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Biomega 12

  » Posted June 26th, 2006 by psi29a

Time has come once again to travel with Zouichi and we promise the plot only thickens in this release! What can we say, Nihei rocks.


Enjoy gang! Also, a heads up on our releases. We will try to do more bulk releases, as it saves us time and you guys will have plunty of material to eyeball over the weekends.

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Berserk 276, Angel Heart 65-66, Zetman 54-55, NHK 24, and Biomega Interlink

  » Posted June 24th, 2006 by psi29a

This release has been a real wild ride, first the thunderstorms roll in, I (psi29a) get struck by lightening… in my own home! My left arm is still sore from the experience, never wash dishes while there is a lightening storm going on. You think you are doing your wife/spouse a favor for the meal that ‘you’ cooked… but nooooo Ganishka knows different!  A similiar lightening strike also took out the power grid for a few minutes which caused Internet connectivy to stop for 4 hours. So, that is the reason for the late night release. So without any further adue, on with the manga!


 We have a great line up for your weekend! Berserk 276 with even more Zodd action. Angel Heart 65-66, Zetman 54-55, Welcome to NHK! 24, and last but certainly not least is Biomega Interlink! “WTF… Interlink?” you may ask? Consider it chapter 10.5, the glue between volume one from 2004 to the volume 2 that started back up this year. Yes we also have the raw for Biomega 12 and are working on that as we speak.

 We have even more fanart too!

PS: I officially hate Ganishka and lightening sucks.

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Berserk 275 and Angel Heart 59-64

  » Posted June 10th, 2006 by psi29a

Berserk gets even more plot! This chapter is amazing and we can’t say enough about the quality of the raw. Who ever the kind soul is that provided the scan, we thank you very much. We at EG salute you! We also have a bonus of Angel Heart, 5 chapters 59-64 so have at ’em as well.


Heads up, more Ogar555 artwork/coloring in this release, he rocks folks!

Ogar555's Coloring of Guts

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Chapter 275 Preview

  » Posted June 8th, 2006 by psi29a

Hey gang, just wanted to give you all a heads up that summer is here for some of us and that means holiday/vacations all around. We will still keep up on our projects but be aware that some slowdowns may happen. I (psi29a) for example will be traveling to see my brother graduate HS, but never fear in that I will have the laptop with me and the Berserk will flow! 8)

For all your viewing pleasures, here is the Berserk 275 preview:

Berserk 275 Preview

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