Berserk 319 and Zetman 161

  » Posted April 10th, 2011 by arke

So yeah. I think some people were waiting for this?

Oh, and yet another Berserk is here.

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  1. buttobasu Says:

    Oh, you can lie and try to come off as ‘hardcore EG-fanboys’ all you want, but we all know 90% of the people here has read the Utopia scanlation and was satisfied with it.

  2. smokeesid Says:


    Yeah I agree that they didn’t clean it properly and details are lost. And because of that kind of cleaning you can’t enjoy the chapter as much as you can. So its good to wait for the HQ release

    I think they have used a conventional way of cleaning the manga(without using Topaz) and used diffuse filter instead.

    I just said that Berserk is so artistically excellent that its chapters can be read again and again and so it will be fun rereading it because of that plus if the scans are of better quality. so I don’t regret reading Utopia’s scan because I will have great fun while rereading it in HQ EG release.

    EG’s Zetman and Berserk releases (rest idk cuz I never read them) are in HQ just like that of Bink/MS and redhawk but the sad part is I don’t read most of their works and the mangas that I really like are rarely getting scanlated or so far behind from their current status in Japan

  3. DrPepperPro Says:

    @smokeesid, oh ok sorry, I misinterpreted your post.

  4. Nandiwardhana Says:

    What the hell actually happen with the editor who responsible in translation of angel heart manga before? Are they still alive? I admit that I’m just a reader and don’t have any talent in editing, can somebody tell me where are they? Why the editors decide to quit in translating this manga?

  5. Aldarion Says:

    @buttobasu: You really think after a half a year wait we can’t wait couple of days more? 😀 Please take your utopia propaganda elsewhere.

    And I must say I’m sad that there’s no zetman chapter coming 🙁

  6. DrPepperPro Says:

    Read credit pages to find out perhaps? Anyways none of the former editors have the time or interest to edit it anymore. I made one post a while ago on mangaupdates recruitment section, I’ll go bump that now for the heck of it, but I doubt anyone will respond. I’ll make sure a note is in the next release post about needing an editor for Angel Heart, maybe it’ll get exposed to more people there and someone will offer help.


  7. Rolos Says:

    I didn´t know we had a comments section.
    I wonder, is it something about the format of comments that somehow induce people to act like illiterate retards?

  8. tsubaimomo Says:

    What are you doing over here Rolos you’re Rolos you shouldn’t be here this isn’t even the most recent blogroll post

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