Berserk 329

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330 on July 13th.

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    Thanks EG!

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    Well it’s about time.

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    Sweet new chapter =D
    Thanks for your great work!

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    Thanks so much for this chapter πŸ˜€

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    How dare u release berserk so fast! u know u will just get our hopes up that it gets faster now v.V …
    still thanks for the work πŸ˜› keep it up

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    you guys rule, you rocks my socks, i less than 3 you guys.

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    Awesome! thank you!

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    Beautiful and excellent and so is the scannlation

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    Lighting up a cigarette and about to enjoy it!~ THX SO MUCH EVIL-GENIUS!! Keep up the good work, loving this latest flash back arc, and will enjoy it’s conclusion next episode.

  13. stargood Says:

    Hey, thanks so much as always! Supreme Awesomeness!!

  14. G-man Says:

    I feel all warm and tingly all over…. Was it because of the Fairy? CHICHI!!!!!!!!!! ;_;

  15. nckeo Says:

    Hmm…is that why, Guts save Puck at the first place?

  16. Fan Says:

    Thank you for translation :)

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  19. loopiz Says:

    this chapter was magnificent, very poetic !
    thanks a lot EG :)

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    A nice break from the quite humdrum Elfhelm arc. Finally Miura can build up some steam towards wherever this is going, elfland and whatnots.

  22. OH YEAH Says:

    Yes! Thank you again Evil Genius!

  23. DT Says:

    Speedy releases indeed. But was this not planned as such? 3 chapters and then back to the slow pace? Or did Muira simply spend all spring working with the movies and hence the break from the manga?

  24. imnotamused Says:

    thanks! great chapter haha

  25. L0rd Says:

    I shall raise my hat to this excellent work of yours!
    Thank you, Evil Genius.

  26. john Says:

    Thanks guys! :) But so strange seeing guts without white hair!

  27. Ed Says:

    Very good chapter, thanks alot!Now we have another berserk chapter in 2 weeks…I never saw miura work this much xD

  28. GerardLeBarbare Says:

    Woah. It was a sad one … I hope on the next chapter that the elf will be back when the flower will be on the ground with others flower … She was way too cute.

  29. Edenknight Says:

    Thanks a lot for your hardwork to bring this chapter to us :)
    I loved this new arc too, kind of fresh air from the bottomless depths of the sea god chapters. Great work Miura!

  30. IRNINJ4 Says:

    Woot Thanks EG! What a great way to start the week =D!

  31. Rex Says:

    Thank you so much for the scanlation EG! You guys rock and this new arc is quite enjoyable, but seriously EG thanks for the scan I don’t know what I would do without you guys, the hard work does not go unappreciated!

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    Don’t you love all these comments of praise? don’t you just wanna get paid? :)

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    Thanks as usual. Upcoming chapter announced, too. Me likes.

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    Thanks for the translation and the scan!

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    no words…jebeno genijalno..

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    Great stuff, thanks EG.

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    Just timing out for me… T_T

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    Thanks for the great work EG

  39. TicO Says:

    3 chapters in such a short time… that’s suspicious

  40. Guts Says:

    Initially you guys had the monopoly on Berserk…now it seems you have a competitor “Spectrum Scans” XD
    Read their release (coz it was faster…and pretty good scanlation too) thanks anyways~

  41. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    Thanks a lot EG, very nice chapter !

  42. geroprog Says:

    It’s not suspicious, there will be a break after next chapter, like always. :)

  43. Kain Says:

    Nice chapter, weirdly sweet for berserk, thanks! I know a viscount who’s gonna find himself one son short in the next one though.

    God, I hope this cute little spirit have a happy ending, but with berserk you never know.

  44. thomas Says:

    Thanks. This chapter was great. I think it is a great tie-in for putting the focus on the elves before elf island. It also helps explain why Guts wasn’t surprised at all to see Puck. He had seen faeries before.

  45. David R Says:

    Amazing Chapter, brought me to T-T. Another amazing release, thank you Evil Genius.

  46. Handler Says:

    Perfect time to get some Zetman done!

  47. thepeaguy Says:

    Awesome sauce!

  48. PIXE Says:

    awe poppo-perfect! you guys still do better than dark horse imo

  49. RedSamurai Says:

    Thanks a lot for the release!
    It’s weird but this last flashback mini-series has reminded me of why I fell in love with this series in the first place. Lately, the chapters were few and far between and the story was focusing heavily on events. That’s why it was amazing to see the story get more intimate and character-centered…

    It’s a great period for Berserk: First, the movie (which I find wonderful in spite of all the CG) and now this flashback is all was needed for me to reignite that flickering Berserk flame.

  50. jumping Ja-Ho-Za-Fart Says:

    AWWWWWWWWW! what a CUTIE PIE character you’ve created MIURA…OOOOOH my heart is soooo warm….ALL IS FORGIVEN MIURA!!!!

  51. DarkWanderer Says:

    Hopefully it picks up again soon and he gets the hell out of dodge.

  52. interRage Says:

    yeesh, Berserk movie 2 isn’t doing as good as the first at the box office.

  53. Henrik Says:

    That’s probably cause the first movie sucked ass.

  54. interRage Says:

    @Henrik I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t like it.

  55. Bruno Says:

    Man! Im downloading the movie right now! i hope it kick ass! awesome chapter! very poetic indeed.

    Thank you Evil Genius!

  56. Henrik Says:

    @interRage I wanted to, but I don’t. If you are interested in my reasons, feel free to read them here:

  57. dame_ningen Says:

    as such a big berserk fan i think i am – i too hated the movie, i fell in love with the detailed characters and the storytelling but the movie was just jumping from one battle to the next. anybody could die and i wouldnt care in this kind of “story”

  58. TheDoctor Says:

    Well at least Miura releases Berserk faster than EG releases Wicked Eyes πŸ˜› (I only mean that as a friendly jab, not a complaint)

    Anyway, as always, thanks for the excellent releases.

  59. stargood Says:

    I have some good news for fans of Blade of the Immortal. The group I belong to, HappyScans, has just released volume 29 as a joint effort with Offtopia. If you’re interested here is the link to that post:

    Now we get to see the result of the fight that started at the end of last volume!

  60. remus Says:

    the raw is realse on mangahead and it was wonderful i wait for the beautiful work of EG to read it.
    I bought the 1st film but i hope so mutch of it. like someone say they forget the story and go from a war to an other one. An entire part of story was sugest.

  61. RedSamurai Says:

    @Henrik, dame_ningen, remus:
    While there is no denial the story has been considerably ‘summarized’ to fit the 3 movies format, one can also understand why they would do such thing: As of now, it’s somewhat of a remake! The idea, I think, is to quickly go over the story previously covered in the anime-series (while making it more canon), which will probably end towards the eclipse. From then, they will switch back to a more story-friendly format (i.e. the weekly anime format) to, hopefully, cover the manga.

    A similar workflow has been adopted for the 2009 remake of ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ as they they quickly went trough the early events of the first anime, then took more time with the rest of the story. It turned out to be a very highly regarded reboot of the series…

  62. MmM Says:

    @RedSamurai… you gave me Hope “cries”

  63. Henrik Says:

    Well, if you read the link where I offered my full opinion I mentioned near the end of the post that I figured that might be what they were doing. πŸ˜‰ That still doesn’t nullify my opinion on the film considering it on its own merits.

  64. interRage Says:

    ehh, well I suppose I’m guilty myself of not liking certain scenes and how they’re played out. Recently saw a clip of Guts and Caska after the fall from the cliff, and was a little disappointed that it went too quickly.

    But I also try to look outside films that I could potentially be a fan of. The technical aspects of the story and how it plays out without reservations. Of course, that leaves no room for anticipation when I do that. It’s pretty hard to get into things that way.

  65. interRage Says:

    @Henrik I’m going to have to disagree about the servant of Julius. I thought his reaction was much more realistic and emotional from Adonis’ murder. He cries for himself seeming like he was Adonis’ father, and then sternly orders the soldiers to track him down. Solemn and then Stern. Much better in my opinion than the tv series.

  66. Henrik Says:

    Well, it has been a while but I can say the original version of it left a strong impression on me, somehow. Then again maybe it’s just a matter of taste for such a thing.

    What did you think of Guts’ fever dreams in the new version? It looked to me like they came up with much of that out of nowhere.. I think I need to go back and read the manga version and original series before commenting further on story.

  67. Rawhunt Says:

    Where ma raw plz πŸ˜‰

  68. Breetai Says:

    This one was very different from the rest of the manga. It was heart warming for once to see Guts be so kind to another “living being.” I wanna read 330 now!

  69. interRage Says:

    @Henrik The fever dreams I thought, were pointless. Only good for those who know what Berserk was, and not specific enough for newcomers to get what they were all about.

  70. DarkWanderer Says:

    @Breetai, Im sure there is something invertedly beautiful lurking right around corner, queue irony

  71. DarkWanderer Says:

    Oh, and to add my opinion to the lot. The 1st Berserk movie was awesome(a decent synopsis, I hope griffiths vision in the dungeon remains in the second or third one), and the CG was awesome buT BUT, as you all may agree upon…the quality of was quite pasty as if there was no detail and it is kinda perfectly smooth. It needs proper texturing and the lighting must match the scene as not to stand out like cream paint on white paint.

  72. Thana Says:

    Well, the next chapter is here and the, I dare say, filler is finished. Fall is still some weeks away but it seems we reach Elfheim this year.

    Oh, thanks as usual.

  73. Ender Says:

    I think the fever dreams are just sort of a foreshadowing of when we do eventually see Guts’ past.

  74. PIXE Says:

    @ ender…. justs sayin im farily sure the fever dreams was a quick way to elude that gatz was rapped as a little boy and we all know there is tons of raping little boys in berserk, a couple other parts have been passed over allready so i wouldnt expect to see more in the movie format. they allready eluded in the intro to sirpicco isidori and the berserker armour so they have a ton of material to cover in two movies seems how the second one looks like its only gonna get right up to the eclipse.

  75. Vakmyr Says:

    @RedSamurai I know it’s late but you do realize brotherhood follows the actual comic and the first series was started within like 5-10 chapters of the comics run in whatever magazine ran it. You can see filler from episode 2 onward from the original series.

  76. NOOOO Says:

    NOOOOOOOOO !!!! NO DATE TO 331 !!!!!

  77. ahmed Says:

    what happen to Miura ??? is he alright ?:P
    Thanks guys for everything your the best :)

  78. interRage Says:

    @Ender Well, I hope so. But to be honest, the fever dreams in and of themselves……(the one dream :P) was still not specific enough to get some sort of tangible back story other than the character of Guts just having a nightmare.

  79. interRage Says:

    @DarkWanderer WHATEVER MYAAAAAAAN! you’re just saying all that because it’s hip to not like the cg.

  80. SkulLKnight Says:

    First. i thank EG 4 his hard work to translate the best manga i ever saw thank u very much and i don’t know what 2 say after this..but thanks man (srry 4 repeated thank) opinion about the movie it’s great not excellent but i prefer the anime series cuz when i watched guts in the movie i feel that he’s Different person from the original anime and manga..srry if my english was bad

  81. forpas Says:

    Gats rule!!!!!Regards from Serbia!!!!

  82. Henrik Says:

    SkulLKnight exactly, that’s what I said in my review as well. His personality felt wrong somehow.

  83. IRNINJ4 Says:

    Main Story Arc (ch331) Continues in the “fall” according to the last page of ch330. so yay another 3-4 month break as usual. At least we will be getting back on track. hopefully arriving at Elf Helm shortly after the break.

  84. SkulLKnight Says:

    you don’t say…

  85. Henrik Says:

    Miura needs to cut it out with the 3 month hentai game marathons.

  86. pantaril Says:

    @83 You must be joking! After those excelent Solitary island and Boyhood arcs, there should be some more content before they reach Elfhelm. Remember, every chapter Miura served us so far had some essential info about the group. The solitary island was there so we could see Guts is as strong as Grifith and can fight god-like beings. The Boyhood arc was there so we could see Guts had some experience with elves before he met Puck.

    But there are still many pices missing. What about the pirates for example? They fought with the party three times already yet we know almost nothing about their origin and purpose. I for one hope there will be at least five to ten flashback chapters depicting the pirates past before the current story get to Elfhelm.

    (above paragraphs include some sarcasm for those who don’t get it:)

  87. Bruno Says:

    Chichi is not an elf… she is a flower =)

    Since Evil Genius dint released the chapter 330 here it goes.

    I have to say tha Miura got inspired somehow, i realy liked that boyhood arc. main story will continue on fall.(september in japan)

    For those who complain about the story… go read something else! Berserk is the toughest fantasy manga ever created! its not for sissy’s! LOL!

    Hai yai Forces!

  88. Sven Says:

    pantaril: That really was brilliantly written. I was completely convinced that you were serious right up until the last (non-parenthesized) sentence.

  89. DarkWanderer Says:

    @interRage, nooooo. I am saying it so we can all voice our opinions in order for the future CG renders blend in beautifully as to make a more epic experience. The main factor being lighting inconsistency. The backgrounds are well done.
    I also understand the need to save a bit by using 3D models but that should also mean that those models are quite well done since they are reusable.

    I also feel some detail has been lost on the drawn characters and believe that the main characters at least should be drawn with a little more sharpness than the extras in the background, aside from my CG issues.

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