Berserk #333

  » Posted January 13th, 2013 by DrPepperPro

Chapter half-Satan.


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  1. Aleister Says:

    Change the dates on the poll already! XD

  2. phillipRT Says:

    I thought it be out by now….
    so we wait & wait & wait….

    do you think Rickert will join them???

  3. rex Says:

    OMG WTF 2016?!?!

  4. Nothere Says:

    You know when Caska gets fixed by that elf king, I want to see the emotional side of Guts again. Like I imagine him tearing up heavily and just giving her a huge hug saying “I’ve missed you so much” or “I’m glad you’re back” I know we all think of Guts as a super badass especially with the recent chapters but I really liked it earlier in the series when he showed emotional weaknesses remembering his childhood. Like when he had sex with Caska and pretty much started hallucinating then crying.

  5. Sandwich Says:

    I wonder how the Japanese fanbase deals with the breaks. I mean there’s gotta be an official forum or something like that for Young Animal or Berserk in general filled with people like us. Except they may even have better information as to why the breaks are happening or what to expect. Anyone who knows Japanese ever look into that kind of stuff?

  6. Box Says:

    He’s just too busy playing and watching Idol Master

  7. Mistyman Says:

    It’s pretty obvious at this point that KM doesn’t have the same passion anymore for advancing Berserk forward, and is content to reap profits from past achievements. Which is understandable, it’s hard to retain the interest and dedication for something you’ve been doing for half of your life. A natural consequence of being a perpetual ongoing, I guess, but comprehension doesn’t equal comfort.

  8. Vud Says:

    I’d like to think that it’s a combination of what you said Mistyman and also of his addiction to his Idol Master… though I can understand the need of a break from such a long-running and involved story, especially one such as Berserk. I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve got this feeling that things are going to go badly in Elfheim when we -finally- get there. We’re overdue for some good old fashioned horrific tragedy, especially with how well the battle against the sea god went.

  9. SansInsp Says:

    Maybe we could fund him for his detoxication cure of Idol Master! We all know it’s hard to get throught…

  10. Nothere Says:

    @Vud Don’t mention that dammit T_T What if it is actually like you said. Elfheim is supposed to be a paradise! Right!? Caska’s mind will be restored, Guts will rest up to full strength and he’ll get a power boost to fight the God Hand with! Then they’ll join forces with the Elf king and some of the magicians there and destroy Falconia and kill Griffith woo! Happy ending e_e
    Let’s not talk about things that could go wrong…

  11. smokeesid Says:

    It is appalling how much time Muira takes in releasing a chapter. Looks like his creative fluids are forever low.

  12. asd Says:


  13. Sunrider Says:

    Oooh, I liked it at the same part as Nothere so much! I really hope they’d end up together and happy (yeah I’m a sucker for happyends), but I fear that he’ll make it so that Caska won’t be “fixed”… 🙁

  14. Tim Says:

    For #%$* sakes Miura! Draw something!!!

  15. ohsnap Says:

    I don’t know why, but the releases are not spaced apart anymore so it’s up to the reader to show constraint. If I only knew when those 3 chapter came out one after the other…
    I’ve decided when the new chapter comes out I’ll try not reading it. I suggest you all do the same.

    All I can say is thank Yukimura for vinland saga…

  16. Vudreya Says:

    alternatively, we DO get our happy ending… and then that girl (Theresia?) comes along and tries to kill Guts.. Casca throws herself between them and gets along with Guts and they both die…

    Okay. someone shut me up. Miura might be reading and get ideas :S

  17. Vudreya Says:

    er.. should have proofread that before I hit the submit button. but oh well.

  18. Guest Says:

    You definately need to change your opinion poll. Nobody believes it will happen in 2013. 2015/16 is more realistic …

  19. DarkWanderer Says:

    Miura might be busy with something else, maybe like more Beserk movies or continuing the anime….

    As really, the manga is like the first step, one-man-army form.

  20. Grumpy Says:

    Seriously 5-6 months already since the last release? I may die of old age before this manga is finished.

  21. Nothere Says:

    I wonder if he’ll ever kick it back into gear.

  22. FUCK Says:

    I read up to date… (from vol35). FUCK.

  23. DUmber Says:

    FUCK Says:
    June 1st, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    I read up to date… (from vol35). FUCK.


  24. smokeesid Says:

    Muira is officially the kinf of trolling

    I am re-reading berserk the nth time and repetitively thinking when the next chapter will come.

    And considering its slow releases one would expect an excellent chapter unlike the recent seaGOD arc that seemed like a filler both in terms of its significance in the story and depiction

  25. still waiting Says:

    Look at my name! I am

  26. FS Says:

    Dont know if this is the author of berserk

  27. smokeesid Says:

    @Evil-Genius : I have to thank you all again for providing great translation from 31st volume. Your translation is very superior to that of Hawk which I had to read for the unavailability of Berserk volumes in India and the imported version are unreasonably expensive

    And I would like to take back my previous assertion about SeaGOD arc because now when I have re-read it, I can appreciate it

  28. Caca Says:

    Miura is worse than Sadamoto!!11w… wait, there’s nobody worse than Sadamoto…

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