Berserk #333

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Chapter half-Satan.


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    Now back to the waiting game, Miura’s breaks are getting even longer it seems.

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    ’till next time’.. trolled again
    how many breaks does that guy need..

    sigh.. ill check the site again in august or something, perhaps 334 will be out by then, if we’re lucky

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    Just read it – to short, but nice indeed.
    Thanks as usual.

    ‘Til next time – those dreaded words…

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    Thanks a lot for the new chapter :) Berserk has started to publish in my country at last(Turkey) and I’m reading it all over again. I have no doubt they’ll catch up with the series in no time and that ‘Til next time’ thing is just frustrating. Yet I believe Miura giving his best effort for Berserk(just look at the amount of two pagers in this chapter)So I can wait, hope he can finish his masterpiece…

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    I wonder why the citizens of Falconia aren’t frightened the least by the world helix tree..
    It was good to see Rickert again :)

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    makes u wonder if griffin will have a new “enemy” why have a big bad ass fort like that and the army of monsters…

    Going to say Godhand war?

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    Truly magnificent artwork in this chapter. Page 14 to the end is just one reason I love Berserk. Thanks for the scan EG.
    It looks like Rickert may have a chance to talk with Griffith, that will be interesting.
    And what the hell is Griffith doing? Is he actually a ‘good guy’ or does he have some other plan for the world? Becuase at this point, if Gutts came back, he’d clearly be the bad guy.

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    Guts is fucked.

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    Stick1000: Griffith and googd guy? Please don’t make me laugh. This episode clearly shows that his world transformation brought every village outside of the near neibourghoud of Falconia under the constant attacks of evil monsters. I wouldn’t call that a good deed.

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    Awesome chapter. Thanks for the high quality scans/translations, as always!

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    I think they all will be used as a sacrifice.

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    @Stick1000 Well you can’t really call Griffith a good guy. He did in fact make a refuge for all the normal humans but that wouldn’t have been necessary if he didn’t bring change about the world in the form of monsters. His dream is to have his own country; To be king. Now that Griffith has pretty much obtained that I wonder what he’ll do now. Guts will most likely choose to stay with Caska in Elfheim but the elf king will ask him to join forces with his own army and fight against Griffith who the Elf king sees as a threat to world peace. Large stretch, I know. That’s just what I think is going to happen.

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    Thank you for the chapter E-G!

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    I agree. I think that’s basically what’ll happen. In the chapter they said that many people were moving into the capital city, which is exactly what Griffith wants. He’ll keep expanding his power and kingdom.

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    *Garrr* [goes into ‘does not accept mode’]

    Nah, Guts will ask the elf king to probe caskas brain if she wants to be “repaired” or not,and then FINALLY!
    We will see the current frail geezer Guts return into old ‘Super Saiyajin Guts’ and kick some major ass!
    || (at least i hope ^_^)

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    Filler about Falconia again… Don’t like those for some reason…

    And by the way:

    OMG WTF 2013?!?!

    They still haven’t reached Elfhelm…

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    Elfhelm is going to be a bloodbath.

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    Don’t think you can really call that “filler”.
    I think Griffith will show his true colors if something riles him up and we’ll see him again for what he is.
    Brakes are more frequent and longer…he really needs to lay off the x-box and lolicon…

  35. jay Says:

    in think that tree is sucking the “life” out of everywhere it reaches over. thus near the actual tree everything is so fruitful and grows the tree of might from dragon ball. this is what griffin wanted a grand kingdom what better way to attract people by making anywhere else suck.

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    Thank you for keeping the dream (of seeing the end of Berserk’s saga) alive! :)

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    @all readers:
    The second part of the new movie is out.

    Release names:

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    Hey Evil_Genius, you’re doing great work, but I have a slight suggestion that could make you even better :) Could you please translate sound effects also? I don’t know if its a hassle or not, but I’ve read few chapters that were subbed by a different group (first chapters 😉 ) and the translated fx really fleshed out the scenes. Just a suggestion :3

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    WTF 2093, Miura is immortal.. me? no… :(

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    lol.. part 2 out in december.. and is a big crap… sad see miura let this happen with berserk, but.. money is money

  41. Stick1000 Says:

    Makes sense. In a way I meant that the people see Griffith as a good guy. He did deliver them from the kushan’s and his demon troops rescue the travelers from the monsters on the road in. They just don’t know the truth. Maybe Griffith does want peace but he’s using all the evil strategies to get at it.
    In the end I still want Gutts to impale him. 😀

  42. pantaril Says:

    Well (in my opinion) Griffith’s goals may be noble, the problem is the means he is using to reach them. He has no problem killing massive ammounts of innoccent people to reach his goal, yet he is unwilling to sacrifice anything of his own dream.

    His actions my look good for now to some who don’t know the whole truth but the evil he has commited will not disappear. Either people will learn about his past deeds or he will commit more atrocities in an attempt to maintain his utopia and when he thinks his dream is comming true it will be perverted beyond recognition into totalitarian nightmare.

    That would be a good time for Guts comeback:)

  43. Aldarion Says:

    Griffith isn’t evil nor is he good. Things aren’t black and white like that.

    PS. Great job on the chapter and thank you!

  44. Kurt Says:

    Finally a berserk chapter thats makes think a LOT about what is going to happen and I agree 100% with some of the comments I read here.People in falconia sooner or later will be sacrificed and the tree is sucking all the life miles and miles around her,exactly to attract people to falconia.2013 will be the year of Elfheim without any doubt,I think the next 3 chapters will be the encounter of rickert and griffith and then…Elfheim,2013 will be a great year to berserk fans,I think in March/April we will have more chapters.

  45. AllFatherStarr Says:

    I think this chapter serves the sole purpose of impressing upon the readers how well fortified Griffith is right now. So that its all the more satisfying when a single man, fuelled by revenge, RIPS IT ALL APART.

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    ’till… gaaaaaahhhh ffffuuuuuuu… [boom]
    thanks EG though, nice chapter.
    Movie Spoiler
    I think the second movie was really good, much more bloody, very good quality animation. I even liked the modified scenes, some of them funny -triumphal entrance, other pretty cool and creative like Guts using the flag in combat, even the prolongued party omitting the qeens’ assasination was cool, with the surreal dance inducing a strange feeling, just before Guts’ departure and the begining of the tragedy. The scene with the princess was also very good portraying Griffith and his emotions/lack of em, with perfect musical background. I can’t really see why some people dislike it so much.
    Oh well… till next time…

  47. yj Says:

    It would be nasty if when Guts finally reaches Elfhelm, Griffith has already burned it to the ground.

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    Even though I got a Berserk Ch. from EG just a while ago I still come every day…I dont know why….
    (well Since I`ve found you I come every day…)

    Maybe 2-3 Zetman Chapters will fill me with glee.

    Are you (EG) thinking about some Zetman these days? :)

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    Any news on any new Angel Heart chapters?

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    Where is zetman???

  52. Serban Says:

    One of the biggest lacks of the Berserk second movie, in my opinion, is minister Foss and the assasination of the Queen. I think that was the name of the small bold guy who in the original anime gave the king’s brother the idea to assasinate Griffith in the first place. There are other things lacking too. However, if the first thing you see is the anime, it is actualy pretty good, if you do not know the bigger story.

  53. Aldarion Says:

    If anything, Guts killing Griffith would probably cause suffering for all these people gathering under Falconia as they would be at the mercy of all the monsters around the world. There is no point to sacrificing these people. Griffith wanted a kingdom and there is no kingdom if there are no subjects to rule.

  54. IronBerserk Says:

    The biggest lack in the second movie of Berserk is the campfire of dreams scene. The second movie has everything to do with dreams and how one can either lack or lose one. The campfire of dreams chapter with Guts explaining to Casca why he must leave the band of the hawk (while using the metaphors of the many lit campfires as little individual dreams and goals) is the entire theme and point of the second movie. To not include that scene in the movie was baffling to me.

    Minister Foss and the assassination of the Queen is a damn great scene that reveals how threatening Griffith can get. It is also character development between him and Guts. However, leaving it out of the movie is a fine move because it does not compliment the theme of dreams.

  55. Serban Says:


    Yes, I remember that scene. I think it was called the bonfire of dreams in the English dub, if I remember correctly. And yes, I think you are right, it was a big miss. I guess it would have only taken 3-5 minutes to insert it. However, I think it would have went great with the Queen’s assasination scene because Griffit will burn her to follow his dreams, all of the conspirators together. If in the bonfire of dreams scene you have a lot of dreams burnign together to increase Griffitț’s chances,here you have the conspirator’s dream of killing him being burned so that he could live on.

    Also, another important miss I think is when Griffith decides to call Guts and tell him to assasinate the King’s brother and Guts asks Griffith if he read all those books. This one os from the first movie. The dialogue is missing from the movie. It was a bad move, I think, because the dialogue gave the idea that Griffith was not just a genius tactician, but someone who tends to be the Universal man, gather knowledge on everything, the art of knowing, the art to rule and govern, not (only) command.

  56. theze Says:

    Zodd man… zodd trowing the sword to gats rape the general in battle, missing too much stuff.. my grilfriend no read the manga.. or watch the fisrt serie… totaly lost in this movie.. “hmm nothing make senses”

  57. Preserved_Killick Says:

    @pantaril I think Griffith’s kind of got the world by the nads at the moment. Even if some dirt is dug up on him by someone (like Rickert maybe) he’s now the opposable thumb of the god-hand or something, and no-one will be able to defeat him. All this destroying of monsters that he created is a dumb-show to make the public love him, which is a part of the domination he so desires.

    But yeah, let’s hope Guts gets his crap together really soon and gets to god-whompin’

  58. sadguy Says:

    the 100 merc fight is crap, shit song, poor animation… missing stuff.. just junk, but
    thx EG to keep the manga.. the true master piece berserk is the manga

  59. lolguts Says:

    Thx EG
    Movie LOL spoiler:
    Casca falls off the cliff and loses the sword.
    The sword comes out of his hand in the cave as soon as they leave the river… Then she throws the sword in the direction of Guts as soon as she wakes up, ready to help Guts in 100 men fight,… Cool “Sword” bro.

  60. Strider Says:

    Check this out:
    Can we manage to do this? I really want to play the game.

  61. Faulknen Says:

    @58 – I wouldn’t say it’s that bad. The only thing I didn’t like was the CG, but the fight itself and the music were awesome.

    As for the missing scenes, yeah, I would have preferred to see everything. Question is, who decided to leave it out? If it was Miura’s initiative, then I’m inclined to accept that (though I don’t see any reason to leave them out other than to save time). If not, well, then I can’t really approve it.

    In any case, I do feel a bit dissapointed since the project was advertised as one telling the entire story, but seeing as more and more people are starting to completely tear up the movies – the hell is wrong with you? It’s not perfect, far from it. But why does everything have to be in the extremes? Either it’s perfect or complete crap. Come on. All I know is one thing – when Guts started slashing and the music started to play, that sure as hell got my blood boiling, making me read through the whole manga right after the movie.

    The manga is god, and everything else, for me, is just sweetening it up, a great bonus.

  62. Mistyman Says:

    It’s not complete crap, but it feels pretty cheap and rushed, and people think Berserk deserves more. Well maybe it doesn’t, and this was the best deal Miura could find. I’d prefer him to concentrate solely on manga, but he surely can do whatever he wants, and doesn’t seem to care if anyone thinks otherwise.

  63. introgauge Says:

    @Faulken one complaint would be why they didn’t build up the Guts and Caska relationship. Now, the third movie is not going to make sense or not as much, because Caska never put it on Guts that his importance whether she likes it or not, effects Griffiths mental stability. Also in the process she was wrestling with her own feelings with Guts, both those instances were intertwined in how she is going to attack Guts in the third movie for ditching. In the manga she reveals her true feelings for him after leaving, which was much more natural than what the movie portrays.

  64. IronBerserk Says:

    Actually the relationship between Guts and Caska was developed in the movie. The ball scene in the movie was extended in order to incorporate more dialogue and even a new dance scene between the two. It goes to show how far both of them have gotten and how much they care for one another. In the manga, the ball scene was cut short because we had the whole Queen assassination plot thread going on. The movie removed that and added more romance instead.

    Griffith’s mental stability will be talked about in the third movie and she did mention his importance towards Griffith when she told him that Guts was the only person that Griffith ever wanted. The “I want you Guts” scene.

  65. introgauge Says:

    @IronBerserk you know, making excuses for the things I hate does not make it better. You’re actually justifying my irritation.

  66. IronBerserk Says:

    What the heck are you talking about? I just explained that Guts and Casca’s relationship WASN’T rushed since they added more romance scenes which is a contradiction to you saying that there is no build up of their relationship. The cave scene in the movie talked about how Casca told Guts that he was the only one that Griffith ever said “I want you” to. Thus implying that Guts knows that he is important to Griffith, which is a response and contradiction to your “effects Griffith’s mental stability” argument. The only thing that could irritate you is that there is no assassination scene. I’m not making excuses, it’s in the damn movie and I’m using evidence from the movie! Did you even read my comment?

  67. introgauge Says:

    @IronBerserk you mean, the assassination scene irritated you then? otherwise you’re just putting words in my mouth, “Mr. Iwannafightyoucauseyousaidsomething” guy.

  68. IronBerserk Says:

    I don’t want to fight you dude 😛 LOL! I don’t fight with Berserk fans, I just argue. Berserk fans are awesome and I’m sure you are too 😉 LMAO

    And I’m not putting words in your mouth, I literally took it from your post on top. Here, I’ll re-post what you said:

    “@Faulken one complaint would be why they didn’t build up the Guts and Caska relationship. Now, the third movie is not going to make sense or not as much, because Caska never put it on Guts that his importance whether she likes it or not, effects Griffiths mental stability. Also in the process she was wrestling with her own feelings with Guts, both those instances were intertwined in how she is going to attack Guts in the third movie for ditching. In the manga she reveals her true feelings for him after leaving, which was much more natural than what the movie portrays.”

    First sentence is you saying there is no build up in the relationship and then you talk about Griffith’s mental stability and how she didn’t mention to Guts his importance towards Griffith. I argued with you against those points…it’s really that simple dude 😛 I don’t understand how you could not get where I’m coming from?

  69. asdf Says:

    Maybe that Flaconia is a trap and Grifth hasn’t suddenly became a good guy.

  70. introgauge Says:

    @ironberserk “I don’t understand how you could not get where I’m coming from?” there’s a reason for that. The same reason you don’t get where I’m coming from. I’m just wondering why you even bothered to reply? oh wait, I already know, you wanted to fight over what I said. You can post what I write all day long, hoping to look for inconsistencies, which is what you’re trying to do, and then post what YOU think it is. Don’t mince words you wanna fight.

  71. pantaril Says:

    From the perspective of neutral observer, IronBerserk wants to discuss using relevant arguments and citations while introgauge wants to fight using personal attacks and insults:)

  72. introgauge Says:

    @pantaril right, so what’s this “they didn’t build up the caska and guts relationship” – “actually the relationship was developed in the movie”.
    “IronBerserk wants to discuss using relevant arguments and citations”
    you know what? it does sound airtight. considering that I could have gone on about it. but nope, apparently the relationship “WAS” developed. oh bless me bagpipes.

  73. haohmaru Says:

    I don’t like the changes Kentaro has introduced since Silke appeared. From volumes 1 to 23 there was only humans and demons, and it was quite interesting. Then Kentaro introduced trolls, witches, ogres, pokemons (the kelpie thing), elemental attacks, a feather that throws spirits and cuts monsters, an endless monster regeneration, too many childish characters (the two elves and the kids playing continuously). All of this makes Guts struggle nonsense. I accept that Guts handles a +60 Kg sword like a feather with one hand and a magnet in his fake hand, and he has only one eye so he lacks of 3d vision. But the magical stuff is too much for me. I’ll still be reading to see the end of the story someday, but knowing that this is a strange and commercial mix of Dungeons & Dragons, Pokemon, and so on.

  74. IronBerserk Says:

    My arguments have no basis? Damn, you really don’t read my comments 😛 “actually the relationship was developed in the movie” is not the only thing I wrote. I pointed out the scenes in the movie that the writers added in order to develop the characters. This is not baseless what so ever. I don’t feel like repeating myself on what those scenes are. If you care, you’ll go back and check what I wrote…bah who am I kidding, you don’t give a shit. For all I know, you could be trolling me and I’m simply falling into the trap. LOL!

    Well if you don’t like fantasy then it will be probably impossible or hard to convince you otherwise, but the fantasy stuff Kentaro created is actually quite smart and deep. The whole fantasy element of the world of ideas is actually very Platonic in nature. I always loved the scene in the witches tree hut, where they explain how the fantasy world works. How the church suppressed the beliefs of everyone, which made the fantasy world slowly disappear from everyone’s mind. Blind faith is what stops people from achieving their best and seeing the truth. Whats great about it is that Kentaro doesn’t hate on religion, he just brings up the point that religion is bad if one simply follows without questioning. The priest in the village where they fight the trolls and Kelpie, is an example of blind faith. His eyes at the end are however opened, and Schierke explains how the old church actually did believe in other beings like spirits since the church was built on a shrine that prayed to these beings. The priest still follows his faith, but now he sees and accepts everything else the world offers.

    This is also why Griffith is so powerful and smart. He opened everyone’s eyes to the truth, but he is now hiding behind it in order to accomplish whatever he is up to. Using the truth to create more ignorance.

  75. introgauge Says:

    @IronBerserk The caska and Guts thing was rushed, it was awkward especially at the dance scene, it seemed almost out of character for these two to be dancing in the first place. Saying it was developed, is like saying the love story in star wars episode 2 was developed. why yes, yes it was developed, to be written that they were supposed to be together. what’re you a robot?

  76. haohmaru Says:

    I like the Church part too, and the existence of different worlds is also necessary to explain the Hand of God nature.
    However Kentaro has introduced too many fantasy elements, and the mix does not seem smart to me. Next time perhaps we will see Guts fighting with Dracula and Frankenstein, why not, after looking at chapter 306 pages 18-19 all is possible.
    I mean, on that pages you see an imitation of The Garden of Early Delights (Hieronymous Bosch). This remembers me the Lost TV series where they introduced so many events that it was impossible to explain them all.
    I would like for example to see Farnese burning in desire as before, but suddenly Kentaro forgot this behavior. Kentaro has enough opened paths to start closing them, but instead he prefers to open new ones. Maybe he wants to do another kind of work and puts it into Berserk, instead of starting a second manga series.

  77. squigly Mc.diddleflipper Says:

    Just got back from the final movie.

    I was very critical of the second movie which (for me) cut way too much stuff. But this last one. Holy crap. It`s perfect. They cut (again) “Wild” out of it. but other then that, the pacing, music, animation… Damn, I`m impressed.

  78. IronBerserk Says:

    AHHH, finally a proper counter argument. Well I don’t think them dancing at the ball together was very out of character. Guts did start developing feelings for her around that time, and I do believe that the reason they didn’t dance in the manga was because of the whole assassination plot. If that didn’t happen, then yes, I do believe they would have danced 😛 As for the development, there was the whole Casca rescue scenes and the balcony scene at the ball which incorporated a bit of the dialogue from the bonfire of dreams sequence in the manga. So honestly the only thing missing from the relationship in the movie is the bonfire of dreams (which I already explained pissed me off). It is very similar to the manga and to compare their relationship to Star Wars episode 2 Padme and Anakin is frankly quite ridiculous. The Anakin and Padme relationship had nothing in common between the two and the dialogue was atrocious! Don’t you dare compare Kentaro Miura writing and dialogue to George Lucas!

    LOL, the mix of fantasy elements within Berserk is those of mythological creatures and fairy tales…I doubt we will be seeing Frankenstein and Dracula anytime soon 😛 But if I remember correctly, Kentaro does explain his events quite well. The only ones he doesn’t explain are major spoilers to the upcoming plot. I could be wrong though, but I don’t remember ever being confused about anything in Berserk.

    In reply to your wanting to see Farnese like before, not sure why you would want that because if so then you just missed many volumes of character development. Kentaro didn’t forget her past behavior, he simply made her grow. Her loss of blind faith during the Conviction Arc, to her finally accepting responsibility in the beginning of the millennium empire arc are a few examples of what changed her. Guts was the center of that change and the terrifying spectacles she saw on her journey next to him opened her eyes. Kentaro opens new paths through character development, dialogue, events, and subtle imagery. That is why Berserk is brilliant. Everything has a purpose.

  79. introgauge Says:

    @IronBerserk pardon me but, we’re not having an argument. There’s something fundamental that you’re missing and having a dialogue with you is pointless. I see all this writing you’re doing and all this ironic laughter you’re doing, it’s like, what are you even laughing for? for others? ya fake faggot, quit trying to tell me your logic when I don’t even care.

  80. introgauge Says:

    @IronBerserk holy shit wait a minute, IronBerserk are you a woman?

  81. Phil Sheldon Says:

    @IronBerserk idk why you keep responding to their trolling…

  82. kamerade Says:

    @introgauge & @ironberserk LOL yeah, he/she’s just put the arguments at the wrong place. Do you know where the forum is, IronBerserk?

    BTW, Wut?! The ‘next time’ shit again?! What a PROzess.

  83. Herpyderp Says:

    Hrm… I have to agree that the movies feel rushed. The romance isn’t the only part, but I am glad for it because this is the umpteenth time that I am visiting this part of the story… Manga, anime, and now the movies… The only one to move on from it so far is the manga. This is why I hope they are getting through it quickly, to move onto the real meat of the story, Guts on his journey for revenge. At least that is what I hope it is. Knowing the whole back story to all of this from the manga helps quite a lot, truth be told.

    As for the fairies and magics. Considering Puck was one of the first characters we saw join up with Guts (Black Swordsman arc, ofc), you really should not be upset with witches, demons, elves and fantasy in general in the series. The only problem that I see is the continuous additions of comic relief characters. Comic relief is nice in a overall gloomy story and Berserk is pretty much as bleak as it can get, but we really only need Puck for this role, or perhaps sticking with puck and the kid. We have at least three at the moment with both elves accounted for. I honestly do not want to see Puck (or any of the others) having little comments in the margins on the stuff characters are discussing every second or third page. Once in a while, it is needed to lift the mood, constantly, the manga loses its feel.

    As for character development, it is definitely there and Miura handles it very well. The supporting cast is slowly, but surely starting to rely less on Guts, but actually help him out and, to some degree, save him.

    Those are my 2 cents.

  84. IronBerserk Says:

    @Phil Sheldon & introgauge & kamerade
    No no guys, I’m a man, so introgauge’s “fake faggot” insult could be used. LOL! and your right Phil, I don’t know why I keep responding? I was just trying to have a fun civil argument.

    Good stuff and yeah they are learning to help him out and save Guts’ ass more and more. Schierke was always very powerful and helpful, but everyone else is starting to learn better especially Isidro and Farnese. With a threat as big as Griffith, Guts needs all the help he can get. Something he learned back at the end of volume 17. Great moment.

  85. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    It is inevitable for the people who read the manga to feel like the story is rushed and to complain about cutted scenes and lesser character development. But if their aim was to cover the events until the eclipse in 3 movies I think they did a pretty good job. What I don’t really understand is what they aim for with these movies. Imo from a market perspective they are just a cash cow. Berserk already has a large number of fans so it shouldn’t be too much about attracting new people. But older, dedicated fans usually don’t like it a lot when scenes are rushed, cut or modified too much. I don’t think they are just rushing through the first volumes that were already covered by the anime only to start covering the rest of the volumes in greater detail. That would be quite an unbalanced series of movies. I think they will either stop after the first 3 movies or just rush on a few other in the same style.

  86. introgauge Says:

    @IronBerserk hehe, interesting. no I was not setting you up so I could say you’re a woman. I simply read you wrong. and that was me attempting to figure you out. Now that I know, I think you’re man enough(fat chance :) )to know why I don’t engage in the conversation that “YOU” want. Hopefully you get the gist of what I’m talking about. I understand that you’re going to come at now for my initial comment that started this. but I prefer to not engage in “your wrong, I’m right” arguments.

  87. introgauge Says:

    @ironBerserk eh, who am I kidding. You’re a douche. I’ve been through many o experiences now to merit me treating you like the prick that you are. Why do I gotta explain my principles to a prudish upstart lil bitch. Every time I be cordial, it’s just another reason for some faggot whom I originally thought was a dick to begin with, get away with his bullshit. So die ya lil fag. go cry to mama, or keep doing what you’re doing here to everyone, with that sad ironic laugh, “please accept my views everyone lol” You really think I give a shit about what people think like you do?

  88. Mistyman Says:

    One has to wonder, do the admins find amusement this heartfelt discussion, or just don’t care enough to ban all involved.

  89. wild7 Says:

    thx for saving us EG nothing more to add

  90. introgauge Says:

    @Mistyman would that include you?

  91. Herpyderp Says:

    So, anyone know a possible release date for the next chapter, or are we on a hiatus until whenever Miura decides to stop playing IDOLM@STER?

    I have read his interviews, but I highly doubt he is going the same pace he did then. It would not take months upon months to complete a few chapters. It is beyond ridiculous how long it has taken (and still is taking) to get to Elfheim….

    Also, for those arguing without stopping:
    Know when to stop. If you think the other party is retarded, then you have lowered yourself to their level, if not lower.

  92. Mistyman Says:

    @introgauge I don’t care all that much, believe it or not.

  93. cj Says:

    rereading berserk. volume 22. puck brings up idea of going to his home. i check wiki, curious to see when volume 22 came out. 2001. neat.

  94. introgauge Says:

    @Mistyman I don’t study interaction and responses to not know what you’re really about, whether you’re aware of it or not.

  95. introgauge Says:

    @Mistyman of course that’s when people get all mad cause I haven’t given them a chance to speak their mind on what’s really up, then they decide to switch it up, and try to “figure me out”. When really, I haven’t done anything. I’m just aware of the bullshit, here’s an example of IronBerserk’s
    retort, done in another way.
    Me: I don’t like fried chicken because it’s greasy.
    IB: Chicken is greasy because it has a lot of fat in it.
    It’s useless information, I don’t care how smart you are. and somehow it’s been pointed out that I’m the who’s “trolling”. If you look and realize that If I engage in conversation with the guy, I’ll be playing to his tune and it’ll drain me, cause the guy will never let up because he’ll start giving himself reasons to defend because it’s based on HIS feelings on the subject. I knew what he doing from the get go. somehow I’m getting used to the fact that a lot of people don’t pick up on this.

  96. geroprog Says:

    Just stop already!

  97. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    I can’t decide whether this little circus is better than the usual long period of inactivity around here prior to berserk releases but introgauge does seem like a sore loser

  98. SansInsp Says:

    my eyes are bleeding are bleending please someone kill both of them, I will give cookies.

  99. introgauge Says:

    @Mystyc Vegeta ohh, so it WAS a competition eh? ohh that’s too bad I wasn’t playing. by default that makes me a sore loser? lol you’re an idiot.

  100. introgauge Says:

    @Mystic Vegeta It makes sense now. So I was right. What I said did make the guy mad. sorry, but that’s none of my business. I’m not in charge of your feelings baby boy.

  101. RonSimmons Says:

    @introgauge Damn!

  102. Ankuro Says:

    Man, you’re so AWESOME!!!

  103. RmR Says:

    So, any news about 334?

  104. connected Says:

    I might die of old age before I get to finish Berserk…

  105. DarkWanderer Says:

    @connected Well, lets hope he doesn’t die before his time at least, or doesn’t leave it so long as to rush a piss poor ending.

  106. IronBerserk Says:

    A rushed piss poor ending to Berserk would be even more tragic than the eclipse 😛 LOL!

  107. Justinnnnnn Says:

    Where’s Zetman :(

  108. smokeesid Says:

    I think Muira is too into Berserk and something there is hard for him. Whatever it is, I hope it will be solved quickly to get us quick releases of Berserk because looking at the current frequency someone could easily wonder if Berserk would ever be completed?

  109. Henrik Says:

    These guys are almost as good at trolling as Thaana (sp?)

  110. Matt Says:

    I think we need a new opinion poll with “WTF 2015!!!???” as an option

  111. choco Says:

    pure evil geniuses

  112. Zetman Says:

    give us zetman please. It makes the wait for berserk go a little smoother

  113. EvilGeniusSucks Says:

    Its not the mangakas at this point anymore, this scanlation team sucks at updating shit,how long has Zetman 184-187 been out? If you guys can’t keep up then find a team that would, Zetman has enough viewers to find a group willing to translate it.

  114. Theli Says:

    Dude… learn japanese and shut up.

  115. RussianDude Says:

    ”If you guys can’t keep up then find a team that would”

    Haha, good one ,mate

  116. acheterkamagragel100mg Says:

    Comment: This brilliant idea is necessary just by the way

  117. TheScratcher Says:

    @ EG
    Please do whatever you please,
    I will wait as long as it takes to be able to enjoy what YOU will bring forth.
    Please ignore those hating brats and dont let yourself get demoralised by them.

    The people from EG arent robots, they are people who have A LIFE and FULLTIME Jobs!
    Scanlating shit isnt getting them their rent and food paid.
    They do this JUST as an Hobby, they do it to please others and because they like to do it.
    Keep in mind you download all the work they have put into this “Hobby” FOR FREE.
    Who the fuck are you assholes to bitch and moan?

    kind regards

    Badass Overlord TheScratcher

  118. Zetman Says:

    @Thescratcher give me zetman or shut up noob

  119. stargood Says:

    Hi everyone, for any of you who might have been waiting for a new chapter of Urasawa Naoki’s Happy!, I have just released chapter 154. Please go to our site at to download it. For those of you who are impatient, the DL link is: I know, it’s not Monster or 20th Century Boys, but it is still Urasawa and we love it! In other news, we plan on releasing the final volume of Blade of the Immortal, volume 30, quite soonish.

  120. PIXE Says:

    dont spam eg with your sites garbage… although blade of the imortal is bas ass shit(epecially seems how it has an end :P)

    some people like to actually analyze the shit they read so im all for hearing others insightfull preceptions of event’s seems how no one is in Miura head, and few of us actually can read or translate the original work any way.

    here here for the end of comment 91!

    now if only i could find a decent tattoo artist to transcribe Miura’s genius onto flesh…but its doubtfull they could care enough to do justice

  121. ssjkakaroto Says:

    Guys, you need to increase the poll by 2 or 3 years.
    I’m hoping Elfhelm by 2016 LOL

  122. Tom Says:

    Miura is probably making enough money to not have to work… We should find a way to make him poorer.

  123. Sandwich Says:

    I miss Berserk =/

  124. TheScratcher Says:


    thats a great idea.
    How about asking every game and anime developer, Miura likes, to halt everything they are doing. with a note (preferably “talked” from a love plus character or something)
    that they will continue doing their work if miura continues berserk?
    hell let whole japan do a strike/walkout until miura resumes his job

  125. AllFatherStarr Says:


    Better yet, the next time Miura goes out to get groceries, or smokes or booze or whatever, hand him a bill with “Till next time” printed at the bottom, and then dont serve him for 7-8 months. Let him know the fear of reading those God damned words

  126. TheScratcher Says:

    It`s a deal then,
    Since I`ll move to that place in a month I`ll be sure to enter them politics and enforce such Laws 😀

  127. Annoyed Says:

    What happens if Miura dies before completing Berserk?!?!?

  128. IronBerserk Says:

    According to, Berserk 334 will be coming out in 2 weeks. Can anyone actually confirm this? I’d love to myself but I’m still in the process of trying to learn to read Japanese 😛

  129. Nothere Says:

    @IronBerserk I doubt eatmanga would put out bullshit info for no raisens

  130. RedSamurai Says:

    @IronBerserk: Yes, Berserk will be resuming in the next issue of YA which will come out on the 22nd of March.
    You ca

  131. RedSamurai Says:

    @IronBerserk: Yes, Berserk will be resuming in the next issue of YA which will come out on the 22nd of March.
    You can check it out here (bottom left):

  132. Sandwich Says:

    So we’ll get the next chapter in like two weeks or so? Awesome. Thanks for the update!

  133. IronBerserk Says:

    Thanks a lot, it’s appreciated 😀

  134. Karas Says:

    Miura is going to die of old age long before Berserk gets to the end part. If he doesn’t die tomorrow of an accident or illness that is…

  135. Anon Says:

    Pretty sure that’s just showing the release of Berserk volume 37, which is coming out on March 29th. Not the next chapter.

  136. timestorm0 Says:

    I don’t get it why does it take so long for the berserk manga to come out. it’s already been 12 years since I came across the Anime and the manga is taking forever. But now we have the Berserk ova egg of th king which will conclude before the manga concludes.

  137. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    I just see an Asian girl with big boobs but I hope she brings good news (new ch, not just volume 37 as Anon suggests) :)

  138. Hikarub Says:

    Any news on new Angel Heart chapters?

  139. Valja Says:

    Ehm… sorry to ask but… any news about Zetman?
    Out of curiosity, the last chapter translated was taken from which volume? 18? (sorry I know this isn’t the right place to ask but I’m afraid nobody checks the other thread)

  140. TheScratcher Says:

    Hey everyone,

    I will stay for 2 days in Tokyo (going in 2 Weeks).
    Now I got a question….any nice store about Berserk
    or with at least – lots of berserk merch?

  141. don_Pardon Says:

    Hi fellas,
    Is there any news about the date of new Berserk chapter?
    Some rumors maybe..

  142. iTyrael Says:

    Any news about Angel Heart?

  143. Sitokun Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for another long-waited chapter.

    I’ve been following this manga since…last century? xD

    Now im starting to think that ill have to pass this duty to my son xD

  144. annarek Says:

    or grandson by the looks of it…. XD

  145. gooberdeath Says:

    I heard a rumor chapter 334 is coming out on the 28 of march.

  146. Anon Says:

    No Berserk in April. If there isn’t a new chapter in the first week of May, this will be Miura’s longest break to date. =(


  147. Nothere Says:

    Miura better have some children and teach them the remainder of the story.

  148. hullu Says:

    Miura better have some children and teach them the remainder of the story.***

    Sad but true

  149. Imagina Says:

    Kentaro Miura was also “busy” with the berserk team on the movies, and also with Dragon’s Dogma bestiary and other things, an i bet he has some work with the “deep down” project from capcom, so yeah… Major slow down incoming for the next months if not years, probably.

  150. macroicedeviance Says:

    Is it correct that there will be no Berserk in month of april?

  151. Aleister Says:

    Change the dates on the poll already! XD

  152. phillipRT Says:

    I thought it be out by now….
    so we wait & wait & wait….

    do you think Rickert will join them???

  153. rex Says:

    OMG WTF 2016?!?!

  154. Nothere Says:

    You know when Caska gets fixed by that elf king, I want to see the emotional side of Guts again. Like I imagine him tearing up heavily and just giving her a huge hug saying “I’ve missed you so much” or “I’m glad you’re back” I know we all think of Guts as a super badass especially with the recent chapters but I really liked it earlier in the series when he showed emotional weaknesses remembering his childhood. Like when he had sex with Caska and pretty much started hallucinating then crying.

  155. Sandwich Says:

    I wonder how the Japanese fanbase deals with the breaks. I mean there’s gotta be an official forum or something like that for Young Animal or Berserk in general filled with people like us. Except they may even have better information as to why the breaks are happening or what to expect. Anyone who knows Japanese ever look into that kind of stuff?

  156. Box Says:

    He’s just too busy playing and watching Idol Master

  157. Mistyman Says:

    It’s pretty obvious at this point that KM doesn’t have the same passion anymore for advancing Berserk forward, and is content to reap profits from past achievements. Which is understandable, it’s hard to retain the interest and dedication for something you’ve been doing for half of your life. A natural consequence of being a perpetual ongoing, I guess, but comprehension doesn’t equal comfort.

  158. Vud Says:

    I’d like to think that it’s a combination of what you said Mistyman and also of his addiction to his Idol Master… though I can understand the need of a break from such a long-running and involved story, especially one such as Berserk. I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve got this feeling that things are going to go badly in Elfheim when we -finally- get there. We’re overdue for some good old fashioned horrific tragedy, especially with how well the battle against the sea god went.

  159. SansInsp Says:

    Maybe we could fund him for his detoxication cure of Idol Master! We all know it’s hard to get throught…

  160. Nothere Says:

    @Vud Don’t mention that dammit T_T What if it is actually like you said. Elfheim is supposed to be a paradise! Right!? Caska’s mind will be restored, Guts will rest up to full strength and he’ll get a power boost to fight the God Hand with! Then they’ll join forces with the Elf king and some of the magicians there and destroy Falconia and kill Griffith woo! Happy ending e_e
    Let’s not talk about things that could go wrong…

  161. smokeesid Says:

    It is appalling how much time Muira takes in releasing a chapter. Looks like his creative fluids are forever low.

  162. asd Says:


  163. Sunrider Says:

    Oooh, I liked it at the same part as Nothere so much! I really hope they’d end up together and happy (yeah I’m a sucker for happyends), but I fear that he’ll make it so that Caska won’t be “fixed”… :(

  164. Tim Says:

    For #%$* sakes Miura! Draw something!!!

  165. ohsnap Says:

    I don’t know why, but the releases are not spaced apart anymore so it’s up to the reader to show constraint. If I only knew when those 3 chapter came out one after the other…
    I’ve decided when the new chapter comes out I’ll try not reading it. I suggest you all do the same.

    All I can say is thank Yukimura for vinland saga…

  166. Vudreya Says:

    alternatively, we DO get our happy ending… and then that girl (Theresia?) comes along and tries to kill Guts.. Casca throws herself between them and gets along with Guts and they both die…

    Okay. someone shut me up. Miura might be reading and get ideas :S

  167. Vudreya Says:

    er.. should have proofread that before I hit the submit button. but oh well.

  168. Guest Says:

    You definately need to change your opinion poll. Nobody believes it will happen in 2013. 2015/16 is more realistic …

  169. DarkWanderer Says:

    Miura might be busy with something else, maybe like more Beserk movies or continuing the anime….

    As really, the manga is like the first step, one-man-army form.

  170. Grumpy Says:

    Seriously 5-6 months already since the last release? I may die of old age before this manga is finished.

  171. Nothere Says:

    I wonder if he’ll ever kick it back into gear.

  172. FUCK Says:

    I read up to date… (from vol35). FUCK.

  173. DUmber Says:

    FUCK Says:
    June 1st, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    I read up to date… (from vol35). FUCK.


  174. smokeesid Says:

    Muira is officially the kinf of trolling

    I am re-reading berserk the nth time and repetitively thinking when the next chapter will come.

    And considering its slow releases one would expect an excellent chapter unlike the recent seaGOD arc that seemed like a filler both in terms of its significance in the story and depiction

  175. still waiting Says:

    Look at my name! I am

  176. FS Says:

    Dont know if this is the author of berserk

  177. smokeesid Says:

    @Evil-Genius : I have to thank you all again for providing great translation from 31st volume. Your translation is very superior to that of Hawk which I had to read for the unavailability of Berserk volumes in India and the imported version are unreasonably expensive

    And I would like to take back my previous assertion about SeaGOD arc because now when I have re-read it, I can appreciate it

  178. Caca Says:

    Miura is worse than Sadamoto!!11w… wait, there’s nobody worse than Sadamoto…

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