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A (somewhat) timely release!

  » Posted March 15th, 2008 by psi29a

Hello gang, once again we are proud to bring you Berserk 294, B.Reaction! 17, and more. 🙂


Now for some bad news, we’ve removed NHK Volumes 6 and 7 because Tokyopop has already released 6 on to store shelves and 7 is being worked on now.

There has also been a rash of ‘raws’ request for Zetman and B.Reaction. B.Reaction! is almost finished (18 is the last one)… so what is the point?

We have one gentleman post from a Brazilian IP address claiming to be Tew of udanraws. Considering that we are friends with Tew, we chatted him up to see if he really wanted our scans of Zetman Volume 8 that our team patiently paid for and scanned. Here is part of that conversation:

[16:03:22] Tew | | IP:
[16:03:22] Hi, i’m Tew from #udanraws, can [evil_genius] upp the zetman volume 08 raw to post in #udanraws?
[16:03:22] Mar 11, 4:29 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — Better late than never
[16:04:13] lol tew imposters
[16:04:34] lol
[16:08:55] I'd just go for "No, you're not." and if I really wanted to spend time on it I'd add "We know Tew." and that'd be it..
[16:10:07] look look.... there goes tew importer :P
[16:11:19] haha, reverse lookup:
[17:22:49] You wasted your time; There was a 100% chance that it was a brazilian :P

A few days later, Eldo gets this in IRC:

[11:08] Hello, man where you found zetman vol8? I searched in share and winny but i didn't found

Jina is * Atomic
Jina on #[Evil_Genius]
Jina using The IRCHighWay Network
Jina End of /WHOIS list.


So there you have it folks. This is how low some groups will go to get their hands on things. We at EG don’t really see the point of all this cloak and dagger bullshit. There is no Volume 9 out now, and if we rushed to get all of Volume 8 out the door, then there would just be a long ass wait again till we decided to buy Volume 9 and scan it ourselves, like always.

Since people are interested in the scans of Zetman, we are tempted to release them, but it won’t be our fault that they are crap quality. Blame it on the Tew imposter and myriad other groups out there.

EDIT BY ELDO: You’re probably wondering, ‘what the hell is this Watanabe?’ Well, it’s a new project, a short 3 volume manga. If you’ve read a little gem called Chocolat, then you’ll love this, because not only is it by the same mangaka, it has the same style of humour. It’s a comedy of sorts, about an alien named Watanabe who traveled to Earth for his research thesis into understanding the Earthen culture and all that jazz. Watanabe not only looks ridiculous in his body suit, but also speaks in an olden Japanese tongue that we have tried to faithfully convert to English.

Anyway, tell us what you think of it in the forums in this thread here whether you hate or love it, all opinions are fine.

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