Gigantomakhia #3

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  1. edtfygujh Says:


  2. colonywars Says:

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jeb Says:

    Thank you EG!

  4. Doomroar Says:

    So can someone tell me, how come Delos is unable to understand, that without an god with the powers to generate water and allow life to sprout in the desert, the only thing that will come for the escarabei tribe is death? is he really that dumb?

    Also thanks for the release!

  5. magolodont Says:

    alright !

  6. executivegaines Says:

    doing good EG

  7. gerop Says:

    Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Casey M. Says:

    @Doomroar: That’s not what he was saying, exactly. He was saying he didn’t understand the difference between being enslaved to a deity and being enslaved to an empire.

  9. Doomroar Says:

    @Casey M. thanks for the answer man, but the differences are still the same the deity is feeding them, while the empire feeds on them.

  10. mandos9 Says:

    Awesome series, it’s Miura having fun! Thank you Evil Genius!!!

  11. homo Says:

    Thanks. Eagerly waiting for the next chapter ๐Ÿ˜€
    Greetings from Germany!

  12. Rancid Says:

    Probably gonna catch a lot of sh.., but after reading third chapter, i don’t like it! It’s lame, weird and too similar to Berserk.

  13. Higashikata Josuke Says:

    Rancid, why you be a hater? Being similar to Berserk doesn’t make it unoriginal.
    By the way, I asked thia before but I got no answer, is it stated for Berserk to resume after Ggiganthomakia ends?

  14. LordMune Says:

    Yes, Berserk will resume once all six chapters of Gigantomakhia have been published.

  15. executivegaines Says:

    I’m not seeing how this is anything like berserk.

  16. Rancid Says:

    Hate is a strong word, i don’t hate it, i just don’t like it. There are things that reminds me of Berserk. A man possessing a superhuman strength accompanied by a spirit/elf/magical character is the biggest similarity. The whole giant gods concept reminds me of the final battle between Griffith and emperor Ganishka. Both stories are taking place in a low-tech world. My opinion is strictly SUBJECTIVE, but i would like to see Miura draw something different, maybe SF. I know it’s not his style, but after 30 years i would be bored to tears with the same thing. And his art work is superb, no way he would have problem in that department.

  17. Durr Says:

    thanks again guys, much appreciated

  18. Doomroar Says:

    @Rancid but he is doing something different, or did you miss all those pages of moe lolita insinuating herself to Delos and then pissing on his mouth? sure the moe bug bite him on berserk quite some time ago, but it was not an ero-moe bug.

    As for Sci-Fi, has SF works for example:
    -Futatabi : which takes place in the future, and is the more SF story from his that i know so far.

    -Japan and King of Wolves : are practically the same story, both have time travel, both are plagued with nationalism, and both have a superpowerful hero, however Japan has a message while KoW is more of a plot twist.

    So there you go.

  19. Rancid Says:

    Everything you mentioned is at least 20 yrs. old. Japan definitely has Berserk influences. As for the pissing, i really don’t think it’s the best example of originality, i used the term ”same” loosely, ofcourse it’s not gonna be the exact SAME thing.

    I don’t want to slander Gigantomakhia, my point is that i expected a lot more from the project for witch Miura put Berserk on hiatus.

  20. Doomroar Says:

    Haha lol the pissing was just me trolling.

    I personally don’t care if he never gets tired of the same thing, there are plenty other manga to read, actually his long hiatus are useful to read other things while you wait. And we are only at 3 chapters (unless you know the whole story), i say that you are rushing a conclusion.

  21. Higashikata Josuke Says:

    I agree with Rancid partialy, only in the part that this new series is only ok. I also think that Miura can do way better, but it’s nice to read something different from him.

  22. Doomroar Says:

    I don’t know looking back at his early stuff like Japan and King of Wolves, he is not really all that great, however he did improve a lot and i mean a lot with Berserk, and thus he could do way better with this new project, but in the unlikely event that it doesn’t happens, then is not really all that surprising, authors have their ups and downs after all.

  23. Mormegil Says:

    But he didn’t write Japan and King of Wolves. He only did the art. Buronson(of Fist of the North Star fame) wrote the stories.

    It wasn’t the best collaboration, that’s for sure. They’ve done much better working on their own.

  24. Doomroar Says:

    True. Anyway Gigantomakhia has still to show us what it is really made of, but is not like it is that bad, is just good the weapons used by the humans show promises and i wish the escarabei could show more interesting things with those insects, after all the world of arthropods is enormous in its variety (and for pedos the story must be wonderful XD.

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