Berserk 328

  » Posted June 12th, 2012 by DrPepperPro

Berserk 328 = here


Berserk 329 = June 22nd

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  1. Ikasury Says:

    holy mother of all that is sexy!! 😀 *grabs* random whim checking this after watching the first movie *looks around* where’s the ‘cry’ button TT.TT

  2. phillipRT Says:

    we’re back!!!!!
    sort off…..
    2 more chp and hopefully back to the island

  3. PIXE Says:

    ZOMG! i no beleive but then there it is thank god.

  4. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    @Rapixxx has a very good point, I didn’t notice at first but after looking at the link he provided it became obvious. The “young” Guts in this chapter looks exactly like the black swordsman Guts in the latest chapters; nothing young about him.
    It’s a shame Miura choose to draw the character like this but either way the chapter is very nice and I am sure the arc will shed another dim ray of light on Guts…

  5. SquigPie Says:

    Well, atleast the art change isn’t as jarring as when Araki drew the Pillar Men in his new style. That man can nolonger draw manly characters.

    They looked like a group of gay strippers for craps sake.

  6. Aethyr Guard Says:

    Came to leave my thanks as insignificant as it is. And … Unbelievable that people bitch about the new chapter coming via torrent… Wth is wrong with you? You got to see something extraordinary completely free and yet you complain insult the people who scanned/translated/cleaned/proofread it and than brought it to you. Next time you come to the place where these people work and leave a brainless complaint about the form in which you have to access the material, shut down your PC, go outside, get hit by a truck and die a slow death you ungrateful, witless, pathetic excuse for a life form.

  7. pantaril Says:

    Guess i was too optimistic in current poll when i voted for 2013:)

    I hope we’ll learn something new and interesting about the main character in this 3-episodes arc. The last arc (Solitary island) felt a little like filler to me. I wonder if Miura has not forgotten where he is heading with Berserk.

  8. Kain Says:

    Thanks for the so long awaited berserk chapter!

    I found it enjoyable, but I don’t see the point yet. To show that before meeting Griffith, Guts was a hardass who hated everything and everyone, only caring for survival? I mean what’s new in it, why use pages for that? Or maybe he will meet the strange fairy on the last page in Elfhell.

  9. KKor Says:

    I’ve been hitting refresh since February.. my fingers are barely functional. I am typing this with my big toe. It is terribly difficult.

    Thank you.

  10. Gatsu Says:

    So this are the first time Gats “saw” a elf in a critical situation and forget.. then become possible later to saw Pakk in the beginner…

  11. Carlos Says:

    Just wanted to say this: Awesome

    I dont care about elfhelm, Berserk is Berserk because of chapters like this.

    If it was for me to decide, Miura could make this arc 100 chapters long.

  12. SquigPie Says:

    @Aethyr Guard

    What the fuck is wrong with you, are you really so goddamn rapid? The guy didn’t bitch, he didn’t whine, he politely asked if someone would make a direct download. Calm the fuck down and stand in the corner over there.

  13. Stick1000 Says:

    Thanks EG. Nice surprise. Great chapter too, Gutts is quite the walking tragedy, I like the foreshadowing and the artwork is always great. Sometimes I just stare at panels to soak in the goodness.
    Now didn’t Miura write chapter 4 like 20 years ago? It’s just more detailed now, more fine lines, I didn’t notice much until someone pointed it out.

  14. Mister Morphine Says:

    3 flashback chapters? Seems like the results in the option poll hit the mark XD

  15. thepeaguy Says:

    I wish people would seriously shut the fuck up about Miura’s direction.

    Berserk is his creation. The manga is popular because of him. If he knows what the fans want it will be down to him to decide that, not the disgruntled fans who want constant updates. Seriously, if the fans take control, I will stop reading Berserk. They’ll make it fucking predictable.

    So be patient or give up on the franchise. Simple.

  16. pantaril Says:


    You wish people would should up about Miura’s direction, then you write a paragraph talking about Miura’s direction. Weird isn’t it?

    Or did you mean people would shut up just when they are talking negatively about Miura’s work? Do you realy believe Berserk is so perfect from the begining to the current(and future) episodes, that no critique is needed or justified? What is exactly wrong with negative feedback? There is a note in each episode, to send thoughts about the work to Miura. Do you think only positive feedback is allowed?

    Negative critique is IMO perfectly normal in disscussions about every work of art. If you can’t take it calmly and respond to it rationaly then don’t respond to it at all. Simple:)

  17. thepeaguy Says:


    Did I say people should shut up because Mirua’s god and he’s always right? No. I WISH that people would stop moaning about him because you’re all getting free early updates on his manga, and I bet most of you are cheap assholes who don’t bother to buy his manga like I have. I also donate to this site for their translations from time to time.

    Granted, there are things about Berserk I do not like such as the part where Midland’s King tried to rape his daughter. I found that tasteless. Regardless, I enjoy the manga. It’s my favourite.

    Anyway you guys constantly moan about lack of updates and so forth. This manga has been going on for years, for christ’s sake. Some of you take this manga a bit too serious for my liking. For me it’s a passing read. Like the author, I got other things to do.

  18. thepeaguy Says:

    Just donated some spare bob to this place. Been a fan of their work for a few years now. Thanks broskis.

    Well again, the English speakers who complain about mangas are generally cheap nerds who would never contribute to a person’s hard work. I’m a nerd who does. Then I have every right to praise or criticise its direction.

    Most of you are spoilt brats, seriously.

  19. SquigPie Says:

    Oh calm down.

    I’ve bought the first 2 volumes, might buy the rest if I ever get the spare coin (seriously, those things cost 50$ worth of crowns in Denmark).

    People have a right to criticize, doesn’t matter if the entertainment is free or not.

    An also, if you want to appear like the morally superior person in a conversation, try not to strawman and use ad hominem, calling other people fat nerds and spoiled brats doesn’t precisely convince them to agree with you.

  20. jin21 Says:

    @thepeaguy @Wowlol @Aethyr Guard @Matt
    Come down off your high horse. Everyone has the right to praise or critique any work. Its called freedom of speech. For all of the people complaining about what others wish Miura would do, its their right to post their opinions. If you don’t like it respond properly or be viewed as in ignorant turd. I have been reading, watching, buying berserk for over 10 years does that make me better than the next fan? No it does not; it makes me simply a fan. Save your high-minded self-righteous anger for your family, they will probably be the only ones who appreciate it.

  21. veiko100 Says:

    It`s like the best day ever. Manowar just released new album and now also new Berserk 🙂 Thanks, Evil-Genius

  22. Ratatosk Says:

    Drawing style changes = Miura got better at anatomy and draws more detail and less fail. Of course everyone got prettier as a side-effect. He does seem incapable of drawing old men who aren’t creepy as fck though.. but maybe it was intentional.

    But Yay berserk! Thats some tasty rat there..

  23. thepeaguy Says:

    Oh Squigpie, I am calm. How can you detect a person’s emotion from text alone? Are people from Denmark as slow as you? I hope not.

    I passively said that most people here who bitch and moan are generally those who wouldn’t pay a cent towards a person’s livelihood. It’s true. Now you guys are calling me self-righteous because I spoke the truth. Again, there are things I don’t like and like about the manga, but do I constantly complain about updates or Miura’s story direction? No, I’m not a whiny manga nerd expecting everything for free. My friend got bored of Bleach so he stopped reading it. He didn’t need to complain about every new chapter released. He moved on.


  24. thepeaguy Says:

    If Miura started writing a story based on the criticisms of fans worldwide, it wouldn’t be his story then, but 1000s of strangers he never met. I doubt his esteem is that low.

  25. SquigPie Says:

    Danes are not slow, we just aren’t ignorant asshole hypocritical high horse humping self-righteous pompous douchebags like you.

  26. Eric Says:

    i’d almost given up hope!

  27. interRage Says:

    @squigPie YOWza! keep it down there I’m trying to watch a movie.

  28. stargood Says:

    About the torrent issue: I believe that Evil-Genius have been using torrents ever since they have been doing this, one of them can correct me if I am wrong. At least that’s the way it’s been for the last few years. So the people refusing to use torrents and basically demanding, whether politely or not, direct downloads, are new here. Just maybe also upping to file sharing services is more work that they just aren’t willing to do.

    @KKor, you can select to be notified by Email of new posts, so that will save your fingers.

    About having the right to criticize art: Yes of course you have the right to do that. However, criticizing negatively in a place like this where the author will never know about it, is meaningless. It is equivalent to blowing hot air, and here especially where most are die-hard Berserk lovers, negative criticism may understandably be viewed as nothing more than trolling. Recently, I posted in English the Young Animal Editorial department mailing address. Miura gives this address near the end of every chapter (in Japanese) and asks that anyone send him their thoughts about Berserk. I am curious if anyone who is unhappy with how the story is playing out has actually sent him a letter at Young Animal. By all means continue to vent here, but if you want your views to be heard by Miura himself, you have the means to do that.

  29. Rapixxx Says:


    Thanks for the info! Maybe I’ll write him.

    And again on the side note (since it seems I started the thing with the art critiques):

    Like I said I still think his art is awesome and maybe in 40 years there’s a (little)chance I can draw as good as him. I wrote what I wrote because I wanted to find if anyone feels the same about it or it’s just me. I didn’t write it to rant or complain or anything.

    And I’m happy I found one person who shares my viewpoint! ^^

  30. Gustavo Says:

    Thank you, i love you.

  31. interRage Says:

    Was just thinking. Everybody reading Berserk is waiting for Caska’s revival. Kinda weird eh? and It’s either going to be devastating or solemn for character and reader alike from what is to come.

  32. TravellersTea Says:

    Thank you EG!

    I hope that Guts won’t eat the elf…

  33. rawhunt Says:

    where ma 329 raw plz

  34. Rapixxx Says:


  35. Rapixxx Says:


    Fail…. why did the guys reupdate a old chapter…. Sorry guys, next time I’ll look better at the contents befor getting super happy and posting! (sure regretting here ain’t no delete)

  36. Rapixxx Says:

    Hope i’ll redeem my soul now!

    scroll down there’s the whole chapter! ^ ^

  37. jin21 Says:

    Hmm patiently waiting for 329.
    Don’t feel bad or worry about how others view your critique or comment. I enjoy everyone’s view of what they would like to see and what they feel has changed. It gives me something to ponder when I view the manga from their perspective when theirs is different from my own or the the path Miura has chosen.
    I just don’t respect the ignorant cocks who don’t respect others views or opinions and find it their duty to flame and rant when others share their views.

    Keep sharing your views it makes for fun conversations and thoughts.

  38. Caieq Says:

    Sooooo, 329?

  39. raw Says:

    berserk 329 raw:

  40. Gex Says:

    so next is day 13.. more flashback till elf hell

  41. rawer raw Says:

    link didn’t work for me…
    this did:

  42. thepeaguy Says:

    ” ‘street-wise’ Danes are not slow, we just aren’t ignorant asshole hypocritical high horse humping self-righteous pompous douchebags like you.”



    Where am I being hypocritical regarding Berserk? I bought every volume thus far. My patronage makes me a self-righteous asshole? Yay! You DO realise that this is Miura’s career here. He relies on fans’ money in order to release more chapters. You’re a freeloading cunt who has the audacity to bitch about something you get for free. I pointed that out with the detractors of this site. Generally, the people who bitch here are 19-21 year old, self-entitled brats of the western world.

  43. Ascheriit Says:

    I think this arc is great. Both Femto and Gutt have their own battles, they’re leaders of their bands, fighting in their styles. While Femto has fought and defeated the Terror Emperor, Gutt has fought and defeated the Sea God. It’s essential for Gutt to fight the Sea God, so as the readers would be able to see the similarity and difference between Femto and Gut
    The battle between Femto and Gutt will be the clash between two path of lives. Cant wait to see what Miura will treat us

  44. phatnoob Says:

    great… now it’s sure that they will get to elfhelm in 2014… you have to update the poll up there 🙁
    thnks anyway for your great work

  45. Sandwich Says:


    That’s a really interesting perspective on this arc. It never even occurred to me that we got to see Femto fight a battle using his godlike abilities and an army of demons, while Guts yet again, almost died fighting with pure strength and will power. It’s a really cool contrast between the two characters. I’m still not the biggest fan of this story arc, but I think it’s mostly because of how slow it’s been coming out. It’s been years that they’ve been on this damn island, I just want to see them get off it by now.

  46. DarkWanderer Says:

    Another reason to promote this evenings insomnia, yes!
    Many thanks

  47. zxc Says:

    Fine part, but I can’t bring myself to like these fairies… I think they suit comic relief purpose, and i hate comic relief…

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