Gigantomakhia #1

  » Posted December 5th, 2013 by DrPepperPro

Here’s chapter 1. We’ll try to get the next one done quicker.


Also we could use a translator for Zetman.

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  1. Harlow Says:

    I was about to go to sleep too. Thanks for the release.

  2. Madmen Says:

    thank you very much for your efforts

  3. Mormegil Says:

    Thanks, guys!

  4. Skosulan Says:

    Many thanks for the release!
    Seems really interesting so far and I look forward to next chapter.

  5. Mr.America Says:

    Thanks a lot!

  6. Topomouse Says:

    Thank you for the release. If only Miura focused on Berserk…
    I also qanted to report a typo: at page 27 in the bottom right corner you wrote “emipre” instead of “empire”.

  7. Paok Says:

    A lot of greek words . The title Gigantomakhia is greek meaning Battle of the Gigantes(Giants) .
    Name of the Hero Delos

  8. Quantum Charlatan Says:

    Thank you very much! Excellent quality scanlation as usual!

  9. hurr Says:

    Thanks for the scan!
    Can you translate the author’s commentary as well? i was always amused by Miura’s oneliners ont he Berserk credits page.

  10. charles_alkan Says:

    Some really great artwork and settings here. Interesting story too – can’t wait for the next chapter! Honestly, I wish Miura had done more non-Berserk stories like this before (apart from the few he did early on); I can’t get enough of his style and artwork. Along with Otomo Katsuhiro, Miura is my favorite mangaka.

  11. Rutger_Hauer Says:

    Wrestler and Swordman… nice work
    Like charles say, need more Miura works, berserk and non-berserk.

  12. AllfatherStarr Says:

    judging by the pacing, I doubth this will the last we see from this universe. What I fear is , Miura will now rush Berserk (in the bad way) to come back to this story as soon as possible with no other obligations

  13. Nick Sloter Says:

    nice first chapter, artwork is amazing (expected no less)

    as for berserk, i think he is going to milk the ”Rickert in Falconia” a little more (unfortunately)

  14. AntKiller Says:

    Thank you very much. Evil Genius rulez.

  15. principlegaines Says:

    SOMEONE PLEASE help EG translate Zetman

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t wait for the doujins.

  17. Nosferatu-Zodd Says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve been waiting for this and it’s brilliant! It was worth the wait… Keep up the good work!

  18. geroprog Says:

    Thank you very much! :)

  19. RK Says:

    Thank you!

    btw, The votes are hilarious! 2015 seems optimistic to me 😀

  20. Sandwich Says:

    Gigantomakia is interesting so far. I love that Miura is breaking off Berserk and doing something else for a bit. As much as I want more Berserk, I am an aspiring writer myself, and I know how it feels to get burned out on something. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to work one one project for 20+ years.

    It’s also great that Gigantomakia is only going to be 6 issues (longer than usual though!). This way we get a totally new story with more amazing art, and we get to see it through to it’s completion in a relatively short amount of time. Then hopefully Miura will pick up Berserk again with renewed vigor! Then again, they never said HOW SOON Berserk would be picking up again — just that it would pick up again some time after Gigantomakia. Not too encouraging…

    Oh yeah, can someone PLEASE help EG translate Zetman? Please?

  21. Gustav M Says:

    This may prove interesting. Anyway, if this will help Berserk from the slump it’s more than welcome.

  22. Stick1000 Says:

    That…was awesome. Thanks EG.

  23. Zepher Says:

    Still need help?

  24. DrPepperPro Says:

    Yes we still need a translator.

  25. Jinbei Says:

    I could probably help out with translating Zetman. I don’t see an email address in this release, but let me know if you still need the help.

  26. DrPepperPro Says:

    You can make an account on the forum and I’ll PM you with more details.

  27. rick Says:

    Looks great,amazing artwork and very nice story.This is the only project Miura have unrelated with berserk?

  28. Madmen Says:

    ^^ there is King of Wolves is unrelated work with berserk

  29. somedude Says:

    I found the raw chapter, three days ago here:

    i just wonder if you found it :)

  30. rick Says:

    Thank you madmen.I serch a litte bit and there is King of the wolves like you said and JAPAN,only two books released and only the artwork is from miura from what I heard.

  31. Wes Says:

    Miura: Its not like I have stoped/end with berserk!

  32. Necromancer Says:

    When are you gonna release the next chapter, I’m having withdrawal symptoms, i need my fix.

  33. Gman Says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! Have a blessed new year! Take Care! We Love You All!

  34. choco Says:

    Hope you evil bastards take a long break from your sinister deeds and have a merry christmas!

  35. Israfael Says:

    The RAW of the 3rd Chapter is out:

  36. principlegaines Says:


  37. voivode Says:

    Gigantomakia really seems interesting so far. If only Miura didn’t shove his loli fetish into this right at the start of the chapter, it would really be much more enjoyable.

  38. From Canada Says:

    Thank you from Canada!

  39. Bleachigo Says:


  40. Harlow Says:

    I say we hold a poll guessing when chapter 2 will be scanned and translated. Sorta like the boat poll.

  41. Bagatov Says:

    It’s already been scanned, along with chapter 3, so it’s just the translation that we’re waiting for.

  42. Knull Skight Says:

    So we all guess when chapter 2 gets off the boat?

  43. executivegaines Says:

    “We’ll try to get the next one done quicker.”

    So much for that.

    Pls give us Zetman or something

  44. Israfael Says:

    The RAW of the 4th Chapter is out:

  45. magolodont Says:

    ^ its free and high quality releases dude
    join the team if you want it to come out faster

  46. executivegaines Says:

    I have no particular skills for this. If i join the team, it’s just so I have better contact info to beg for a new release

  47. Bagatov Says:

    Chapter 4 comes out tommorow, maybe Berserk will end its hiatus before we get chapter 2 of Gigantomkahia.

  48. Israfael Says:

    Chapter 4 is already:

  49. Israfael Says:

    BTW, I found this on MangaHelper:

    “They just didn’t get HQ raws, the provider they have (same as I have) never scanned the issuee chapter 2 was in, he skipped it and scanned the one where chapter 3 is.”

  50. NOTO Says:

    I just took a look back and today we can celebrate 1 year since the last release of Berserk. Hooray hurrah… meh.

  51. Some Dude Says:

    Wheres the rest then>

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