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Berserk chapter 293 preview

  » Posted February 20th, 2008 by Eldo

Here it is:

Inspired by Blackaxez

I’ll avoid putting some jokes in the empty speech bubbles, in case people think that it’s actually part of the plot. It happened last time…so, maybe in the future I’ll consider it.

Also, more Zetman, more Angel Heart, and possibly…more Biomega!

edit: perhaps Eldo won’t, but LordMune and psi29a will! mwah hahahahahhaha!

edit2: this delay is brought to you by the fucking plague! Help us wish Mystic in a full recovery. He already feels bad for the delay, but this is his baby and we at EG respect that and are all waiting with baited breath (as we are aware you all are too). Rest assured we are not dead and Berserk will go out. 🙂

Also, there are those that wish to post other’s releases here. That’s all well and good, but I’m sure most here are clever enough to find it themselves.

We’ve always had the policy that no links be posted to either raws or releases. No exceptions.

Now if you are the member of the other groups translating Berserk, why not offer to help us here. 🙂

Many heads are better than one. Our translators are easy to work with and offer mentorship as are our editors. So, by all means… send us a message, join the forums, and lets go.

— psi29a

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Angel Heart, Breaction, Zetman releases!

  » Posted February 3rd, 2008 by Eldo

You heard right, releases are here!


So yeah, I kept my promise of having at least 5 releases. We could have more, but I got lazy. We’ll have them ready for the next release batch. Hope you enjoy them. Still, no Berserk, so don’t ask. I heard from a little elf that, for the next chapter to appear, each person must buy a 100 copies of the volumes. So, uh, get cracking. It’s all up to you now.

EDIT: Because some people didn’t get it, my remark about people buying 100 copies of the volumes…was a joke. As in, an amusing and supposed witty device to provoke laughter. It doesn’t seem it was that funny to some people, who took it seriously and thought it was Miura’s word. Heh, no, that was all me. I thought a demand of this ludicrous nature was obviously a joke and people would get it. What Miura really wants is to you to save the Nigerian princess by giving all your bank account details so she could transfer billions of dollars into your account and run away together so no one would know of your secret love. Now, if you don’t get if that is a joke or not, I give up (and just in case everyone is that dense, no, Miura did not say anything of that sort, and no, don’t give your bank account details to this ‘Nigerian princess’. I’ll spell out what is a joke next time).

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