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Angel Heart, FMA, NHK, Zetman releases

  » Posted February 24th, 2006 by Eldo

Just wanted to tell you that Angel Heart chapter 42, Full Metal Alchemist 56, NHK chapter 20 + omake, and Zetman chapter 47 and 48 are released.

Here are the torrents:

Angel Heart chapter 42

Full Metal Alchemist Chapter 56 

NHK chapter 20

Zetman Chapter 47 and Chapter 48

These releases could also been obtained via IRC, the packlist is:

If you’re wondering about FMA, yes, we are continuing it once more. But we can’t do it without your help. If you’re interested in translating FMA to English, please send me (Eldo) a PM on the forums. Your help is very much appreciated. We hope you enjoy these releases.

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Zetman 29 and News Updates

  » Posted October 24th, 2005 by psi29a

Zetman 29 (vol 3) was released earlier this morning thanks to the hard work of Mr. Eldo. This is psi29a typing currently just to give you all a heads up.


So… clicky clicky everyone and enjoy.

We do have more news for everyone. Straight from Nazgul (EG’s fearless leader), here is what he has typed in the forums:

Here’s the new status for some of our older projects:

    Zetman – New chapter every week.
    Nhk – Ch 16 and 17 in a week.
    Biomega & Nse – whenever new vol or chapter comes out.
    BReaction – Ch 5 in a week.
    Elfen Lied – If no one does it by the time we release zetman vol 5 then we will start working on it again,but i hope someone does pick it up.
    FMA/TenTen – Too much work,will think about them in few months.

There you have it. More stuff coming soon! Also, I’ll be working on additional pages for the site here, perhaps do a few interviews with some staff members, and get some perspective of who Evil_Genius is. Till then, have a good one!

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Breaction chapter 4 and Berserk chapter 261

  » Posted August 27th, 2005 by Eldo

The news was about one or two days ago, but it’s better late than never to report to you about the release of the long awaited chapters of both Breaction and Berserk, heh. Breaction is a joint project with Yakuza now, direct your gratitude to them as well for their hard work.

EDIT: Version 2 of Berserk chapter 261 has been released, fixes are made to the script for clarification. Thanks goes out to Wandering_Mystic for his translation work.

Click below for the BT links:

Berserk chapter 261 v2

Breaction chapter 4 (joint with Yakuza)

As usual, you can download it on IRC as well from our bot, the packlist is located here.

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New Berserk and Abba one-shot.

  » Posted August 5th, 2005 by psi29a

Evil Genius is now back on the ball and here is more goodies for you all.

Tsutomu Nihei’s Abba

Berserk ch: 259

About the site, I have finalized the layout and yes it will remain dark. Laik is our resident graphic artist and I think his style works very well. The torrent site and the bbtech based forums follows the same general tone. Now that we have Nazgul and Eldo on board, we can perhaps keep the news up to date without much fuss and head-ache.

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