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Angel Heart and Zetman

  » Posted May 26th, 2007 by psi29a

Welcome to another weekend installment of your Angel Heart and Zetman manga!


We of course are still waiting for Berserk like the rest of you, but we are currently hard at work on our other projects. We have the translation drafts of the Biomega 21-22 and will start work on proofing and editing there. NHK has 4 people working on it at the moment, 3 translators and myself will be offered up as the sacrificial editor (i’ll do my best). As you may or may not have heard, NHK finishes up on chapter 40 so this will probably be our first completed project! The reason it is taking so long is that NHK is notoriously difficult to translate in comparison to our other work due to pop culture and pseudo-psychological and scientific terms and rather long dialog. None the less, it is being worked on. We also now have all the raws for B.Reaction! and have started into them now.

Also, we have upgraded the forums (very spiffy i might add), so stop on by and mingle with the regulars. There is plenty of things to chat about.

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Releases coming soon, and here’s a status report.

  » Posted May 19th, 2007 by Eldo

Sorry about the inactivity, guys. I know you haven’t heard from us, but we’ve been working behind the scenes. We’ll try to release a batch of Zetman and Angel Heart next week. Unfortunately, NHK and Biomega will have to wait, since exam period is nearing on us, and we haven’t studied yet because we’ve either been lazy/editing manga/reading about people editing manga/reading a manga about editing. As for NHK, we could really use an editor and a Japanese translator for some chapters. It would really help speed the releases up if we had some help with this. Please contact me (Eldo) if you think you think you could help out. However, it should be noted that NHK is pretty hard to translate, and is incredibly hard to edit, so an incredible amount of determination and dedication is needed.

Also, thank you all for offering to help us find the raws for Breaction. We already had them shortly after the last post was made, and I guess I was too lazy to edit it. We’ll going to work on that as soon as we’re done with the other stuff. It’s so great of the community to get involved, and I thank you all for your kind comments on this page and the emails.

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