report huh… That’s sad.

  16. Joe H Says:

    Yeah, hard to say why he’s taking quite this long now. Before, we at least had the excuse that he was spending his time working on that one-shot (which I really didn’t care for).

    So are 6-month breaks now the norm? Good god! Looks like he really does release 3-5 chapters annually.

    At this rate the manga volumes which use to be annual releases are looking like bi-annual releases now.

    Think about it. Once we reach March 29, we would have had only 9 chapters released in a full 2 years. That’s almost an average on one chapter every 3 months.

    it’s gotten to the point where I forget Berserk exists for months on end and even then when I check up on it, it’s still “on break”

  17. C4Murder Says:

    This is absolutely amazing. The last chapter I had read before catching up today was 332, which has a time stamp on my hard drive of 11/17/2012. I got to read (ie. gawk at in awe) Berserk for a good 20 minutes only to realize I’m now current again. All that being said, I’ll cya all when I check back in another 3 years or so.

  18. Joe H Says:

    Whoops, my bad, I was going off the tonkoubon release date.

    In light of that, we’ve only had FOUR chapters/episodes is in 2 YEARS. Check the Evil_Genius release archive if you’re skeptical. Episode 333 was scanlated in January 2013.

    That’s an average of one chapter every 6+ months! Like C4M, I’ll check back in another 6-12 months.

  19. LookAtWaffles Says:

    It has been painful checking this website, knowing that I’m coming here in vain. That said, I’d like to thank the Evil-Genius scanlators for throwing them out whenever they can. You guys have been awesome.

  20. 遅い。。。 Says:

    5 chapters over the last 25 months is 2.4 chapters per year.
    At that rate, assuming there were 50 chapters till elfhelm then that will be about 20 more years of waiting… but it’s probably just a lie… :p

  21. Pedro Ramires Says:

    Well, today I thought: let’s see if old Miura released something.
    As I see, he didn’t.
    Ok, I’ll check again this summer.

    See ya

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