Zetman 159-160

  » Posted March 20th, 2011 by arke

Good news everybody. More Zetman! Chapters 159 and 160 are available:

Oh, and here’s something from Miura:

The first two might not apply to you, but the third does: donate.

88 Responses to “Zetman 159-160”

  1. otakuzero Says:

    Just wanted to share some possible good news. πŸ™‚


  2. Zenza Says:

    thanks for the release

    so when we getting new Angel Heart chapters?

  3. Soule Says:

    April 8th! Cheers RedSamurai x

  4. guitarwolf Says:

    Miura is a fag

  5. Phireo Says:

    so what even if he is?! It’s not like you have to date him, do you?! And last time I checked, fag was also an insult, so stop that.


  6. Phireo Says:

    Few more hours!!!

  7. Phireo Says:

    And here it is, new Berserk chapter out, next one… 22nd of April!

  8. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    so we know there will be at least 2 chapters before the next hiatus πŸ™‚

  9. IRNINJ4 Says:

    http://p.twipple.jp/gsbbn next chapter is out in Japan now! hopefully we shall see a release here soon =D

    Thanks in advance EG!

  10. Thana Says:

    You know, the most homophobians are gay and are to afraid for a coming out. Poor guitarwolf…

    Putting that aside: Many yays for a new chapter!

  11. Soule Says:


    Is the chapter out as in released or scanlated πŸ˜€ ?

    (question can be answered by anybody of course x)

  12. Phireo Says:


    The chapter is out as in it has been officially released in Japan. Although, I could have said, has been made or has been published, the former could be mistaken for: Miura has drawn enough pages, but we won’t see them for a few months. I could use published, though.

    Hopefully this strange reply answered your question. I believe someone has already scanlated it, if by scanlated you mean scanned or digitalized on any medium and then uploaded on the internet. As for translated, no. Nobody has done that yet… well, not properly at least.


  13. GunmetalKitty Says:

    I didn’t know Miura was gay o.O
    And yay for the new berserk chapter! πŸ˜€

  14. guitarwolf Says:

    I didn’t mean hes gay, I meant he’s a fucking slow piece of shit

  15. Phireo Says:

    Hm, guitarwolf. What do you do in life? Do you produce something? Write music or novels? Draw, sculp? Make custom cars or guitars? Because the nearest thing I can associate with your name are guitars, wolf pelts or Stephenwolf, none of which got any updates in the last two months… Think how much does it take to Jackson or Fender to make a new guitar model, how often does a famous author publish a new book? How much does an animation movie take? If you are starting to dislike Miura-dono for taking his time with his manga, use the standard Capitalistic, free Economy, way of doing things. Stop buying his works because they don’t satisfy your needs frequently enough or just substitute that with another manga… but, oh wait. Did you ever buy a volume of Berserk?!


  16. buttobasu Says:

    Oh wow, so the new Berserk chapter is already out in Japan. Well hope to see a release soon EG. Can’t wait for the movie either, wonder what arc they’ll base it on, and of course how much is eventually left out…

  17. Soule Says:


    I understood you quite clearly funny enough! Thanks

  18. ImmortalSandwich Says:

    Everyone who calls Miura a fag should be perma-IP banned from the site and the tracker! =D

  19. Mr. America Says:

    I’m so excited =D What might the sea god look like?
    How long till scanlation release?

  20. SilentSnake Says:

    :drools: Berserk :O

    Even with all the long pauses I still feel like a kid waiting for an ice cream whenever there’s a chapter to be published, ergo. insanely impatient and full of anxiety.

    But still, always waiting for EG release ^^

  21. bestberserkfan Says:

    Give me my berserk chapter, NOW!!! It’s been released already, so where is it!?!? Hurry up, I want my chapter!!!

    Btw the new berserk anime project is shit, it’ll only slow down the manga, and the berserk manga is one of the most important things on earth, and all that spin-off-crap can wait. That said, I don’t understand the moralisers who always defend Miura and his slowass pace. He drugged us, and now he’s got a f***ing responsibility. Addicts have a right for addict-ish emotions and behavior.

    Everybody who feels/thinks different about these matters is wrong and should just die. And I don’t mean this sarcastic/ironic. I really mean it.

  22. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    BERSEEEEEEEEEEEEERK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooohoooooo πŸ˜€ !!

  23. kurono Says:


    Shut up you fucking child. I’ve never commented here before but reading your pathetic mewling was the last straw.

    Yes, Miura is slow, but he’s entitled to work at his own pace to ensure the highest quality. Normally I would constructively criticise if I wish to prove a point but in your case I just can’t be bothered – please just go away and don’t comment again. Or better yet, stop reading Berserk, you don’t deserve it.

    Thanks to the EG team for your efforts, I look forward to a complete and accurate release as always.

  24. Buttonmasher Says:

    It is an episode, not chapter. If it weren’t for the anime I image a lot of us wouldn’t be here. I am looking forward to seeing this epic story animated.

    As for the pace just relax. First of all the artwork is utterly amazing. Secondly, one of the best things about Berserk is the fact that events that we are seeing now were set in motion many years ago. Miura has a plan and it is mind blowing to go back and look at how far ahead he has always planned.

    Maybe something like Naruto might be more your speed.

  25. djchayan Says:

    Another group released berserk I’ll wait for yours anyways since with this series you just have to be used to wait,just wanted to let you know!

  26. Ghengis_John Says:

    I’ll wait on EG, thanks. There’s a consistency and a quality to their work that not a lot of groups can match. If I wait a couple more days I know I’m waiting to avoid odd translations like “Knight of skeleton” or whole pages left blank or in Japanese that would just detract from my experience. I remember one group translated Farnese as Farkazz for some reason and insisted on doing so for like, 20 chapters. Turns out Farnese is an actual name. That’s the kind of effort I appreciate.


    “Btw the new berserk anime project is shit, it’ll only slow down the manga, and the berserk manga is one of the most important things on earth”

    Wow. Troll much?

  27. Mr. America Says:

    Oh the temptation to dl utopia’s scanlation…. THE TEMPTATION.
    still waiting for your release, just to let you know!

  28. Knozz Says:

    Well Chapter 319 online ! http://read.mangashare.com/Berserk/chapter-319/page001.html

  29. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    nice, i’ll wait for eg release as well. considering the quality of berserk manga it is only natural to read the highest quality scanlation

  30. buttobasu Says:

    You’re late EG! So very late! *converts to utopia scans*

  31. Jashinslayer Says:

    Meh, EG’s scanlations are better.

  32. Soule Says:

    Rather wait tbh EGs scans are always more precise and cleaner in general. Ive waited months..i can wait a few more days πŸ™‚

    Ow and the anime is gonna rock…seriously its just going to be immense!!!

  33. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    ban buttobasu, burn the heretics !

  34. jumping Ja-Ho-Za-Fart Says:

    wow! utopia FTW!! lol, what happened yall?!?!?! fell asleep??..hehe, well waiting on miura…i don’t blame ya!!!

  35. Atena Says:

    no new chapter of Berserk, wasnt it suppose 2 be released yesterday?!

  36. Phireo Says:

    EG, please don’t borrow Utopia’s translation or editing or even font for that matter… although their release is a fast one and the polishing was done really well. For the sake of the story and the type of manga this is, I suggest to wait until EG releases the chapter, I had to stop reading after the fourth page.
    Although the translation isn’t bad in itself, it’s the way they wrote it in English that doesn’t inspire confidence… along with the font… and terrible way of translating katakana…


  37. Cooper Says:

    For fuck’s sake people, like a couple days more matter after waiting for months..

  38. IRNINJ4 Says:

    Yeah come on people just wait! I mean if your going to another translator, then thats all you so stop posting here and enjoy reading a sub-par scan.

    I’ve been reading EG’s scans since 2004 and I won’t bother with anyone else. besides who cares if you wait a few more days, the break has been so long it’s not going to kill you to wait a couple more. Just think of it as less time till the next release =D

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