Berserk 287 Preview: 水泡 – Sea Foam

  » Posted July 9th, 2007 by psi29a

What does she see?

Caska, Berserk 287 preview

Let the speculation begin!

Edit: 287 raw is in our hands, the hard work begins. You guys are going to fucking love this, it fits so well with the topic of conversation here. ^_^

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  1. Ranteil Says:

    Well, first off in several places girls do say that Guts isn’t that bad looking in the first place. Then you have the comment from Guts about the leaders and how they have to look like they can lead, as well as survive and other things. On top of that he has actually led before (in the Hawks). Then there is the fact that it is obvious that he knows how to fight. Let’s combine this all together: A not to bad looking guy that knows how to lead, is a good fighter as well as somebody who looks like they can take care of themselves as well as any possible subordinates. Sure he can be very freaky, but I deffinatly can see where he randomly picks up followers. Mind you he has warned EVERY ONE (exept maybe Caska) that it is very dangerous to travel with him and some of thoes ppl still came.

  2. yamchoo Says:

    I think the reason people are drawn to Guts is because he seems to be the only one who is truly seeing in the chaos that is going on. He inspires the weak (ex. Farnese) to become strong. That, and his strength alone is compelling enough to make anyone want to follow him.
    On a side note: Guts is HOT… Girls want him, and boys want to be him.

  3. DeMs Says:

    Gatt’s prowess in fights as a mere human against demons is an incredible feat, I think the others, despite his creepy ways feel reassured and feel there is hope to live if they come with him; though I’m saying that mostly for the nobles and such – anyways that noble guy is there for Farnese after all… Dunno I don’t think he’s got something special about drawing people to him, but after seeing so many friends and all eaten raped whatever by demons like they were toys and some guy shows up and give the creatures a beating, I’d sure like to follow him… Especially if all what is left for me would be nothing.

    I think Gatts get more people to him because they admire him for his feats in battle and his somewhat anti-hero attitude, it draws naturally curiosity and admiration for the credit he legitimately gets from his actions. Griffith’s way to attract is simply instantaneous, people just can’t shake the feeling of a greater future if they follow him.

    I still see Gatts as a curse, (not that I don’t like him, I love the character) just because of the medieval folklore about a born one from a dead person is a bad omen. Whatever he does seems to put him and the rest in trouble… For such a curse he even drawn Griffith’s ambition into desperation the day he matched him again; though if we wanna remain symbolic, how he, as curse can settle things? After all, haven’t the SkullKnight told him not to confront Griffith? Although he didn’t got rid of him while he could, so whatever the SkullKnight’s true role is, Gatts still has something to fullfill.

  4. Gosho Says:

    I wonder what will Guts sacrifice for becomming an apostle… Then it will be one hell of a massacre. Then the question will be: Why the god hand dudes are running with no chanse to escape?

    I’m sick of Caska (witch in bulgarian means “helmet”), Femto and flying girls around ships. C’mon i want go see Guts’ guts on the flor.

  5. the dude Says:

    i love how other people have noticed guts influence on those around him; this is an idea that i noticed a little while ago (somewhere around the troll chapters), when guts first started killing the trolls and all of the people in the village suddenly got hope and thought “maybe we can win?”, its exactly the same when they arrived in vitranis and guts killed those tiger-demons at the ball, all oif the nobles looked on with awe and felt empowered by the idea that these creatures (no matter how strong) CAN be killed.
    i find it funny how at first guts was thought of as the black hawk (although we ultimatly know thats griffith, but the holy see still think guts is) and now he is acting as a beacon of hope for those who he encounters

    i still think that the guy who noticed guts in vitranis (i cant remember his name, but he was the one who knew guts as the raider commander for the old hawks) will TRY to connect the dots about:
    1) griffiths sudden return
    2) guts terrible wounds and leaving of the hawks
    3) the inhuman part of griffiths army

    i doubt he is going to guess it all straight away, but i can imagine him doing some detective work about all of this

  6. Death&Rebirth Says:

    Bear with this for a minute:
    I think the message of Berserk was fate(destiny) and fighting against fate(destiny), being Guts, the element of unpredictability. He was a “cursed one” since we was born and adopted by Gambino and his wife, so much of the despair and doom has follow him for a while. Skull Knight has advise him that his (and the world) destiny/fate is already mapped and somethings can’t be undone: either he gets his revenge or he let’s it go and lives with Caska (he can’t have both). Furthermore what he desires might not be what Caska desires. But Guts, as unpredictable element as he his to Causality, he is going to change that fate and write his own story/fate/destiny.
    I actually can see Caska dying (maybe sacrificing herself, in a very motherly way, to save Guts and/or their child spirit) in the future and leaving Guts alone roaming the earth (Conan the Barbarian, anyone?) for some peace of mind (closure) in a medieval world were war between the two territories continues but without the help of Apostles, and Griffith will lose his human (charisma, etc. that he had before the eclipse) and unhuman power (whatever residues and emanates from him after the Eclipse) and lost in the world (and being be pulled back to the underworld type of hell because some kind of untold and unwritten rule of the Eclipse that we yet don’t know). Miura knows how this is going to end and it wouldn’t be happy end but not a bitter one like Griffith winning with two wife/brides, one for the human world (Charlotte) and other for the Apostle (Caska) , Guts dying (becoming a new Skull Knight of some sort) and the world succumbing to chaos and apostle rule.
    At least this is my speculation. Whatever Miura brings into my plate I’ll love it and devourer it…

  7. Phireo Says:

    Anyway… How’s the translation/editing/etc. going?


  8. Reinhart Angel Gainsborough Says:

    Abouy Caska, the Skull Knight said that the King of Elves could help caska in her insanity, but also said that this could even not be what caska truly desires…Caska will never return back, she just wants to have back her the child…

  9. Reinhart Angel Gainsborough Says:

    …also the story will repeat, so as Gaisselick had to fight the four angels and seal midgar under the tower od rebirth, so this time Griffith will be defeated but not God and Fate…i can see a child finding a new red behelit and becoming the first new angel of God Hand…

  10. Harkan Says:

    My theory is that the world will fuse with the other side, making humans grow stronger able to rival with the apostles. Or what about this one, maybe Guts is the reason the world balance is slowly being changed. He was born from a corpse how not normal is that.

  11. Phireo Says:

    Yup, because Gaiseric (The ‘R’ suits him better) vanished a thousand years ago… at the same time it is possible that the priest who invoked the angels was in fact becoming the fifth by sacrificing Skull-san, then the angel or the knight, either one, destroyed the other angels… If you remember what the beasts say at the eclipse… A feast that takes place every two and a half centuries… so… at year Zero, Boido(Void)… 250 A.D., Konraddo(Conrad)… 500 A.D., Yuubikku(Ubik)… 750 A.D., Suran(Slan)… And at 1000 A.D., Femuto(Femto)…

    The other theory doesn’t make much sense of the hate Skullknight has for Void. It was in fact 216 years between eclipses… So 216, 432, 648, 864, 1080. As it also said that Gaiseric lived MORE that a thousand years ago…

    Which would put the Fifth in charge of destroying the angels… Or that there is a new member of the God Hand every thousand years… which would make sense, the last one, the one before Griffith, was a priest, who sacrificed his followers and the country to punish Gaiseric for his crimes… It makes even more sense if you consider that Femto is maybe the strongest of them followed by Void and that Conrad can’t even speak… (but is doesn’t explain Ubik’s glasses…)


  12. InterRage Says:

    Midgar? cmon, this isn’t FF7. and the Godhand, which has “5” fingers, wouldn’t have another member……Well maybe, heheheh, “member”…..oh nevermind. lol

  13. virgolibra Says:

    I’m sorry but you’re all wrong.

    She sees Skull Knight surfing on the waves 😀

  14. cellar Says:

    I’m amazed how some people can come to such theories… I mean, I began reading Berserk about 6 or 7 years and I read the whole story between 13 and 16 times and yet you said things that I need to go back and read some passages of the story to remember. Looks like somes are more addicted to berserk than I am.

  15. Sheepy-Pie Says:

    Or Skull Knight is sunbathing in pink shorts on a nearby island >

  16. Krazyivan Says:

    sooooo … How is the translation going? I don’t mean it’s going too slow – I know quality translations need time but I’m just curious what percantage of the text is allready translated. It would also be an anwser to my question – should I get myself another coffe or just go to sleep. I’ll stress it again – i don’t think it’s taking too long. EG translations are allways great and worth waiting for, I just am hoping that somebody could tell us all an aproximated time of the relese.

  17. bardoftheberserker Says:

    I doubt that miura will end berserk with a lets press the reset button scenario i.e. a new set of god hand being reborn after the fifth member kills them all off. I personally feel that that kind of ending will completely ruin berserk. Yes, Something has to be done about the god hand and the idea of evil but keep in mind that we are only just passing the halfway point in the series and what happens between now(ch. 287) and the end is anyones guess and the only person that nows how berserk will end is miura himself. I’m fairly confident that for as smart as he is that he’s planned the story far beyond what were presently seeing. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has the ending in place and the only thing that is holding it up is his beyond god like art abilities. I wonder if a manga series such as berserk can be nominated for the Nobel prize in literature, Kentaro Miura sure as hell deserves it and the recognition.

  18. Lars Says:

    To be nominated for the Nobel prize in literature you need to do more than just write a good moving book.
    You need to have a superb use of language, depth and in most cases reflect to something in society. With those there are lots of more points and criteras that has to be fulfilled to even be on the lost of nominies, not to speak of a prize winner.
    If it just went on epic winning story, and sales numbers Astrid Lindgren would have won it, and quite a few rather bad writes who just placed good on the Times bestseller list.

    So sadly we’ll never get to see Miura get one for Berserk.

  19. Reginald Funkenstein Says:

    I really don’t understand why so many people are inclined to say that Guts is creepy, weird, or such; Guts is becoming penultimately humane and noble with his actions, mindset, and character, you just can’t be so myopic in observing his ways. Guts displays mannerisms of an introvert, when he aids others with their troubles, he tries to hide/mask his compassion and worry for those he cares for. However, as he is so human with his emotions, he holds his grudges.

    I will agree to those of you that insist that, in anatomic form, Guts is becoming more than human; Skull Knight did say that his prolonged exposure to the abyss, as well as his new life in the interstice, would change him, make him a far more powerful threat.

  20. Return To Castle Funkenstein Says:

    I would be willing to bet that, at this point in the story, Guts could defeat any of the apostles in single combat. There are indeed times when this would most likely be exceedingly difficult, such as Irvine, the blind archer, or Rakshas, the shadow assassin, but he is more than ready to start thinning the numbers of Griffith’s elite.

    I think Guts’ most dangerous enemy to fight will undoubtedly be Griffith, and it could likely be a nearly impossible fight, even if only Griffith was left to fight with Guts. Though it was naught more than a dream, Griffith subjugated Zodd with one strike that was almost imperceptible to the reader.

    Also, I wish to thank the staff of E.G. for their hard work, and also for driving me insane as I think about the possibilities of this chapter.

  21. mistah radical Says:

    hey guys if you’re really curious a kind soul did a translation on the mangahelpers forum. I love EG but for you with no sense of self control to wait any longer I know how you feel too 😉

  22. InterRage Says:

    Oh, I got it! she’s seeing an armada out there full of the daka. Now they’re all F*cked. Not if Guts has anything to do with it! ah, but he is still healing and cannot fight, so mister mustache armor comes out to jam his staff where the sun dont shine! that’ll show em whats what.

  23. Reginald, the thousand nut buster Says:

    Yeahhhhh, you know what?

    I think I’ll just wait for E.G.’s version to come out. There have been times when the quality of translations from other translating groups has ruined my enjoyment of the chapter. The releases are too few and far between, and I am far too serious about Berserk to trust any other translators.

  24. psi29a Says:

    @Reginald – Eldo says “Heh, thanks for the vote of confidence.” as he works his magic on kinda medium quality raws. Mystic, EG’s wonder translator also said “;) awesome”.

    That is the kind of stuff that motivates us to do it faster and better.

    All I can say is just a bit more patience. 😀 The men in black are working on it right this very second.

  25. Reginald, the thousand nut buster Says:

    Seriously though, there was a slew of abominable Berserk translations for key chapters in the past, and this was the only nexus worthy of respect. Quality over quantity is the operative phrase; we need no further proof of this than Miura sensei himself.

    I’m gonna pick up my favorite trilogy RTS war game for a few hours and get ownified; that will keep the hamster in my skull busy spinning for a few hours. I imagine it’s tasking for the production side though, like being the only supplier of “enlightenment” in a city of 5 million junkies.

  26. Wickian Says:

    I gotta agree with the posts above, when it comes to Berserk quality is needed. I’ve seen some bad quality releases from other groups, some would leave out entire bubbles of text and leave incomplete sentences.

  27. Reginald, the thousand nut buster Says:

    Exactly. Such was true of a particularly bad translation of Lord Vandimion’s banquet speech; I suppose that the translator thought that it was unimportant, and thus left an empty speech bubble, but that kind of ignorance toward detail is horrendous.

    That, and we are approaching critical chapter releases; I, for one, would be furious if [certain plot developments] occurred and the speech bubbles were left entirely blank. Everything said in Berserk has its importance, and the more accurately something is translated, the more entirely Miura’s vision is conveyed to us.

  28. Death&Rebirth Says:

    Keep it up guys!!!
    @psi29a: was there any problem with the raw scans? You seem to mention that it was MQ…
    But, there’s nothing to worry since the quality you guys have been releasing is really high. By the way any news on more breaction chapters?

  29. SkiesOfAzel Says:

    As for the nobel prize comment, berserk is not just an epic story, it’s full of metaphors and it IS all about society . Even Miura has stated that his biggest influence is what’s going on in the world every day. Griffith is a great paradigm of what goes wrong in the world especially with our leaders and ofcourse with us that select them and feel the need to have them for that matter. Berserk comments on religion, morals, the nature of freedom and truth and so many other things … And lets not talk about the depth of the characters … If you read it for the epic portions thats fine but that doesn’t mean those parts are all there is to it.

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